Cutler coughs up another one

Maybe the Bears shouldn’t play in prime time.

Of his thirteen interceptions in his first season as a member of the Bears, seven of them have come in less than 2.5 night games.

His most recent pick came at the end of an 18-play drive, with Cutler throwing the ball right to Aubrayo Franklin, a guy who is hard to miss.

The Thursday night game on NFLN is currently scoreless.

18 responses to “Cutler coughs up another one

  1. McDaniels absolutely robbed Chicago on that trade.
    Cutler is the most overrated QB in the league. He consistently makes horrible decisions that lose games.

  2. How is Greg Olsen not in on 3rd and goal? He is their best red zone target. I know a lot of people call Turner an idiot. It’s obvious why. That should be a no-brainer to have Olsen in!

  3. Comparitive stats:
    Cutler: 4-4, 182/286= 63.6% for 2,046yds. 14TDs 12INTs QBR83.8 sacked 19 times for 114yds.
    Orton: 6-2, 124/194= 63.9% for 1,465yds. 9TDs 1INT QBR100.1 sacked 9 times for 49yds.
    Smart move, Chicago. You done good.

  4. Jesus Jay. You can’t even run down and pick up the reciever after you’ve thrown the ball to him? Orton would have been able to.

  5. @Richm2256
    Orton has 3 picks not one. I thought you just used old stats but you updated his record to 6-2 so you clearly are an idiot.
    Anyone who thinks that Orton is a better QB than Cutler is an idiot. He just doesn’t have the physical skills to be a great QB. Cutler isn’t great but he has way more potential than Orton. Regardless of their record stupid move by Josh McDaniels imagine how good they would be if they had a good QB.

  6. I have a “retarded” nephew and it is not his fault.
    You however do have choices to not be close minded.
    My suggestion is that you grow up, namecaller!

  7. look at the stats above…19 sacks on cutler….9 on orton. cutler is always scrammbling. now i am no bears fan or huge cutler advocate…but cutler is one of the best pocket passers in the nfl right now. but he’s always being or forced out of the pocket, and he is not a good scrammbing qb, so when he does scrammble and throws, he gets picked. you give cutler better protection, and he will kick ass for you. now with orlando pace always hurt and always sucking, he has no blind side protection. cutler will be terrible this year for that reason. but if he gets protection he will be great.
    besides, in that draft class, can you honestly tell me vince young and matt leinert are better than cutler???

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