Harbaugh's words on Lewis, Washington conflict with injury report

Former PFT scribe Aaron Wilson has posted on his Twitter page that Ravens coach John Harbaugh has described the availability of three key Ravens for Monday night’s game against the Browns as “game-time decisions.”

As to two of the players, the decision apparently has already been made.

Harbaugh, per Wilson, gave the “game-time” label to linebacker Ray Lewis, cornerback Fabian Washington, and defensive tackle Haloti Ngata.  But the official injury report indicates that both Lewis and Washington are probable.

Since the term “probable” as used in the injury reports means that there’s a virtual certainty the player will be available for normal duty, Harbaugh’s notion that the availability of Lewis or Washington would be determined on Monday night conflicts with the message sent by the team’s official declaration of their status.

As to Ngata, his status as questionable meshes with the “game-time decision” description, since “questionable” means that the player has a 50-percent chance of playing.

Regarding Lewis and Washington, the league will want an explanation if they don’t play, given that they are listed as probable.  Given what Harbaugh has reportedly said, the league might want an explanation even soon than that.  

12 responses to “Harbaugh's words on Lewis, Washington conflict with injury report

  1. The NFL defnes ‘probable’ as having a 75% chance of playing, so there is no conflict if the coach says it’ll be game time decision. Harbaugh feels he’s more likely( 75-25) to play than not, but other players listed as probable have gone on to not play in the game. There is no chance that the league would want an explanation on this; they are very petty about all kinds of absurd things but they’re not that petty. No story here, whether they play or not.

  2. He can tell the media anything he wants.
    All that really means anything is the report to the NFL.

  3. Another one of these polemic posts?
    Any player who is on the injury report (except for the ones listed as out) is by the nature of the report a game time decision. That’s why he (or: she) is listed on the injury report in the first place. Game-time decision doesn’t mean it’s a coin-flip with perfect 50 percent chance for both options.
    If it weren’t a game time decision, the injury report would have only one category: out. Which is where they put the guy who wrote the article. Together with Ray Lewis.

  4. They are probable to play, the fact they are playing the Brownies makes it a game time decision. The fact that they can sit them and still win easily is what he is deciding.

  5. Real men of genius….Chunky…wow..cutting edge comedy…”more than likely a dull blade” …..fresh comedy…I love it…

  6. ….and Ravenmaniac, may I also compliment you on your fresh, imaginative and original name. BTW, was Reverend Stabby McStab anywhere near Canada recently?
    Just asking. No reason.

  7. Wow…chunky..I cant keep up with your talent….stabby Mcstab…..priceless…
    Lets see….taking time out of your comedy tour to comment on Ray….I am guessing a steelers fan???

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