Cries for change blow hard through Windy City

As a year of high expectations in Chicago melts into a third straight season of only 16 games, the calls will be intensifying for change.

It has been believed that the Bears won’t fire coach Lovie Smith or G.M. Jerry Angelo, due to a reluctance to buy out the balance of their contracts.

But that isn’t stopping folks from agitating for some calculating of future amounts owed.  Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune makes the case for cutting ties with Smith and Angelo.

Apart from the dollar and cents, a case can be made for giving Smith and company more time to harness the skills of franchise quarterback Jay Cutler, who has thrown 17 interceptions in nine games as a Bear.  But Cutler isn’t a first-round pick for whom the game has yet to “slow down”; he’s (supposedly) one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.  A coaching staff with a Super Bowl appearance on its resume shouldn’t need two or three years to get the most out of Cutler.

And if Cutler’s performances in Denver were simply the result of stellar coaching and not the product of high-end skill, then why not bring in the guy who got the most out of Cutler?

Given that former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan possibly realizes his limitations as a personnel executive, there’s a chance that he’d be willing to coexist with Angelo, giving the Bears a way to minimize the total payout and to avoid the white-flag perception that comes from a full-blown house cleaning. 

Of course, it likely will be far more expensive to pay Shanahan than to buy out Smith.  But money can yield at times to ego.  Though other teams might offer Shanahan a bigger contract, only one franchise gives him the chance to properly stick it to the Broncos for giving up on him, and then for trading away his prize protege. 

Regardless of how it all turns out, we’ll all soon be hearing in our sleep the voices who were telling us four years ago of Detroit’s link to Jerome Bettis that Shanahan hails from Chicago.

16 responses to “Cries for change blow hard through Windy City

  1. most embarassing franchise in the league…good luck in the draft…oh wait…you dont have one for 2 years…oh well…enjoy the doosh cuntler as your qb…haha vikings the elite…bow down

  2. Shanny’s going to Dallas…or San Diego but he’s as likely to put up w/ the McCaskey’s as w/ lil Danny Snyder. At least errah wants to win.

  3. Cutler’s never been on a winner and is a slacker. Needs a competent QB coach (Zorn should be available) and a coach that can instill the sense of a winner in Chicago.

  4. Cutler deal is still a solid trade. Watch his receivers run routes(straight into refs) and you’ll start to feel sorry for him.
    They run too many pass routes with backup TE’s and don’t try to throw down field much, if at all. Basic coaching is to play to the strengths of your players and the Bear’s offense (or lack thereof) is a good example of what not to do. One of the top rookie running backs from last year carrying the ball 15 times a game while Cutler throws 50+ times – in close games…
    Don’t worry Viqueers and FudgePackers fans, Lord Favre’s career interception record is safe.

  5. Listen here Larry- your doushebag Vikequeens are hanging on Farves groin and the drama queen bandwagon he road in on….heres to your future with a “one sack away from disabled” QB and a week WR and secondary- you’ll be lucky to make the playoffs, yet DA BEARS have an all star QB learning the system…(although Turner needs to GO) on a team that isn’t in a shiza city / state!

  6. Mike, as a journalist, you might want to learn to be more neutral in your writings/topics.
    It wasn’t long ago, that when Shanahan was the coach of the Broncos, you called him Shanarat.
    Then the Broncos release him and “Poof”, you have new respect for the man.
    Your hate for the Broncos is obvious. There are a number of teams that you hate on.
    But then, your love for a few teams (The Steelers) is also just as obvious.
    Perhaps, if you can’t play nice, at least hire some other writers, who will trash the teams you like!!!!

  7. LarryBird18, you call the Vikings the “elite” team…in a division as weak as the NFCN, that’s not saying a helluva lot. MN trails behind New Orleans, Philly and probably Dallas. And before you talk about playoff games played at HHH, I have two words, then three more…”Arizona” and “Cardinals”…and “NOT SOLD OUT.” That’s goddamned laughable.

  8. @pondbridge says:
    November 15, 2009 9:00 AM
    “Cutler’s never been on a winner and is a slacker. Needs a competent QB coach (Zorn should be available) and a coach that can instill the sense of a winner in Chicago.”
    The best QB coach out there who has a winning pedigree is the head coach of the Broncos.
    Oh wait…

  9. I recall seeing two different stories from respectable publications (The Denver Post, SI) that indicated that Cutler’s relationship with the Broncos, including Shannahan, was severely strained before Shannahan got fired. I don’t think the assumed sentimentality for JC exists.

  10. Shanahan isn’t going to San Diego. I don’t have any clue where anyone got the idea that he would end up in San Diego.
    San Diego’s primary problem is on defense, and Shanahan’s defense in Denver last year was crap. Plus, Denver under Shanahan kept picking up Brown’s defensive players. That didn’t exactly workout well for them.
    I don’t think Shanahan is in any position to call all of the shots for any team he may sign with. I still think he ends up in Washington.

  11. Lovies got to go,and most importantly Turner needs to go!He was a loser back in the 90s with the Bears,then went and ruined the Illinois football program,and now he is ruining the Bears once again.I said when they got Cutler,what’s the point,Turner is still calling the plays!Turners play calling in the SUPER BOWL cost the Bears another title,he’s got to go!Lovie can’t beat the Packers anymore as he promised, and his cover two defense is probably the worst I’ve ever seen.I have never in my lifetime seen their defense give up so many points,so Lovie,it’s time to go!Oh and Smack,liked the VIQUEER comment,I’ve always called them theVIQUEENS,I mean grown men dressed up in horns and pigtails,hmmm,makes ya wonder!

  12. I’ve read these blogs for only a short time but am seeing a disturbing theme recur: one man makes a team.
    I blame the media that exalt the team “star” gaining the most yards, having the most sacks, rushing for… well, you get the picture. Somehow that has tainted our view of the game, that one person can make a team. Well, they can’t. Mediocre players can stand out when they have a great supporting cast, even better if their directors are stellar as well. But one person was never responsible for taking their team to the Super Bowl or losing their team’s bid for the playoffs.
    The Bears didn’t fail in getting Cutler, they failed by not evolving the team to a different style of play. The Bears have always stated they are a running team so (and I’ve asked this before) why did they give so much for a passing QB? They have talent for Cutler to use but I’m not seeing a change in style to capitalize on that strength.
    The team succeeds, or the team fails. The Bears have failed, mostly themselves. I’ve stated in a previous post that the cleansing probably won’t happen this year but if next year is as dismal there won’t be much of a choice.

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