Lewis: Larry Johnson would be inactive

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis admitted Monday that Larry Johnson will come to Cincinnati for a tryout, but tried to downplay Johnson’s possible role on the team.

In fact, Lewis says L.J. won’t disrupt any running back’s role on the Bengals, not even backups Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard.  According to Lewis, Johnson would likely be inactive for the Bengals when everyone is healthy — a fourth running back.

Lewis already spoke to Benson and told him that his role wouldn’t change.  The Bengals say Benson could play this week, but they will be cautious.  Johnson would seem likely to be active if Benson is out, assuming they complete the deal.  L.J. must still complete a workout and physical.

It’s expected that Johnson won’t get much more money than the veteran’s minimum, if any.  Accepting such a small role and contract downgrade looks like Johnson’s best route towards continuing his playing career.

He doesn’t appear to have a choice.

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  1. Its a tough call. If and thats a big IF, LJ has his head on straight I like the idea of having him inactive in case one of the other top RBs goes down. Conversely, he can and has shown to be a cancer in certain locker rooms. The Bengals have extreme team chemistry which is why they will go far this year maybe farther than they ever have. With that in mind it would be dangerous to bring a personality into that locker room that could potentially screw with the gelling.
    LJ could learn alot from CB.
    But, I believe other teams will make a bigger $ push for him and he may just go where the money goes. Even tho KC is picking up his tab. If he does, good riddance because we want players that come in and drop the ego, and go to work. I dont think LJ fills that role but, I have been wrong before…once……I think

  2. Lewis needed to come out and make this statement. the fan base is trusting, but wary that this could be a huge mistake. saying that he won’t even displace scott or leonard is key.

  3. I cant believe you people thought he would start or something….gimme a break. Ced Ben, B Scott and Leonard are top RBs

  4. Man, has he really burned so many bridges that the best he can expect is an inactive position for the Bengals? That’s got to sting his racist hide! Why wouldn’t he just wait another week or two and try for a better position on another team?

  5. he’s not racist, he’s homophobic. still an idiot. i’m just saying.
    “larry johnson hasn’t been good since grand-ma-ma”

  6. LJ wants an opportunity to play against KC before the season ends…..But glad Marv came out and clarified his role…if he is down welcome aboard if not then we will holla at ya later as this train keeps on going……
    Again the clarification was needed to study learn the playbook keep COMPETITION in practice and see what happens….With the following players still in the locker room:
    Roy Williams- IR but will stick around
    Reggie Kelly-IR but still hanging around
    Dhani Jones
    Cris Crocker
    Bobbie Williams
    Andrew Whitworth
    Vern Coles
    and others he wont show his A z z z in Cincy….This is his last stop and if he blows it HE MAY BE BLACKBALLED…..I think for 4.55 and a vet minimun you should be able to keep yourself in line…..But he wont be playing right away so…..Maybe a good insurance move….

  7. @shinsnake
    i may have posted about him being homophobic rather than racist. i read your reply to a similar statement, and you are correct.

  8. shinsnake, why do you keep referring to him as a racist? Certainly a homophobe, but why a racist? Am I missing something.

  9. You know what….After reading articles on ESPN. This move is in no way to signify a lack of confidence in Ced Bens health or ability. It is an insurance policy for the playoff run. LJ will learn the offense for the next 6 weeks and if we need a replacement we have a two time pro bowler waiting in the wings. I like…scratch that…LOVE the move.

  10. I could live with an inactive LJ as an insurance policy should our RB contingent take another hit.
    Give him a few weeks to learn the playbook, but more importantly, get back into football-shape. Rock Oliver could do a lot with LJ in 6 weeks, methinks.

  11. I would prefer DeDe Dorsey come back if he’s still out there.
    And LJ needs to look no further than Cedric Benson to see the correct way of going about his present scenario and hope that he can find similar luck in life going forward.

  12. “One good year in a decade and the Gals week fans are talking ring. Think again fools.”
    Who is posting rings??? And SO WHAT if certain fans HOPE we can go to the SB…Im not saying that BUT I THINK WE ARE CONTENDERS and I dont care what history we have….Those players are NOT on these teams….A SIGN OF A HATER! Get of your bitter feelins….LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think it’s a smart move for a team making a playoff push. KC picks up LJ’s salary and Cincy gets to pick his brain about the KC offense and defense prior to playing them in a few weeks. Add to that what he “might” do if he gets to play against KC ( i.e. see Cedric Benson vs. the Bears) It seems like a potential win-win.

  14. JoeSchmoe
    Dede Dorsey is playing in the UFL right now for the Las Vegas Locomotives. Their championship isn’t until November 27th and I don’t think they are allowed to sign with another team until their season has been completed.

  15. LJ is a smart move. Smith should be ready to go by now. Dennis Roland is playing real well, Collins has played well but he did loose the starting job. someone is expendable. It’s still Roland’s job to loose though. better yet, man up and admit Simpson was a mistake. maybe he clears waivers and takes Purify’s place on the practice squad. the best part about this move is Marvin said he might use him in the kicking game. nothing says attitude adjustment like going from super star running back to trying to make a block for Quan Cosby. I don’t see him coming in here and poisoning the team chemistry. guys that do that are guys that come to a team because in their mind the sun revolves around them. you know…TO types. this guy is coming in with his tail between his legs like Cedric did. a pretty important part of reinventing yourself. besides, with a good line in front of him, he could be a hero again.

  16. This sort of signing is exhibit A on why the Bungles haven’t been able to win under this regime regardless of the amount of talent they have.
    You can’t have this many guys with questionable character in the locker room and win when the chips are down.
    They may want to emulate the Steelers, but somehow this message is always lost on them.
    It was fun watching Ochocinco pout yet again on the sidelines as his team is winning the game. Classy!

  17. @SteelClimbing: Hmm.. guess we shouldn’t have signed Benson then too, somehow that worked out for them. Lately all those moves have worked for them. Your guys aren’t exactly a white sheet when it comes to arrests/law suits, look at Pig Ben! And I didn’t see Chad pouting, he might have been upset about missing a catch, but he’s a competitor, what do you expect him to do? The locker room definitely is in fine shape right now.

  18. Let me get this straight.
    The Bengals tried to sign Vick before the season but he declined. Now, apparently focused on screwing up a good thing, they are the only ones to surface that are even remotely interested in L.J.?
    Mike Brown is always looking for a deal regardless if it makes any sense.

  19. If you happen to tune into HBO’s Hard Knocks before the season, then there is no reason that any football fan would not want the Bengals to go really far this year. The show was incredible… each episode!
    It would be 1 heck of a story-line if they were to make it to the SB ! The current cast of characters on the team is a great mix, & LJ would also fit right in… if handled correctly.
    If anybody can make it happen — it is Coach Lewis. This was a ‘make-or-break’ year for him, so WHY not gamble. I think that we will see how smart Marvin is down the road in the playoffs, when LJ pays dividends!

  20. @ SteelClimbing
    STFU. It was fun watching the squeelers get shutdown offensively. And as a bengals fan, i think i speak for the majority when i say we don’t give two sh!ts of whether ocho had 10 or 1 catches or how happy/pissed he is on the sidelines.
    Winning cures all!
    you of all people should know that.

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