Mangini continues comparisons to Belichick

E.Mangini.jpgWith our attention slowly turning from Sunday’s carnage to tonight’s game, we thought it was a good time to revisit some recent comments made by Browns coach Eric Mangini.

We wrote one week ago about the “remarkable similarities” Mangini saw between his situation in Cleveland and the one Bill Belichick inherited in New England.

It turns out that Mangini has made this comparison more than once since.  In an article for ESPNBoston, Mike Reiss points out that Mangini made similar remarks during his bye week to CBSSports, concerning the media coverage he’s received.

“I look back at some of the
articles from 2000 in New England, and they were pretty brutal. There are a lot of things said then . . . well, history has sort of been rewritten in the recent past. But that’s the way it is when you’re losing. Not much looks very good,” Mangini said.

When Mangini came under fire last week for working his players too hard, his reflex was again to compare himself to his old mentor. 

“Bill [Belichick]’s a pretty intense guy,” Mangini said. “I don’t think there is a dramatic difference in approach.”

A Patriots official chose not to comment when asked by Reiss about Mangini’s comments.  (Shocker. Does Mangini really want to use the Patriots as a reference?)  The Browns coach conveniently ignores one giant difference in the situations: Belichick didn’t have his hand-picked G.M. removed halfway through his first season.

Whether Mangini likes it or not, he doesn’t appear to have the luxury to wait until midway through year two for his “program” to turn around, like Belichick did. The Browns need to win soon, starting tonight.

20 responses to “Mangini continues comparisons to Belichick

  1. I’ll bet Mangini actually cracked a smile for the first time in years last night when Belichick soiled himself on national TV.
    Everything that Patriots coaching tree touches turns to sh*t. All those guys are a complete disaster!

  2. nice try Mangini. But he had a chance with the Jets, which he royally f’d up. And now he’s destroying the Browns, as if they really needed help with that.
    Mangini will probably be gone at the end of the year, and the Raiders are the only team which will show any interest. And even they’re too smart to go for him.

  3. Of course he is…it’s in Mangina’s best interest to try and draw as many comparisons between him and Belichick as is humanly possible.
    Problem is, the guy has zero credentials to be a head coach in the NFL, he has failed at his last 2 gigs as HC of the NYJ and DC of the Pats, he’s a proven liar and rat, and he’s basically a narcissist with delusions of grandeur.
    We know how much Cleveland (rightfully) hates the Ravens. Curious to see if tonight turns into a bloodbath, how strong the calls from Cleveland for Mangina’s head will be. You deserve better, Cleveland. I said that the day Mangina was hired, and some of you didn’t want to hear that…

  4. The problem is, Belicheat doesn’t reveal all of his methods of cheating to his coaches. Always hold back something – called job security!

  5. Given Mangina’s desire to be compared with Bellicheat, why doesn’t he just hire Matt Walsh. That’s worth some wins right there.

  6. Browns need to win tonight, huh? I’m sure the QB who they benched just long enough to screw him out of most of his salary will be highly motivated to help the team win tonight…

  7. “why doesn’t he just hire Matt Walsh. That’s worth some wins right there.”
    If you’re going to accuse the Patriots of cheating, you need a much more credible source than Matt Walsh. Walsh refused to go public with his story, because he knows he was a lowlife, low-level gofer scrub, looking to anonymously trash the team that wisely fired him, with a bald-faced lie.
    Do some research before saying something you truly know nothing about, or risk looking like an immature, uninformed peckerhead.

  8. Mangina had about as much to do with Belichick’s and the Patriots’ success as Dan Quayle did with the collapse of the Berlin Wall: he was there at the time.
    Lerner should fire Benito at half time tonight. The score should only be 57-3 by then.

  9. # JimmySmith says: November 16, 2009 6:27 PM
    Given Mangina’s desire to be compared with Bellicheat, why doesn’t he just hire Matt Walsh. That’s worth some wins right there.
    I would reply with a witty retort……. but the latest issue of Juggs just arrived at my doorstep.

  10. Mancheesi continues his sad romp through his own of Belichump Fantasyland. The truth is no one is buying it in Cleveland. The fans cannot wait to see this idiot hit the unemployment line. Let him make these stupid comparisons… each one of them is another shovel full of dirt on his coaching career with the Browns. Mancheesi is the Browns version of Rich Kotite or Matt Millen. He is easily one of the worst hires in NFL history.

  11. mangina would kill to get to the 5-11 record belecheat had in year one in foxboro.
    if he is lucky he will get a 2nd win.
    he wont get a chance to go to the playoffs next year.

  12. Yeah… and the way Kokinis got stabbed in the back by a former member of his own organization?
    Remarkably similar to the way Belichick got stabbed in HIS back by a former member of his own organization.
    Kindof spooky how similar

  13. Mangina is an Idiot,you do not compare to the Patroits in any way shape or form & stop saying out loud that you see improvments after all our loses there aren`t any dumb ass, what game are you watching ?

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