NFL "looking into" incident between Pats security chief, NBC cameraman

After last night’s 35-34 instant classic win by the Colts over the Pats, New England coach Bill Belichick went to the middle of the field for a very quick handshake with Indy coach Jim Caldwell.  Then, Belichick made for the tunnel.

Along the way, a Patriots employee running next to Belichick encountered a cameraman. 

And, by all appearances, knocked him on his ass.

As it turns out, the Pats employee was Chief Operating Officer of TeamOps Security (seriously, that’s his title) Mark Briggs, and the dude with the camera works for NBC.

And a league spokesman tells Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald that the NFL is “looking into” the situation.

Rapoport also reports that the Pats and NBC have been “discussing the incident” and that NBC is “on board” with the tentative conclusion that it was all inadvertent.

We tend to agree.  At full speed, it looks like Briggs takes the guy down without missing a beat, like a trained assasin nonchalantly breaking a neck.  However, closer review shows that the cameraman, who was trying to get in position for a shot facing Belichick as he left the field, ran out of rope, like a robot with a six-foot extension cord.

It just so happened that Briggs made contact with the cameraman as the camera was yanking the man backward. 

Then again, a Chief Operating Officer of TeamOps Security would tend to know how to take advantage of an opportunity to make something look like an accident.

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  1. If the cameraman works for NBC you should get an exclusive interview of him saying “I ran out of cord”

  2. Let’s see how Briggs can match up with someone used to that type of behavior, Elizabeth Lambert.
    My money’s on Lambert. 😀

  3. I watched this clip many times tonight on U-Toob. I caught this when it happened live, and thought he decked the guy cold.
    The clip – when played slowly – clearly shows the cameraman’s helper running out of cord (haven’t we the technology to go to “cordles cameras, for God’s sakes?). He reaches for the camera and the cameraman damn near kills himslef when the cord is maxed out. It’s unfortunate that the SEAL/Ranger/Commando Security Chief Dude happened to be exactly next to him when this happened, but it’s clear he didn’t lay a finger on him.
    Of course, that’s not going to matter to all the Belichick haters and “Cheatriot” morons; the truth never does.
    By the way, I saw a similar thing happen to Bill Parcells in 1996 when I scored 3rd row, 50 yardline ducats. There was a guy who’s sole job was to pace the sidelines about 10 feet behind Parcells, rolling and unrolling the cord to his headset. Elway and the Broncs were kicking the Pat’s butt that day.
    Must’ve been a newbie, because first Parcells saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks but the cable guy wasn’t looking and walked smack into Parcells. Yeah, that went about as well as you’d think it would. Dude got an earful of Tuna.
    Later in the game, Parcells was standing still and all of a sudden he started to race down the sideline …… newb had his head up his butt and – even after getting REAMED for his last faux pas – he didn’t see Parcells take off. Parcells got about 12 feet down the sideline when he ran out of cord, and the headset damn near jerked his head clean off!
    He let loose a burst of profanity ;ike he was yelling at a red-headed step-child and sent that cord guy out of there like a rocket!!!!!! He calmed down when he saw a bunch of us fans laughing our asses off, and he smiled back at us with a knowing grin.

  4. “However, closer review shows that the cameraman, who was trying to get in position for a shot facing Belichick as he left the field, ran out of rope, like a robot with a six-foot extension cord.”
    As Jeff Foxworthy would say….. “here’s your sign.”

  5. Another yawner for the haters to nibble on.
    Many of you fairies would be better off following the WWE. The NFL isn’t for you if you think handshakes or an ancient “cheating” scandal from OVER 2 YEARS AGO are what the game of football is really about.

  6. How long before one of the idiots posts a “Cheatriots caught taping on the field” blast?
    3- 2 – 1 Cue the morons:

    Anyone else think the teamops guy has killed before??
    this is classic good stuff

  8. Check out the end of the video clip. It was the CORD attached to the cameraman that brought him down.

    Look at the 23-second mark of the video clip. The cord was completely taut.

  9. When did it become mandatory for head coaches to meet each other for a post game handshake?
    Seriously, this isn’t tennis, where it’s almost written into the rules that you have to do that at the end of a match and shake hands with your opponent at the net.
    If coaches don’t feel like shaking hands after the game, they shouldn’t be forced to.
    It reminds me of MMA fighters who feel the need to “touch gloves” at the beginning of every round, even though they’ve already touched gloves at the very beginning when the referee was giving them instructions.

  10. hayward giablommi says:
    “The NFL isn’t for you if you think handshakes or an ancient “cheating” scandal from OVER 2 YEARS AGO are what the game of football is really about.”
    So 2 years is the statute of limitations for all things NFL? I guess you Pats fans can stop talking about your titles.

  11. @Richm2256 …
    Your Parcells story was a lot better than the Belichick nonstory. I can just picture that guy running into Parcells, then nearly ripping his head off with the cord. Thanks for making my click on this headline worth the effort!

  12. can’t understand the guy’s buggery when he loses. he can’t feign a genuine handshake once? show some class, be a human being you douche. the charm of his peccadillos has worn he’s just a curmudgeon who will probably end life by himself friendless and having lost the ability to smile due to atrophy of those muscles…..but before then he will have lost respect, which dries up after a couple more of these horrific decisions, and a couple more of these big game loses……

  13. I haven’t seen the replay, but I did see it live. It was a clean hit. hey cameraman, he who gets lower wins. everybody knows that. there was someone right after that that got chucked out of the way. some Joe off of the street doesn’t risk his cush job with over aggressive shoving like that enless he is instructed to do so. Billy Boy saw it, he was right there. human decency requires him to stop and see if the guy is ok. at least break stride and ask “you ok?” hell, I would settle for telling your bouncer to calm down and not man handle the next person two seconds later. reality is he kept moving because he bought this meathead for the sole purpose to keep the commoners at bay. so in truth, Billy threw that poor defensless bastard down. way to go, no class.

  14. It’s not mandatory for coaches to shake hands. More of a tradition and a show of respect.
    If Belichick wants to be a douchebag about it, I guess that’s his choice.
    It’s amazing the lengths that his minions will go to in order to justify his actions.

  15. frank booth – Of course it’s not technically MANDATORY for coaches to seek each other out after the game and shake hands, but it’s practically become mandatory due to public expectation/perception. That’s why you end up with Belichick going through the motions and giving Caldwell some half assed shake. It’s like if, you’re gonna do it that way, why even bother? Why even force these guys to go through the charade. I don’t remember coaches being expected to shake hands until recently, I don’t recall it being that common like 15-20 years ago. I could be wrong.
    I loved how McDaniels and Belichick handled it earlier this year: “We just decided right off the bat that we weren’t going to do the postgame handshake.”
    Eazy E – that little slideshow of photos is ridiculous because it conveniently leaves out the angle that shows the cable that was fully taut and was the likely cause of the cameraman falling down.

  16. Another one of these infamous “phantom” DPI calls?
    C’mon look at the video … to me it looked like the Chief Principal Ops Director Exec in Chief actually wanted to help him up after the guy almost commited suicide with the cord of his camera.

  17. Who ever made the “here’s your sign” reference, it was Bill Engvall not Jeff Foxworthy. How I know that is beyond me.
    I doubt that this is anything more than a funny clip to show on sports center after the season.
    Why is anyone surprised by the hand shake? Bill Belicheck doesn’t like to lose, niether do I. The difference is, as much as I hate losing at anything, for example madden (several broken madden controllers would agree) I still don’t cheat, and I still say a friendly good game after every game. Do I mean it? No. I’m thinking “your a douche and you only won cause I fumbled, and your moms a whore” but it won’t kill me to aknowledge that I was beaten and that it was a good game. Apparently it would kill Bill to take 3 seconds out of his Sunday night ritual of collecting the cameras for latter use to go up to Caldwell and shake his hand firmly and say “that was a good game, I’m punting it next time” or “we’ll get that yard next time” or what ever.
    Call me crazy but I don’t think Bill Belicheck (or possibly Tom Brady) belong in the hall of fame. Before I make my case, ask your self this do you want Barry Bonds in the hall of fame? I am a SF giants fan and have had to endure countless people in the media or other wise talk about how Barry Bonds records are tainted and he doesn’t belong in the hall of fame. Now if that’s true than why would Bill Belicheck belong in? You could say “his cheating didn’t help as much” but no one out side of Bill and the Pats really know how much it helped and we will never know becuase Goodell burned the tapes. We also will never know how muchtge steroids truly helped Barry Bonds. So how are those things so different? If anything Bill’s massging of the rules is much worse becuase while Barry Bonds not only never failed a test while steroids were illegal but clearly wasn’t alone. While not one other team has been cuaght using tapes so the advantage was far greater. You could say every team does it but again you don’t know that do you?
    In closing Bill Belicheck is the Barry Bonds of football, but ESPN Boston ensures that the media is firmly on his side.

  18. What’s the deal? I thought Bellicheat loves camera guys, or least those that know how to keep their mouth shut.

  19. They will pull that in the wrong city on the wrong person, and a Indiana-Detroit situation will ensue….Pats day is coming, Belichick have time shake and dash is getting old…. and tiresome.

  20. Good thing it was the Patriots security…and not Tom Brady’s personal security. I hear they have a shoot-on-sight policy!

  21. “Then again, a Chief Operating Officer of TeamOps Security would tend to know how to take advantage of an opportunity to make something look like an accident.”
    Florio that’s one of the biggest asshole statements I’ve ever seen you write, and I’ve been visiting your website for over 2 years.

  22. All of you morons that are complaining about Belichick’s handshakes, are the same guys that think Lebron James doesnt have to shake hands when he loses in the playoffs…….

  23. Why the hell do cameramen still have cords attached to the cameras anyway? Is this 1965? Looks to me that the military-looking security dude didn’t like the looks of the long-hair camera guy.

  24. Florio.. why dont you do a story about how the colts haven’t had a defensive pentalty called against them against the pats in the last 8 quarters of play. Seems fishy that NE gets 2-3 pass interference calls against them with their receivers but moss and welker are never being held or interfered??? hmmmm… have the league look into that!

  25. @Dave Mac
    Pats fans should never be complaining about officiating. Randy Moss pushes off on every play. Matt Light holds on every play. Welker and Moss both throw illegal screens down field. Do other teams do this, of course, my point is every team gets away with stuff that should be called. I have seen plently of bad calls
    on behalf of Indy but just as many if not more on behalf of the Pats.

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