L.J. gets to play the Chiefs

Lost in the news that former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson will play for the Bengals is that the move will allow him to play against the Chiefs.

On December 27, L.J.’s team will come to Cincinnati for a game that otherwise would have been meaningless for the Chiefs but that now will be slightly more relevant.

For the Bengals, it’s likely that their 15th game of the season will require a win to secure either the division title or a first-round bye.

And it remains to be seen whether the decision to grab Johnson will disrupt the chemistry that has been developed — intentionally or otherwise — in Cincinnati as the Bengals have rocketed to a 7-2 start.

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  1. In no way will it affect the chemistry. L.J. like another underachiever Cedric Benson is playing for a new contract. If L.J. blows up…it could be a surprising playoff run….

  2. I have seen nothing from LJ that convinces me he helps the Bengals. He hasn’t been humbled the way some of the other players they’ve taken in have, he’s lost a significant step, he’s an alleged abuser, and a whiny sh*t-disturber. I only see this breaking the mojo they’ve got going there.

  3. Ok so if he doesn’t come in and blow up then he’s stuck behind Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard. Then his career is pretty much done. ML put him in his place saying no changes were made to our depth chart for RB’s since LJ is coming in. LJ is the bottom of the barrel here in Cincy and he knows that up front. So he better keep his cool, otherwise his punk a$$ is back on the street with no job. And if we don’t keep him, I highly doubt any other team will want to deal with him. So I think he’ll keep his head on straight and his nose out of trouble. Otherwise he’s gone in no time. Carson won’t stand for a cancer in this locker room. All the vets in this locker room will put him in his place real quick. Good pickup b/c now it prevents future opponents from getting him and him burning us on the field.

  4. I wonder if the Bengals posed the proposition like this: we need an insurance policy, but you’ll be our backup. In return, we’ll let you play against the Chiefs. The Bengals were the only team that could give him that bonus and I wonder if that sealed the deal. If that’s the case, then I don’t think LJ will be a distraction, since he knows all that ahead of time.
    Still, I won’t be rooting for him. I just don’t have time to cheer on racists. I would complain about his homophobia too but I’m not gay, so I can only be offended in the generic sense. But when he’s uncomfortable around white people, that offends me on a personal level.

  5. Marvin said yesterday that LJ would be a back up player, and that he’s going to have to do what all back ups do, and work their butts off. Special teams? That would certainly be humbling. In any case, he’s probably the best practice squad running back in the league. maybe marvin is trying to push his defense to really be elite. Maybe they can get some inside information on how to beat the chefs.

  6. How much they paying him?
    Way to start the rumors early in the a.m. Of course he will break up the delicate team chemistry……just like Vick broke up Philly’s chemistry!
    That is sarcasm, folks.
    They signed him to keep him from other teams, is my guess. And if Benson is hurt, then they have an experienced back for the playoffs. For the sake of my fantasy juggernaut of a team, I pray that Benson isn’t hurt…..
    Hey Florio, here’s a wild idea: get me some inside scoop on injuries and leave the relationship drama drudgery to RuPaul……

  7. I’m shocked that I’ve never seen Larry Johnson on an episode of “Cops.”
    I’ll bet he’s been on the show, but just refused to sign the waiver so they had to blur out his face.

  8. So he will be inactive for about 4 or 5 games and made active against the chiefs so he can run for 150 on their defense FREEKIN HILARIOUS! Folks while Im not happy with Larry’s behavior I AM MOST CONFIDENT with the vets we have in the locker room to keep this guy in check…Whitworth and Williams will beat that ass and Tank, Roy and Dhani will finish him off…LOL so Im not worried….Larry wants to STICK TO THE CHIEFS and win and if we make a SB run I would think about keeping him but he wants to be a starter and if he can prove to the league that he still is then he will easily play for a winner next year….

  9. I would really love to see LJ running down field half-ass covering punts and kickoffs, THAT would be hilarious.
    I can just see the conversation now -Marvin Lewis -” LJ if we sign you , you have to play special teams” LJ-( fingers crossed and lying thru his teeth) ” Ok coach, I am willing to do anything for the team” Hilarious

  10. Larry’s strategy should be to work his ass off, do what he’s told, stay out of trouble, and if he gets playing time, make the most of it – Take advantage of Cincy’s talented offensive line and make some plays. Then, in the off season, he’ll be a MUCH more desirable prospect to teams that may actually give him a shot at a starting role.

  11. LJ may want to stick it to the Chiefs, but physically he can’t. He’s done. He’s completely a shell of his former self. If he is even still on the roster by the time Cincy plays KC, he won’t top 25 yards. FACT.

  12. “LJ may want to stick it to the Chiefs, but physically he can’t. He’s done. He’s completely a shell of his former self. If he is even still on the roster by the time Cincy plays KC, he won’t top 25 yards. FACT.”
    Agree 100%. Bengal fans are in for a huge disappointment if they are expecting any sort of real contribution from him. Enjoy the 2.7 YPC he brings. He can blame the KC line all he wants, but fact is the Chiefs currently are a better rushing team without him. The other backs on the team had no trouble getting 4-5 YPC.

  13. As a Chiefs fan, I won’t miss LJ and his off the field antics, but I don’t think he’s done yet.
    As for “other backs on the team” getting 4-5 YPC, that would be Jamaal Charles against the hapless Raiders. No other running back on the team is getting anything better than LJ was.
    Charles looks like he may be a decent running back who is going to cough the ball up on a regular basis.

  14. I am a Bengals fan and I never really payed to much attention to the Chiefs or LJ. So everything you guys are saying is very interesting to me.
    But, if we can take a guy who has everything to lose and give him peanuts to play for us, I am okay with that.
    People rag on the Bengals for giving players 2nd chances but that just makes me more of a fan. I just hope Cedric, Tank, and Marvin make it clear that Cincy is a place where he can change his life and revamp his career.

  15. I got one word for all those who think he will do nothing. The one word changes everything in football and life in general–its called
    He changes his attitude and he changes himself. Huge upside tiny downside

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