Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to start for Bills

A change appears to be coming for the Buffalo Bills at quarterback.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports that the Bills are expected to start Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback for Sunday’s game at Jacksonville.

Fitzpatrick briefly played in place of starter Trent Edwards late in Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown for the final score of a 41-17 loss.

Fitzpatrick has started two games for the Bills this season and come in off the bench in two others. He’s completed 38 of 77 passes for 362 yards, with two touchdowns and four interceptions.

Fitzpatrick’s previous experience includes starting 12 games with the Bengals last year and three games with the Rams in 2005.

Bills coach Dick Jauron said on Monday that any announcement about a quarterback switch would be made on Wednesday. He acknowledged that benching Edwards was possible, saying, “There’s a possibility of changes.”

21 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick expected to start for Bills

  1. As soon as Ralph wakes from his coma, he’ll fire John Guy, Tom Modrak, and ofcourse, send Dick Jauron onto the shuffleboard court where he belongs. . Until then, Dan Marino and Joe Montana could have the life sucked out of their game with this coaching staff, so until then, it doesn’t matter which clown they drop under center..

  2. This doesnt add up. They are both awful, but at least Edwards may have some upside.
    They are both career back-ups – Buffalo needs to trade for a new QB, or keep losing and draft the next bust.

  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick is definitely NOT the answer. They may as well try to coach up Edwards. Fitzpatrick can’t throw an accurate ball past 10 yards.

  4. This is just stupid…
    Jauron is desperate…
    The bills haven’t passed for more than 225 yards in the last 14 games, so yeah Trent isn’t cutting it.
    Fitzpatrick has thrown over 225 yards once in his career… NOT THE ANSWER.
    Why not let Trent finish the season, bring someone else in next year through the draft and develop him like a normal team does…

  5. I’d also like Roscoe Parrish to be active again…
    How do you let speed/talent like that sit on the bench?? Oh yeah b/c the head coach plays not to lose.

  6. at this point what does it matter…
    jauron will have to be whacked at the end of the year or ticket sales will fall, and we know that’s what really drives decisions at one bills drive.
    so why not start fred jackson at QB, activate roscoe, and run a hybrid run and shoot 5 WR wildcat….
    at the very least it would be more entertaining than watching either QB stumble to a 5-11 finish……..

  7. Considering that both Edwards and Fitzy are mediocre-to-suck at best – I guess there really is no change being made at QB.
    Except the name on the back of the jersey.

  8. First off, Ralph Wilson is laughing all the way to the bank. He’s making money year after year without investing and doing it in a small market area.
    As long as he’s alive Buffalo will not have a decent team. He’s too cheap to spend money on Coaching and good solid players.
    Fitzgerald cant throw the ball more than 10 yards? Edwards never throws past the line of scrimmage. So who’s better?

  9. Toronto Bills? So far Toronto cant make any money off the games they play there. They cant sell tickets and cant fill up the stadium. I think this will overall be a flop for them.

  10. I was at the game and it wasnt Trent Edwards fault. If anyone needs to be benched its T.O. His lack of effort on the field was the cause of two of the pick 6s at the end of the game. Trent Edwards played pretty well besides that 4th quarter.

  11. Alex Marvez just said on Sirius NFL Radio that Jauron has been fired – Is this one of the “possible changes” he was referring to?

  12. Thank god he was fired.
    No clue whose bright idea it was to start a QB with a 49.8 rating (Fitz) over a QB with a 75 rating (Edwards).
    Granted, they’re both bad, but Fitz is below the Mendoza Line here. Maybe it’s a ploy to ensure they lose the next 7 games and get a top-5 pick?

  13. Trent Edwards hasnt performed as well as he needs to in order to win games. That said Fitzpatrick is definatly NOT any better. In fact, Fitzpatrick is worse. I say Edwards is better than Fitz, so he should continue to start, period. You play to win the game. I suffered through 2 games watching him play, and its not something I want to experience again. Atleast with Edwards I know he can do something.
    The Bills have the worst O-Line in the NFL and fired their OC a week before the season started. These choices are a major reason the bills are in this situation. Both choices sit on the sholders of the HC.

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