Facing Chiefs would be "best Christmas gift" for L.J.

Larry Johnson’s introductory press conference went off without a hitch.  L.J. said all the right things about embracing any role.  Coach Marvin Lewis called him a “very smart” player with “great abilities and tools.”

It’s unclear if Johnson will suit up this week against the Raiders, but he has another date on the calendar circled.  The Bengals host the Chiefs on December 27.

“I’d be lying if I said I ain’t looking at that as a game I want to
definitely play in,” Johnson said. “But we take it game at a time, one
situation at a time, I’m just trying to get on the field as of right
now, if that happens, it’d be the best Christmas gift I can get.”  (Chiefs fans might argue that facing L.J. would be a gift for their struggling defense.)

Cedric Benson’s status for this week’s game is uncertain, but the team’s starter embraced Johnson’s signing on Sirius XM radio Tuesday.

“It’s good for him.  I was once in that position and he’s getting his opportunity again,”
Benson said. “If he can help the team in a positive way
then I’m all for that.”

That’s the real question: Is the 30-year-old version of Larry Johnson truly a help or will he just be a big name on the end of the bench like Shaun Alexander in Washington last year? Johnson must prove he’s still got game, but says he won’t be a problem in the locker room.

“I’ve never broken up a team or a locker room or anything like that.
I’m pretty much a locker room player guy first,” Johnson said.

It would be interesting to hear if Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards, and Todd Haley agreed with that assessment.

34 responses to “Facing Chiefs would be "best Christmas gift" for L.J.

  1. Hopefully this douchebag blows his knee out…..in the Chiefs game. This guy sucks, he has a bat attitude, and should fit in quite well with the Bungles.

  2. Seems like some chiefs fans are ticked about the signing. Now mind you I am a little hesitant too. but that gives you no right to be a jerk about the BENGALS. Yes Katmandu I am talking about your negative attitude toward Cincy. Go choke on a pretzel foo!

  3. If it takes “gangsters” to sweep both of last years AFC Championship teams. I’ll take it.
    But really, PFTiswhatitis, you’re an idiot.

  4. I think they got the title of this article backwards….it should read: Facing LJ would be”Best Christmas Gift” for Chiefs defense….2.7 yds per attempt…WRAP IT, UP, THEY’LL TAKE IT!!!!!!

  5. Larry, the Chiefs are not the bad guys in this situation. You let them, and your fans here, down in a big way. For you to consider the Chiefs game to be a “revenge” game speaks to your continued poor attitude and failure to address the conditions that caused you to be cut. At least now you have a little motivation, even if it is negative. I wish you luck LJ. Hopefully the change will do you good but based on this press conference, seems nothing has changed with you.

  6. Look at all the Bengals haters showing up this morning. Really, they are kicking ass this year, and you guys are still rockin’ the old jokes.
    Get some new ones…and they should probably include the phrase “division leading”.
    Not a Cinci fan, but glad to see they are doing well for once.

  7. Love the hating of the Bengals…you can tell you’re successful when the haters come out!
    Of course, LJ is anxious to play the Chiefs D…as is every running back on our roster.

  8. “Seems like some chiefs fans are ticked about the signing”.
    -Ticked as in another team even wanted him?
    -Ticked as in anybody is giving this punk a chance?
    Ticked as in we released LJ a.k.a. “2.7”?

  9. Looks like some other people here have a BAD attitude about his signing. Im sorry…… I guess its just that Ive never been in the position of people hating the Bengals because their good LOL!

  10. Is it possible that LJ’s 2.7 ypc was due to the Chiefs having one of the worst OL’s in football?
    Just last yr, he avg 4.5 ypc. Me thinks he’ll have a revival behind one of the best OL’s in football now in Cincy.
    WHO DEY!

  11. Real nice Katmanduu…hoping a guy blows his knee out? No matter how frustrated you are with Larry Johnson as a fan, it’s pretty low to hope anyone gets seriously injured in a game. Unless it’s Hines Ward, of course…

  12. Crap, he’s worth signing. We don’t need him to lead the league in rushing, we just need him to spell Benson for 5-7 carries a game, that’s it. If it doesn’t work out, we cut him. At least signing him and burying him on our depth chart keeps him off of the Steelers roster or any other AFC contender. Plus, the Bengals have games against the Raiders, Chargers , and Chiefs still to go. Think LJ doesn’t know a thing or two about these teams? He’s only either played with them or against them for the last 6 years and knows their tendencies. This is just for the rest of the year…he’s hungry to prove people wrong, and the Bengals need some depth. Win-win for both. Last time a Bengals RB was hungry to prove people wrong…BENSON. We know how that one is working out.
    If he is just a GLIMPSE of the 1700 yard back he was, then it was worth it. Benson and LJ would be hard to beat as a 1-2 punch.

  13. It is truly an interesting time in the AFC North. People hate the Bengals! I would be soaking this in if I was a Cincy fan. Lord knows i’ve enjoyed every minute of it in Philly since 2000.

  14. I don’t HATE any team. I do question the ethics/morals/character of teams that would sign repeat (for lack of better words) “offenders”.
    What does it say?
    Bad Karma

  15. When they play Cinci, KC should put their offensive linemen on defense. LJ hasn’t been able to run past them for 2 years.

  16. I would love nothing more than for the Chiefs to face Larry Johnson rather than Cedric Benson, as should any team. You hit the nail on the head with the “facing L.J. would be a gift for their struggling defense.”

  17. If Larry Johnson can’t do better than 2.7 ypc, then the Bengals should have never signed him.
    On top of that, if he gets into a game and sucks, they should cut him immediately. I woudln’t even wait until the game ends. Just take his helment, pads and uniform and make him leave the stadium through the visitors locker room.
    That being said, this is why teams work out players before they sign them. The Bengals worked out Shawn Alexander a couple of years ago and passed on him. Shawn is from the greater Cincinnati area and fans were screaming for another RB to come in and help kick start the offense. I thought it was a no brainer that the struggling Bengals would sign him just to garner more local interest in the team.
    I’m inclined to think that LJ still has something left in the tank and that he will be a beast if/when get gets a chance to get on the field. If not, the visitors exit is located at the north west corner of Paul Brown Stadium.

  18. Have to agree with some earlier posts, 2.7 yards are more an indication of a sucky Chiefs O-line than for LJ! Just wait what he’ll do when he runs behind our hogs, he’ll tear you a second a..hole in December!

  19. I hope McGraw comes up and smacks him a screen pass. It would be a nice Xmas gift for the Chiefs too if he played in the game. That would increase their chances of winning dramatically.

  20. The dude really is going to be forth string starting out. If he rips off a couple of big gainers then he’ll take over number three spot, MABEY. Cincy likes their backs but it never hurts to get a pro bowler past his prime for cheap on the roster. LJ is dumb but he’s not a tard, he has to prove he has something so he can sign with someone next year cause it wont be the BENGALS. The rook Bernard Scott is the one who will get the most reps after Benson, Leonard has the most heart on the team, and LJ will sweep up and if he don’t like it then post a blog and get cut.
    By the way Chiefs fan your team sucks. No jokes, they are horrible.

  21. Deanna,
    What are good people supposed to do? Isnt it good to give people second chances. Lord knows you and everyone on here has had them. Why dont they? You dont know any of these people personally do you? You only know what the media wants you to know. News flash!- they try and sell stories. No drama= no story. Quit being naive.
    The Bengals mantra has always been to get guys with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove, (for cheap) they want to redeem themselves and we make damn sure thats what they aim to do. It seems to be working no? And we are turning former criminals/miscreants into contributing members of society. You should be thanking us, not criticizing us.
    Who Dey

  22. Katmanduu says:
    November 18, 2009 8:53 AM
    Hopefully this douchebag blows his knee out…..in the Chiefs game. This guy sucks, he has a bat attitude, and should fit in quite well with the Bungles.
    Is this really a Cheif’s fan ripping on the Bengals? Really? Love the pick up, LJ will play against the Cheifs, and he’ll have the same kind of dominant performance that Benson had against the Bears. The “Bungles” are no more, the Bengals are leading the division now. Choke on it bud.

  23. BungPowa,
    Yes, LJ uses the KC O-line as his excuse for his poor play. If that’s the case, how is it that Jamaal Charles averages 5.4 per carry behind the same line?
    LJ has no speed anymore, nor the desire to break tackles. Maybe the latter will change with Cincy, but I doubt it.
    I’ve never really had any problem with LJ, other than the fact that he likes to show what a big man he is by intimidating women. It’s funny though how he sees himself now as some sort of victim of KC…when Haley gave him every opportunity to be the feature back this season (when most wanted him to be cut) and they took a chance on him (when cutting him in training camp would have cost him his entire $4+ million dollar salary). He’s just a punk who thinks he entitled to respect without regard to his actions.

  24. LJ is a retard of epic proportions. The Chiefs gave that guy more chances than they ever should have. When he demanded a now contract in 07 they gave it to him. It’s mind boggling to think that, in his mind, he’s the victim in this situation. LOL.
    And hey Bengals fans……remember what happened last time you guys won the division? That’s right…Super Bowl #5 for Pittsburgh. See you in the playoffs. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  25. As a Chiefs fan, and a Seahawks fan, I think I have a unique perspective on LJ. After Alexander’s big money contract and MVP, he was a different runner. There were likely a lot of reasons for it, he lost a step, his line wasn’t as good, etc, but one thing is for certain, SA didn’t run the same way. If he ran into an OL, he would fall down. He missed holes or couldn’t accelerate into them. He would go down on shoe string tackles. LJ today looks remarkably similar to SA.
    Now, they are different runners. LJ reveled in contact, liked to hurt defenses, was good in-between the tackles. SA, loathed contact, preferred to bounce outside, and was more of a finesse runner. But LJ today, looks like SA at the end in Seattle.
    LJ’s problems in KC were multiple, but his performance this year is like those lost SA years. Does LJ have something left? Maybe. Maybe all he needed was a change of scenery. But I tend to think the wheels have come off. Running backs with 400+ carries in a season rarely have much left. The Chiefs offensive line sucks as much today as it did last year. I don’t see any difference between the two. LJ is a different runner though.
    I am rooting for the Bengals this year (I have to root for another formerly beleaguered franchise since mine is going nowhere in the next 3 years), so I hope he doesn’t have an adverse impact on the team. I would like to see Carson get some of the respect that has eluded him.

  26. Johnson is an idiot… I am sad to see the Bengals take him – the team’s winning streak has taken the focus off of the team being a haven for criminals. But adding Johnson tells me the organization doesn’t place much emphasis on character.

  27. Cap Fan,
    You know deep down that this year is totally different. For one, you guys cant even beat us, once! We are more geared for a marathon than the steelers are at this point so…..Hows that pass first thing workin for ya?
    I dont even know if you guys can MAKE it to the playoffs!

  28. I would of guessed that slappin a skeezer and spitting in some skirts face would have been a great Christmas present for LJ. Hey, there’s always kwanza.

  29. Just love all the Bengal hatin’ AND SELF righteous jerk-offs spouting off about morality in the NFL?! It is what it is…who really gives an F is this guy said stuff about fags(u of course never have)..and then dissed his coach..He obviously wanted out of KC people…JUST WIN BABY!!! PS homos suk

  30. OOoohhhh, Captain Fantastik, are we a little bitter? Did we get a taste of our own medicine twice this year? Yea, it’s a marathon, that’s why we signed depth for the most maligned iinjury spot on a teams roster. Honestly, I would not like to have to play the Steelers again, but not because I’m too worried about the outcome, but because I want to see us play a better team in January, good luck making the wild card sour puss

  31. For everyone pointing to Mr Johnson’s 2.7 ypa average as an indictment of the Chiefs’ O-line and not Larry himself, I ask…
    What is Jamaal Charle’s ypa average behind that same O-line?
    Just asking.

  32. Didn’t realize how much Cincinnati was a city full of haters. Now it is proven, this guy should be out of football (I think that hate is a contact sport in Cincy, he will feel right at home.)

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