Ronnie Brown's season is over

Ronnie Brown’s contract year has met an early end.

Twelve hours after PFT first reported that Brown could miss the season, the Dolphins have made it official.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown was placed on injured reserve in advance of Thursday night’s game against the Panthers.

Brown was originally announced to have an ankle injury, but the Dolphins later called it a “foot” problem.  It’s unclear exactly what the nature of Brown’s injury is.

It’s a deeply disappointing finish to a promising campaign for Brown.  He was on pace to set career highs in rushing yards as the leader of Miami’s Wildcat attack.  His 2007 season was also cut short after seven games because of a torn ACL.

With Brown out, Ricky Williams and Pat White may head the Wildcat offense.  The Dolphins also could simply put the ball in Chad Henne’s hands more often.

24 responses to “Ronnie Brown's season is over

  1. Too bad for Ron Brown and the Dolphins.
    Will we now see Pat White run the WildCat?
    Run Ricky, run! Or rather, Puff, puff, pass.

  2. According to the Miami Herald a couple of months ago, Browns option year kicks in if there is not a collective bargaining agreement in place – not if there is one. If there is a CBA, he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

  3. Hope it’s not the dreaded Liz Phair, I mean Lisfranc. So sexy and French sounding. I mean Liz Phair. She’s Phat.

  4. @ purple
    How do I get in your fantasy league. Someone was that dumb to trade you those 2 for Ronnie Brown?

  5. As far as I know, a player in Brown’s position cannot be a UFA in the offseason if there is no new CBA. Would he not be an RFA with only five years of NFL service?

  6. The Lex Hilliard fantasy football train has boarded and is leaving the station…that’s right, I said Lex Hilliard.
    Don’t be that guy who says “yeah I remember some Asswipe pimping Lex Hilliard on Florio’s board a few weeks ago…I should have put in a waiver claim for that Hilliard cat.

  7. I wish the best for Brown & his family. He ran the offense, literally. Fins have some tough games remaining & the playoffs are remotes at best. Maybe they can rely on their prized 1st rd pick Tedd Ginn, Jr. Right.

  8. Yes, asswipe, because there is not one person in a fantasy league who would have thought: “Hey, a major player is out for the year, who’s next on the depth chart?” without you making the brilliant insight for them over and over again in these comments.

  9. If I remember right, isnt this the same injury that Duce Staley had, that pretty much ended his career?
    I hope Ronnie bounces back.

  10. The MiamiDolphins Official Facebook page is saying they placed him on IR and are shopping for big threat Wide Receivers… meaning they are obviously will be working Ricky less and throwing more.
    The name that has popped up is EDWARD GRANT wideout for Ariz Cardinals. Big endzone threat which is what we are greatly lacking right now. Even big down the field threat.
    It sucks Ronnie is out, he’s so patient when he hits the hole that he finds yards outta nothing. BUT… we have Lex Hilliard and Sheets as backup and Polite as Fullback who might be doing probowl numbers.

  11. They could put the ball in Henne’s hands more, except who’s hands are he going to put it in?
    An alligator has better hands than Tedd Ginn Jr.

  12. poor guy-has any dolphin fan outside of miami even heard him speak before? think about it…class act. this will do great things for henne-lowers expectations for the team in general and takes some pressure off his shoulders. if only sparano would let him play as the strong armed qb that he is, not like what mangina is doing to brady quinn.
    trade for 1 standout WR and/or 1 standout DB and next year the dolphins, ricky included, will be eating up the broken pieces of the pats dynasty that once was…

  13. I just want the injuries to stop. Matt Roth, Pennington, Will Allen and now Ronnie Brown.
    MAKE IT STOP!!! However, it pushes all the rookies and two year players into the spot light.

  14. Brown is my favorite player in the league. I just hope he can come back healthy next year. Year 3 of the Trifecta’s rebuilding plan, when the Fins should be true contenders

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