Shaun Smith resurfaces in UFL

As the Las Vegas Locomotives prepare to host in eight days the first UFL championship game, Jim Fassel’s team has brought in a guy best known for beating up Brady Quinn and telling off George Kokinis.

The UFL has announced that veteran defensive tackle Shaun Smith has joined the team, taking the place of Wendell Bryant, who was placed on injured reserve.

The Locos will square off against the Florida Tuskers on November 27 for the UFL title.

10 responses to “Shaun Smith resurfaces in UFL

  1. In retrospect, as bad as Shaun Smith was, and as much as he needed to go, it is pretty tragic that he was more valuable to the Browns football team than either the guy he punched in the face or the general manager he chewed out in the tunnel. It has been a toxic brew in Cleveland.

  2. Hey What I want to know is why PFT has not been quick to cover the NFLPA visit to Cleveland?
    Could it be that they found no wrog doing with Mangini’s practices? I guess they don’t report except if it’s negative info.
    I just read in the Plain Dealer that the NFLPA was there discussed things with Fraley the teams rep and no mention of the alleged hard practices. Go figure.

  3. PFT likes to focus on the all negative stuff about the browns (even though there is alot). But with that being said it is possiblet that Mangini didn’t do anything wrong so PFT won’t report that.
    And saying Shaun Smith is more valuable than Quinn, that’s just dumb. I’m not saying that he is going to be the next Tom Brady or Manning but the kid still has a bright future. It’s his first season as starter, I don’t hear anyone saying Stafford’s a bust when he throws 1-2 picks a game and keep in mind he has more weapons to work with than Quinn.

  4. I say this as a Vikings fan who sincerely appreciates the Cleveland Browns, their great history, the great city of Cleveland, a city that I love, and the great fans of the Cleveland Browns, who have gone through incredible adversity and are still there cheering for their team, causing me to admire them all the more for their true love of their team.
    Please give up on Brady Quinn. He is a horrifically bad quarterback. Please, for the love of the game of football, move on.

  5. Brady Quinn can’t even throw a slant pass on target. The one he threw on Monday Night was a pick 6 because Quinn was off target. He is never going to be a good NFL quarterback.

  6. Quinn does have a bright future. All he has to do is learn one phrase. “Would you like to Jumbo Size that order for only 39 cents?”

  7. Back on topic (I think?)….so Smith signs just prior to the Championship game….?
    What’s next? Locomotives sign Jake Plummer at halftime of the Championship game and announce he’ll be QBing in the second half?!!
    Are there any rules in this league?

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