Titans' Finnegan fined $10,000

Tennessee Titans defensive back Cortland Finnegan has been fined again.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Finnegan was fined a total of $10,000 for two separate violations during Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills. One infraction was a major facemasking penalty in the second quarter, and the other was a late hit in the third quarter.

It’s the second consecutive week that Finnegan has been fined by the league. Last week Finnegan was fined $5,000 for facemasking 49ers running back Frank Gore.

Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean reports that Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was also fined, getting docked $7,500 for a horse collar tackle on Bills running back Fred Jackson.

11 responses to “Titans' Finnegan fined $10,000

  1. Again, none of us give a rats tail about these fines. If it means so much to you then replace one of your never updated tabs at the top of the screen with a fine page.

  2. Finnegan rocks!! He’s tough as nails, doesn’t back down to anyone. If there’s brawling going on, he’s right in the middle of it taking on the biggest guy. He’s playing on a pro-bowl level. All that from a 7th round pick out of Samford.
    Who cares about his fines.

  3. goodell isn’t gonna stop til he fines everyone in the entire nfl, goodell blows go start efl queerbait over in europe and leave the nfl alone you have screwed it up enough already

  4. Since when did they start fining guys for facemask penalties?? Guess they’ll start hitting up Flozell Adams $5k for each false start…. he’ll be in chapter 11 by mid next season.

  5. C’mon Florio replace the turd watch tab with a fine-o-meter tab. Or at least put a fines tab under the turd watch. You have a listing for suspensions with a “coming soon” notice on the page.
    It’s been 24 days without an arrest, there’s been over a half a million in fines since then.
    Inquiring minds want to know who’s been fined and where the money goes. And who decides which charities get the money? Are any monies from player fines used to pay for those “feel good” spots about how much the NFL does for charity and what a corporate good citizen it is?
    The year to year growth in fines levied on players may be the biggest % growth area in the NFL.
    Hell this is much more interesting than a Browns, Bucs, Chiefs or Raiders game, cover it.

  6. The late hit fine was totally deserved, but freaking hilarious. T.O. was walking back to the Bills’ huddle and Finnegan just came up from behind him and decked him into the ground. T.O. ran over to the refs and started screaming like a little kid, but they didn’t see it.

  7. @nyj25
    Who’s the idiot? Look at who agrees with me… I know we can replace the turd watch cause we found you!
    God that was terrible…

  8. i think that the NFL is getting carried away with all of the fines going around just leave the player alone. It is just annoying.

  9. @ chc4
    Chad Clifton will be joining Adams in the bankruptcy court–if his knee holds up long enough for him to keep playing

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