Quinn wakes up for Cleveland

With the right to screw up the first overall pick in the 2010 draft likely hanging in the balance, the Browns are doing their best to pass the cup to the Lions.

Cleveland leads Detroit by 21 points.

In the first quarter.

Quarterback Brady Quinn has completed eight of nine passes for 151 yards and three touchdowns.

Maybe he should have tied his escalators to single-game performance, not single-season playing time.

It’s 24-3, and barring a miracle it’s over.

10 responses to “Quinn wakes up for Cleveland

  1. Looks like Lerner’s gambit to keep Mangini on the job and grab the #1 pick for the next GM and coach may have backfired.

  2. Come on Florio, you know better than that. It’s a few minutes in to the second quarter and Detroit has scored twice now. With these two teams, it’s NEVER over until 0:00.

  3. Florio:
    “It’s 24-3, and barring a miracle it’s over.”
    Lions roar back. Down kitty, down……
    Dude, remember it is Cleveland they are playing.
    It is now 24-24.
    This game should end in a tie (Ask McNabb if this is possible?) and a tie breaker other than head to head should have to be used to determine the first overall pick.

  4. have no fear, pigs will fly in detroit. typical idiot mangini football includes coaching his team to a losing season then cheering his team on to get a string of end of season pointless wins to drop six or seven spots in the post season draft.

  5. Florio… you jinxed the Browns… thank you. That last second PI call gave us the win. Hopefully we can build on it… for the next 20 years. I think 8-8 will be possible then.

  6. The miracle of Mathew Stafford! Never in my life did I think the Lions would have a QB who can lead the team from 21 down and then 88 yards with 1 minute plus to win the game. Yes the Browns suck but when the Lions build their defense the next two drafts- watch out!

  7. I cannot BELIEVE Mandumbass called a timeout. I’ve only seen the highlights (working a Sunday sucks)…did he call the timeout just to bitch at the ref about the PI call???
    A cold Culpepper would have most likely screwed that whole thing up. What a jackass.
    What a nice game by Stafford. Detroit has reason to be very optimistic.

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