Antonio Pierce feeling good

The New York Giants won on Sunday without starting middle linebacker Antonio Pierce, who is out indefinitely with a bulging disc in his neck.

But the Giants’ defense couldn’t stop the Falcons at all in the second half, and they clearly missed the presence of their leader. So it’s good news that Pierce says he feels good.

Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger reports that Pierce said after the game that he feels “great,” and when asked if he tried to get the team to let him play with the injury, he replied, “Of course. I did [play with it].”

Pierce said he’s in no pain because the bulging disc is not making contact with a nerve, and he was surprised when what he thought was just a precautionary MRI revealed the extent of the injury.

Pierce said he appreciates that the Giants won’t take any chances with neck injuries, but adds, “But at the same time, I played with it.”

If Pierce has any say in the matter he will be back on the field before the season is over. The doctors, however, will have final say.

“Whatever the doctors say is what I’ve got to do, I guess,” Pierce said. “If I had my own way, it wouldn’t be that way obviously.”

6 responses to “Antonio Pierce feeling good

  1. Pierce is crazy. This “injury” gives him more time to drink Patron, stuff his face, and get lap dances at the local strip clubs. It simultaneously limits the number of times opposing running backs make him look fat and slow. This is a win-win… unless you own an “all you can eat” buffet anywhere near Giants Stadium.

  2. Pierce is not someone whom you would expect to be making the right decision. Weather it’s to stash your buddy’s gun after he shoots himself in downtown Manhattan or to play with a bulging disc in his neck, because it has yet to pinch any nerves or cause paralysis. Clearly he’s a thug, which is not romantic, but pathetic. I feel for his children.

  3. If Pierce was playing the Giants would have already been behind in the 4th quarter, and Snelling would have looked like an all-pro.

  4. the jints definitely need an upgrade at middle linebacker.i wonder if anyone is out there that could be obtained in free agency?

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