Goodell thinks offseason work is out of control

The NFL may attempt to extend the length of the regular season, but Commissioner Roger Goodell sounds like he wants to give players a break in the offseason.

In comments to SI’s Peter King, Goodell said that he believes there is too much required of players during offseason conditioning and presumably offseason practices.

“I’m a firm believer that players are overworked in the offseason.  They probably need to get away from the game a little
bit more. And when they’re away, they probably work harder,” Goodell said.

The amount of offseason practices could potentially be a discussion for the next collective bargaining agreement. 

“There needs to be limitations in the offseason with respect to the
type of work, and how much work, is done. Teams will definitely have
sufficient time to get their offense and defense in,” Goodell said. “Should maybe
rookies and first-year players have more time in training camp? That’s
something Norv Turner mentioned this week.
It’s something that needs a lot of dialogue, and that’s one of the
things the player forums will look into.”

25 responses to “Goodell thinks offseason work is out of control

  1. Goodell: “Play a longer regular season, but do less during the offseason to get yourself ready for it.”

  2. Hard work should not be penalized. It should be rewarded.
    A big problem with this rule would be enforcement. How do you prevent a player from “going down to Florida” or somewhere and having an unofficial workout somewhere?
    Since nobody would know for sure if some players were “cheating” by working out more than allowed, every player would himself be tempted to “cheat” and work out extra in the offseason.
    The only legitimate concern here is if offseason workouts lead to more injuries, but that is doubtful.
    This is just a bargaining chip that the League will use to try to extract more concessions from players. It’s a bad idea, though, because if implemented it could actually hurt the game by tempting to many players to not obey the rules.

  3. WTF are we paying them millions of dollars for then???? Are you kidding me Goodell, that sounds like something retard Tagliabue would say.

  4. This guy’s losing credibility by the day. Eat me, Commissioner Gordon.
    Get a tan, you’re Rozelle. Talk like a lawyer, you’re Tags. Act like Goddell, act like a douchebag.
    And the older players wait…and wait..and wait…thank God for Ditka et. al.

  5. goodell would have no problem with working more in the offseason if he could figure out a way to make money off it. that he would say this while also wanting a longer regular season, shows how completely blind he is to the bottom line.

  6. Wow, what a waffler…
    “I’m a firm believer that players are overworked in the offseason. They probably need to get away from the game a little bit more. And when they’re away, they probably work harder,”
    “firm believer”, then “they PROBABLY need to get away more”, “they PROBABLY work harder”.
    They don’t get paid mass amounts of money to get away, they get paid to play football games once a week, for a 1/3 of the year. This is football dammit, stop making this the “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” League! Goodell will be the end of this league as we know it.

  7. This is a crock. These guys get paid millions of dollars and benefits and the Commish is worried about a few extra practices in a 7-8 month offseason?
    On average, these guys are in the league for a few years at most, run them into the ground for all I care.
    Plus this would hurt the 24-hour/365 days constant NFL talk. Anytime involuntary mini-camps lead SportsCenter consistently (even during the NBA Finals) you know your sport is dominant.
    The NFL is the only sport where information dominates the headlines for the majority of the 52 weeks in a year.
    These guys are young, they’ll be fine.

  8. Common Sense – WE are not paying them millions of dollars for anything.
    Yes the teams make their money off the fans but the teams are the ones that decide what to pay them out of their profit margin.
    Do offseason drills impact your enjoyment of the game so drastically that if they had another month without them you wouldn’t be a fan?

  9. Clinton Portis doesn’t practice in the offseason yet he cannot make it through a 16 game schedule.
    Sure, go ahead and extend the season to 17 or 18 games.

  10. Morrons Goodell is talking about official or required team workout’s. What a player does on their own time is their own business.

  11. I can see limiting contact type drills to keep the chance of injury down, but this sounds almost as bad as the issue with the part-time refs. There is too much money involved to rely on part timers for any critical part of it. Is it wrong to expect the players, who are paid extremely well, to consider it a full time, 12 month a year job?

  12. I think Roger Goodell is out of control. It is good to see multi-million dollar athletes work hard to be better players and to live up to their contracts. I think this league needs a new commisioner who knows what football is about and who appreciates hard work.

  13. Funny, but I work all year long, with no off-season, just like all of my friends and family. We don’t get a month off here and there. It just shocks me that these guys earn millions of dollars and people think they get worked too hard. I know plenty of blue collar workers who bust ass 40 hrs a week all year and make 1/100th what a pro football player makes.

  14. wallyworld says:
    November 23, 2009 12:47 PM
    JaMarcus Russell says it is a good idea.
    Awesome – funniest thing I’ve read all day!

  15. It is my understanding, from the Tuna room, that the more conditioned the athlete, the less susceptible to injury he is. So that limitation would be putting the player at risk.
    Hmmm sound like Roger the Dodger should keep his nose out of that scenario.

  16. Goodell is really bad for the game. This is stupid, but moreso about wanting to expand the league overseas, move every team to L.A., and his rules to make it the equivalent of flag football.

  17. Running the players into the ground and having too many practices are remarkably stupid ideas. The best players spend time in the off season working out regardless of team policy. The performance driven atmosphere of the NFL quickly drives out players who aren’t in shape. The players having been in football most of their lives and so they will either learn a new system or be gone.

    The NFL is starting to become keen on protecting the players for one reason only: the bottom line. If players could prove the concussions and workout routinely shortened their careers in court it would mean the NFL would be sued into oblivion.

    As an NFL fan I fully support keeping the players healthy as possible while keeping it a full contact sport. While some might yuck it up when the opposing QB or star RB gets a concussion, it is bad for the game.

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