Report: Sources say Cromartie didn't throw bottle

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is reportedly under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an incident in which someone was hit in the head with a champagne bottle.

But while Cromartie’s apparent claim is that the bottle slipped, there’s now a report that it wasn’t Cromartie who threw the bottle at all.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that several sources told him it wasn’t Cromartie who threw the bottle.

“Before everyone jumps on Cromartie, several sources telling me it wasn’t him who threw bottle. Just saying we need to let facts come out,” Acee tweeted.

Acee’s tweet implies that someone did throw a bottle, just not Cromartie, but there’s no word on who that “someone” is.

Cromartie, meanwhile, has tweeted about the incident as well.

“I want to apologize to charger nation and my fans. There’s sum stuff out abt me that’s not true. It will come out. God Bless,” Cromartie tweeted.

If the stuff out about Cromartie isn’t true, it’s not clear why he’s apologizing. But he’s probably right that the truth will come out.

11 responses to “Report: Sources say Cromartie didn't throw bottle

  1. He’s apologizing because he put himself in a position to be accused of doing something like throwing a champagne bottle.

  2. Maybe he is apologizing for being out that late, and putting himself and his team and his dumb ass general manger on the spot.

  3. wow. why is it that when someone does something wrong/bad and or is involved, the stories that they, their agent/publicist/manager, and the various news outlets are completely different?
    1: cromartie threw a bottle at someone so says the cops
    2. cromartie accidentally let the bottle fly so says him
    3. cromartie wasnt even involved so says some different sources
    maybe somebodys lying?

  4. Who could foresee spraying champagne at people turning into a problem? After all, it was just harmless fun for Darrent Williams and Javon Walker…

  5. So since when is Gregg Rosenthal qualified to say what is well said and isn’t? Was he there on the field when this trash talking took place? Has he coached a game in the NFL? Has he played a game in the NFL? Has he played a game in the Canadian Football league? No he is a nobody that should keep his opinion to himself.
    That said what have the Chargers owned? Here is what they are the champions of… Being a great team “on paper”, being over rated every single year for the past three years, starting the season like crap and then half way through waking up and beating the special needs teams in their division, starting out on fire and then losing ACTUAL GOOD TEAMS like the Patriots or Colts in the playoffs, celebrating every single tackle with the lights out/choke a reality tv celebrity dance, crying after the game cause your a whiny cry baby, claiming to be the best running back in the NFL and then crying everytime they bring in a kick returner to replace you on 3rd down.
    In the end the Chargers are a second rate organization with poor ownership, no superbowl rings, whiny showboating players that like to talk a lot of trash, not back it up, and then whine when someone talks trash to them. They have a giant fan base that consider themselves Padres fans until the Chargers are doing good then they just back on the wagon. HEY SAN DIEGO SHUT UP UNTIL YOU CAN WIN A SUPERBOWL.

  6. Pacman Cromartie? Cromartie is just another in a long line of over rated losers to pass through the Chargers organization. Much like the team he plays for he started out really hammering away and then thirty seconds later rolled over and went to sleep. Bet he is going to wish he had a champagne bottle to beat back the Sisters when he gets to Shawshank. That was the longest night in Cromartie’s life.

  7. So he admits that something happened where a bottle left his hand and hit another person in the head…(it just slipped).
    Then he apologizes to his team and fans.
    Now after all his teamates lie to the police and media for him, he states that he was never even involved?
    I hope the truth comes out, but it sure sounds like they’re well on their way to sweeping this one under the rug.

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