Texans say Cushing's Twitter account is a fake, but is it?

It’s yet another sign of the extent to which Twitter has infiltrated the world’s greatest sport.

On Monday, the Jets said that someone hacked receiver David Clowney’s Twitter account.  Today, the Texans have issued an announcement that a Twitter account supposedly belonging to linebacker Brian Cushing — a leading candidate for defensive rookie of the year — is a fake.

“It has come to the attention of the Houston Texans that an individual has posted tweets on the Twitter account ‘BrianCushing56’ posing as Texans rookie linebacker Brian Cushing,”  the statement reads.  “That account is not affiliated with Brian or with anyone associated with the Houston Texans organization.”

The fake Cushing account has 5,185 followers.

But here’s the kicker.  The supposedly fake Twitter account makes repeated reference to Cushing’s official web site, BrianCushing56.com, which appears to truly be Cushing’s web site.

Naturally, the official Cushing web site includes a Twitter feed.

And it’s the same Twitter feed that supposedly is fake — BrianCushing56.

So, basically, none of this makes any sense to us.

35 responses to “Texans say Cushing's Twitter account is a fake, but is it?

  1. Just more proof that the NFL and teams are wasting their time trying to control this. Let the players speak, last I checked this isn’t Nazi Germany, this is America.

  2. Who. the. fukc. cares?
    Twitter is for twits. and losers with nothing to do all day. Even the name is ridiculous. “Twitter”?!
    You think Ray Nitschke would be caught dead “tweeting”?
    I just don’t get the mass appeal of twitter. Or American Idol, or People Magazine, or Oprah, for that matter.

  3. I agree with you. The blog says it’s “certified pro athlete” and then he says on there to follow him on twitter and voila you are back to the “fake” twitter account, hah! I think they’re trying to distance him from his remarks about officiating in last night’s game.

  4. @ Notorious
    The appeal is that people want to be famous so the lives of famous people interest them to a point of obsession. It is sad to be honest. All of the nations top newspapers are going under but things like US Weekly are thriving. America needs to look at its priorities.

  5. I love how people bitch and moan about the media making stories out of something that really isnt or just whining about someones reporting/writing style.
    These same people continue to go to the same website and pitch the same bitches, if it’s so bad then why frequent the site???
    It’s the same thing here in Green Bay with the local newspaper (greenbaypressgazette.com) where the same people complain about the reporting day in and day out yet continue to read the articles.

  6. stop making fun of the writers, they are smarter than u will ever be about sports and they are doing their job u f@aggot

  7. well mainly i dont think ray nitschke would be twattering/twatting/tweetering because he doesnt know how to use a computer. the guy is like 190 years old. this is the 21st century. this isnt ancient rome. computers are necessary for everyone that is in touch with the world. personally, i think its pretty funny. apparently you must have a pretty awesome job, cause all i do at my desk is look up what chad ochochinco posts on his twitter account. also some NBA player are pretty entertaining on there. im surprised some of them can spell 150 characters worth of tweets correctly. i really dont know what the big deal is here, florio does his job, then you guys who try to ride on his coat tails and say something funny try to trash his work. give brian cushing and florio a break.

  8. but you probably are the type of person that understands the mass appeal of nascar arent you Notorious V.I.C? makes sense…..

  9. The twitter feed had a tweet criticizing the refs last game. Maybe they’re just trying for some proactive deniability when the league comes down on him.

  10. Follow my twitter. It is #grownupsdon’tusetwitter
    You’ll read up-to-date information about my bowel movements and grocery store trips.

  11. This is the last time I tell my friends to visit this site. IT’S TWITTER. Better yet, IT’S CUSHING! Who f-in’ cares?

  12. I guess in Lord Florio’s perfect lil world, he doesn’t have a clue about hacking twitter or a web site……
    hint, it ain’t all that hard……..

  13. Hey for all of us who refuse to get a twitter what did it actually say for the texans to release this statement?

  14. Mike sheepishly posts:
    So, basically, none of this makes any sense to us.
    That’s what we have been trying to tell you all along. Twitter is lame. Remember when you and Rich Eisen tweeted, and you had to tell us about it? That was ugly. Twitter is the dead horse in your driveway, Florio. Stop beating it.

  15. Any NFL player that “tweets” should be disqualified from winning any kind of award. Nothing says I’m a self absorbed douche bag than twittering.

  16. Was there a controversial “tweet” from this account that caused the Texans to issue this statement? Who really cares?

  17. Very strange… maybe the Texans asked Brian if it was his account and he panicked. Or the Texans front office has no idea how the internet works.

  18. The Notorious V.I.C. ,
    Hating on Twitter is so last week. We get it, you’re too cool for something so stupid. Yet here you are posting your opinions on a football blog. It’s 2009, you ancient alpha-male. Ray Nitschke is dead. Keep his legacy alive by tossing the pigskin, grilling, and hauling goods in your Ford F-150. Nice username, though.

  19. Do you think Brian Cushing has anything to do with his “official” website?
    Terry Tate: Office Linebacker
    Brian Cushing: Secret Webmaster
    Odds are the company that was contracted to handle his website didn’t do sufficient due diligence when it came to the twitter account.

  20. # Choirdrunk says: November 24, 2009 10:38 PM
    Do you think Brian Cushing has anything to do with his “official” website?
    Terry Tate: Office Linebacker
    Brian Cushing: Secret Webmaster
    Odds are the company that was contracted to handle his website didn’t do sufficient due diligence when it came to the twitter account.
    Excellent point. I looked a little closer myself and saw the site is done by
    which seems to mean he allowed them to do it authorized his name.
    However, it is his fault for not doing an approval and making sure everything is correct.

  21. I’ve never twitterd (SP?). I didn’t really know what it was until I read this thread. I’m still not totally sure. it sounds like something that 12 year old girls have supplanted note passing with. I thought this was pre football talk. Who gives a s**t about the players personal lives? I have my own life (wife, kids, mortgage, career etc…)to worry about. I care about the game. yeah I have my favorite players but only in as much as they are a part of the game. Real life may not be as glamorous as that of a pro football player, but you guy’s should try to live in it.

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