Chargers need to sell 3,500 tickets by Friday

Despite a stunning turnaround, during which the Chargers have improved from 2-3 to 7-3 and have secured first place in the AFC West, the team is still struggling to sell tickets to home games.

On Sunday, the Chiefs comes to town, and 3,500 seats remain unsold.

The Chargers have announced that a 24-hour extension has been obtained for the purposes of selling the rest of the seats.

Typically, the granting of an extension is a precursor to securing a sellout, typically with the help of the local CBS affiliate that will be televising the game, the team, and/or team sponsors.

The Chargers warned before the season started that blackouts should be expected.  To date, however, every regular-season game has been sold out, and thus televised locally.

7 responses to “Chargers need to sell 3,500 tickets by Friday

  1. Pretty sad that the Chargers have to rely on the visiting teams fans to sell out. Really, they should move to some place that their home fans will care/support them. I’d be embarrassed to live in SD and watch my stadium fill up every week with fans of other teams.

  2. Where are all the comments bashing the Chargers and their fanbase?
    Oh wait, that only happens on Viking articles.
    PFT commenters are pathetic.

  3. SD Dolt fans are fake. Go get tix you jerks and support your team. I wish my team was in the Dolts position then I would be going to the games that mean something.
    Don’t take your team for granted, they’ll get old really fast and then your in rebuild mode again.
    Fake Fans in San Diego! You guys stink!

  4. I love the fact that a Raiders fan is calling out the Chargers fans on blackouts (aren’t the Raiders leading the league for blackouts this year). The Chargers will always have trouble selling out a Stadium as long as they are in So.Cal. So.Cal has just way too much going on on any given weekend. There is a reason the Rams play in St.Louis and Raiders play in Oakland (again).
    That said, the Chargers organization has made going to the game an extremely costly experience. I have season tickets on the 50, and I’m considering letting them go next year for the simple reason I am sick and tired of being robbed every time I go to the game.
    $25-75 to park a car.
    $100-150 to park an RV
    Sam Adams Beer – $9.50
    Hotdog – $6-7
    It basically costs me $300-400 a game when I factor in my tickets, food, beer, etc. I could buy a 65″ Plasma each year instead.

  5. didn’t the Raiders only sell 35000 seats only two weeks ago? It’s sad that a Raider fan is commenting on selling seats out when they only have 35000 people there and we’re trying to sell over 70000, 10000 of which are obstructed view seats. just sad.

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