It's official — Stafford, Johnson will start

The Lions were expected to face the Packers on Thursday without quarterback Matt Stafford and receiver Calvin Johnson.

But the team has now announced that both will start.

The inactive players for the home team are quarterback Drew Stanton (emergency quarterback), receiver Derrick Williams, safety Kalvin Pearson, fullback Terrelle Smith, linebacker Ernie Sims, center Melvin Fowler, offensive lineman Ephraim Salaam, and defensive end Dewayne White.

Stafford had been listed as doubtful and Johnson has been listed as questionable. 

Though the Packers might be thinking that they were snookered by the Lions, the “doubtful” classification suggests a 25-percent chance of playing.  And that one-out-of-four outcome has transpired.

15 responses to “It's official — Stafford, Johnson will start

  1. Now can you give me your algorithm for when finagling around with the injury report is cheating and when it is not?
    So, if it were the Pats, you would be all over them …
    That being said, Stafford looked (and probably still is) banged up and maybe we’ll get to see some Daunte today.

  2. Bet the lions as 13.5 point underdogs – sweeeeet!
    Lions keep it close and if the Raindeers upset the Cowboys that will give me much to be thankful for.

  3. No MarkTroy – Shanahanigans!!! Edge’m anyway you can. Classic Shanahan/Belichick.
    Sorry PackFans – You’re going to be disappointed with indigestion. The Lions will beat the weak and inconsistent Cheeseheads.
    Stafford will have a career day.
    Curd em up and head em out.

  4. Love it!!!!
    Very likely the Lions still lose. Hope they win though. I’ve been waiting so long for heart like this.
    Go Stafford!!!

  5. Today is a day I plan to cheer for the Lions!
    GO LIONS!!!!
    Would love to see Stafford pick apart the defense of the weak Fudgepackers and watch Karen Rodgers get sacked another 4-5 times!!!!!!!

  6. @ Mike – When the collapse doesn’t happen?? Then what? Can’t wait to crush those lil dreams you cling to.

  7. So, PolegoJim, any more brilliant predictions you can enlighten us with?
    Unless of course by “career day” you meant Stafford will look clueless, throw 4 picks and get his team blown out of the stadium. In which case, well done sir.

  8. @pervy If the vikings dont win it all it will be a collapse. Remember when your coach and owner closed the door on the whole brett favre thing?

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