Adrian Peterson questionable for Sunday

Things have been going well for the Vikings this year.  Their key players on offense — quarterback Brett Favre and running back Adrian Peterson — have missed no time due to injury.

That might change on Sunday against the Bears.

Peterson is questionable, due both to an ankle problem and an illness.  Peterson missed practice on Friday due to the illness.  He was limited on Wednesday and Thursday due to the ankle injury.

The good news for the Vikings is that cornerback Antoine Winfield is questionable with a foot sprain that has kept him out of action for more than a month.  Winfield suffered the injury on October 18, against the Ravens.

54 responses to “Adrian Peterson questionable for Sunday

  1. I don’t hate you Florio. Even though you are Italian-American. Go eat some spaghetti you guinea-goomba-whop.
    Go Packers!

  2. Perfect…we got the Bears D right where we want them.Doubting if he will play. 175 yards for AD Sunday.

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  5. AD is a trooper, he will do whatever he can to be on the field sunday. If not, Taylor can carry the load. I would feel ok about our 3rd string back against the “vaunted” Bears defense. I could be mistaken, but aren’t they close to last against the run this year? Whatever happened to wonderlickmyballs?

  6. Hey Supersucker- Just like a Fudgepacker to be obsessed with turds! Comes with the territory I guess.

  7. @ bustabloodvessel – LMAO That was me bud. They banned me,the ole Wonerlic—myballs! LOL But like a bad check,I’m back

  8. ah. I always thought that was the coolest name on here. Thus confirming my previous statement. Pervy is my fav. Not a man crush, mind you, he is just one funny mf’er!

  9. Adrian is following Favre’s example of faking an injury to explain an expected loss/poor performance.

  10. poor adrian. loses his aura of being nfl’s best back and now he’s had to take up faking injuries. maybe he’ll be able to beat cj at acting

  11. No worries, Harvin gave him some “medicine” He is feeling fine, just really hungry now.
    Go Vikes….beat the Bears!!!!

  12. Gotta love the Bears!
    Upset of the week. Vikings are looking past this game. I was right last week on the oakland and kansas city upsets. I will be right again on this upset.
    Boo hoo Viking fans. Boo hoo.

  13. Save AP for a game against an upcoming NFL team….. Chester will run all over DaBears….just like every other team this year!

  14. The Favre Song
    Indecisive & no longer retired
    It’s Brett Favre,Team 4 and he’s newly inspired!
    It was no,then yes.No then Yes.
    It’s the “Mississippi Hero” with the “S” on his chest.
    He was practicing with a team
    Having biceps surgery behind the scenes.
    The suspense was astounding,the drama was huge
    He was getting more coverage than ‘Octo-Mom” in the news.
    Like a voicefrom above,Chilly called Brett
    Said skip training camp and ride in the jet
    Like a good soap opera,he let us twist in the wind
    Would he come back and play?Or would civilization end?
    So for the betterment of all mankind and all homosapiens
    Favre came back to fill the Metrodome stadium.
    Now number 4’s rockin’ that purple jersey
    while 80,000 people scream”We’re not worthy!”
    See Favre is different than the average man
    He’s not even human,the dudes an X Man
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    And his arms shoot missiles that make us cheer
    And he never cries more than 8 times a game
    He’s freakin’ Brett Favre,you know his name!
    He wins most games just on sheer will
    Picasso had talent,but Brett has skills
    He invented the wheel,Favre’s got the patent
    Earth could turn to dust and Favre would still be passing!
    Playoffs,Superbowl,just pass us the rings
    Why question the inevitable? Just Give us the bling!
    He personifies football.He’s a legend like Yoda.
    He’s a Jedi football star and he owns Minnesota.
    He can levitate his team and mentally pasteurize cheese
    You could amputate his legs and he’d still start for his team
    With AD in the backfield,it’s just not fair
    Like Kanya’s interruption hell truck the damn Bears
    1,2,3,Favre The Vikings are in charge
    Plundering the NFL like “Wedding Crashers” plunder open bars
    11 on 11 or 11 on Favre
    It doesn’t really matter,the Vikings are in charge.
    Favre is so sic,it’s like he’s got the Swine Flu
    He’s got Purple Fever and it’s long over due
    Somebody call Prince and get the band together
    We are Superbowl bound,it’s now or never!
    Vikings 45 Bears 13

  15. SmackMyVickUp, your commernt about Favre “faking injuries” is one of the most ignorant I’ve ever read at this web site. Seriously.
    If you possess an ounce of humanity, you will have yourself spayed and/or neutered before contaminate the planet with the fruit of your loins.

  16. Do they really need AP to beat the Bears? I don’t think so. I am not a fan of AP anyways, so who cares. He will have a short career because he runs through people instead of running around.

  17. Emoney,
    You’re going to be wrong. Minny has not looked past anyone on the schedule this year, and they’ve played most of the cellar-dwellers. Just ask any GB fan if Minny has had an easy schedule. They’ve won every game that they’re supposed to win and found a way to win or been lucky otherwise.
    The 2009 Vikings are a much more complete team than in many years past. There is a team spirit and cohesiveness that the Moss years didn’t have. Favre is spreading the ball around every week. No one is bitching about stats or records or demanding the ball to get to an escalator clause. Nobody trying to save the game or win it alone.
    The short version of this statement is to say:”This is the most Un-Vikings I’ve seen them be in many years”. Boy, is it nice to see. Vikes by 3 scores. Possibly a safety by Allen.

  18. shaggeez says:
    November 27, 2009 4:15 PM
    poor adrian. loses his aura of being nfl’s best back and now he’s had to take up faking injuries. maybe he’ll be able to beat cj at acting
    Dude, what are you talking about?? I have yet to hear anyone but you say he isn’t the best in the game right now, and number two, he has been limited in practice more than once over the past few weeks due to his ankle. You’re talking about a guy that played his last game in college with a broken collarbone, and in his first year had to be held out by the coaching staff because of a knee sprain when he wanted to play. Not only does the kid have crazy stupid skills, but he is tougher than anyone else in the game at the moment. Man I HATE it when stupid people post on here!

  19. right back at cha merrillhodgestoupee
    I’ll play in the crap contest, can I dress up as a girl turd?
    Adrian will be playing on Sundayfolks. Hell how many times has Bernard been “doubtful” or “questionable” this year. If by chance he is ill, (flu or something) I think Chester could probably pick up the slack. Bears D is just gone.
    But, then again…..
    come on now……
    say it with me…….
    On any given Sunday.

  20. Yeah, I won’t sleep all night. By the way, check out the most recent CNNSI player’s poll — the teams players would least like to play for are: (1) the Raiders; (2) Bills; and (3) the Pack. NFL players would rather play in Cleveland or Detroit than the vaunted Packers.

    Dude , in all my life I have never heard such B.S,
    if you enjoy football, know anything about football. how can you even spew such nonsense…He is the best Back in the league..not buy yards or scores alone…He is just that fun to watch……Chris Johnson is amazing to watch as well….But go stick a 9iron up your azz….you are not worthy of anything to make such an ignorant comment…And any Real Viking Fan didnt hate on Favre when he played for the pack, you couldnt help but to say, Damn, wish we had a guy like that…..Truth be told…now we do…..and Miami is near…..
    @ pervy, luv the bit bro…keep it up

  22. AP Will cancel Christmas for all the Children of Chicago and surrounding areas. Sorry, thats just what AP does, ask Will Gay.

  23. Favre faking injuries – yeah, because that’s what his whole career has been about, missing time due to fake injuries. Same for Peterson, he’s always finding reasons to go sit on the bench. Get a grip!
    Peterson doesn’t run around people? Did you see his moves or cuts on his TD run in Cleveland? How about a recent one against the Lions? Or the one against the Lions where Buchanon caught him? They are just a few examples of him leaving players barely touching him or grasping at air becasue of a move he’s made. He does both – run around or over the opposition.
    Minnesota overlooking the Bears – yeah, because that’s been their M.O. this year, especially against a division rival, in a game that can eliminate that rival from winning the division. They may lose, but I don’t think their looking past the Bears to get to Arizona.
    Do you people actually watch the games, or is everything based on agitating the fans of rival teams? Some of the antagonizing comments are quite funny or clever, but the majority of it just comes across as ignorant.

  24. Chester Taylor is a starting runningback anywhere else. No worries there.
    He hits the holes faster than Peterson does, doesn’t need much room to break through and is more elusive.
    Our 3rd and 4th string backs ain’t bad either.
    That’s not even including the fact that Percy Harvin can line up at RB.

  25. DocBG says:
    November 27, 2009 5:57 PM
    I would like to submit a picture of a ton of turds at once, they are even in a giant toilet bowl, apparently engaged in activity described by jimmysmith from months ago. please let me know if these qualify for the contest, if they do, just go ahead and send me the money as I’m certain this will win.
    At DocBG
    Congratulations–For this totally ridiculous post you have won the prize. You are officially the biggest PIECE OF SHIT on PFT. You should be extremely proud of yourself because that is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. Enjoy your prize.
    Super–send him the money…

  26. @ Supersuckers. I know nothing.You know nothing. Who is right?Isn’t that what you say? NFC North dominance for 10 years for sure though!

  27. Pervy, Pervy, Pervy, tsk, tsk, tsk
    NFC North dominance for 10 years? Come on now son, you know Detroit is up & coming, right? LOL

  28. @ rulz- Tim Tebow and the Vikings! that is what I saw in my crystal ball! LOL
    Supersuckers-I would be glad to let you borrow it,it came from a different store than Chickenfoots! LOL LOL

  29. Minnesota isnt build to maintain long term success. Pervy that shithole holds 63,000 not 80,000. if it did all Viking games would be blacked out as they have trouble selling 63000 seats. We will see who is right at the end of this season. There is a eternity to go.

  30. We will see you at TCF Stadium Supersuckers…while we build the best stadium in the country!!! (Many say TCF is.Better locker rooms than pro teams)

  31. Regardless of whether AD plays or not (and I’m thinking he will), Minnesota will beat Chicago Sunday.
    Chicago has too many problems, Minny has too many weapons. Pick your poison. Even if Chester is carrying the ball, you’d better be ready. Favre will pick you apart. Harvin will scorch you on kicks. Allen will introduce Cutler to the Hump’s carpet.
    Deal with it.

  32. Pervy–Vikings better learn that spread offense the 49er’s pulled in the last half of the Packer game if Tebow’s coming. It’s all he knows.

  33. @footballrulez stfu you moron, there is a moron like supersuckers who puts up some BS reply on EVERY vikings story, when a reply is written that actually has a little humor in it (i.e. one by me or most other viking fans) you throw a tantrum about it? well, tell me what you find so offensive? is it the greenbay fans, in the stadium, grabbing at a dudes junk? or the fact that someone dared to point it out to a complete moron like yourself? saddest thing is that I cannot honestly say that you are the biggest piece of shit on here because we all know supersuckers, fireted, jimmysmith, and dbag nelson are roaming. hell, probably the same damn person. get a clue you moron and try acting like a human being that walks upright and doesnt shit their diapers.

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