First candidate for Irish sit-down identified

As the “what the hell does this have to do with the NFL?” crowd prepares to piss and/or moan, allow us to provide a link from John Taylor of CFT regarding the first possible candidate for the Notre Dame job, which is expected to be open before tonight’s rerun of the Gerard Butler episode of SNL concludes.

It’s relevant to pro football because it’s further evidence that current (until tonight’s rerun of the Gerard Butler episode of SNL concludes) Irish coach will be back on the market, soon.

And with neither the Patriots nor the Chiefs currently having an offensive coordinator, we wouldn’t be shocked if either or both of them try to make an immediate play for Charlie Weis.  Really, what better way to remedy the blow to the ego resulting from being unwanted than to a go promptly to a place where Weis is wanted?

We think it’s no accident that Pats coach Bill Belichick left the position of offensive coordinator vacant after Josh McDaniels headed to Denver, and the best way for Weis to stick it to the powers-that-be in South Bend would be to get right back on the horse (he’d probably need a boost) and pursue a fourth Super Bowl ring.

UPDATE:  Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick has “emphatically denied” that anyone would be interviewing for the job that Weis still holds on Sunday.

13 responses to “First candidate for Irish sit-down identified

  1. Weis isn’t going back to the Patriots. Please. You honestly believe that Belichick foresaw Weis’s demise 8 months in advance and left the position open specifically for him.. just in case Weis gets fired? That’s pretty rich.
    It’s even better since quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien currently holds every responsibility of an offensive coordinator, but simply doesn’t have the title.
    Belichick isn’t going to shake up his coaching staff this late in the season. He’s no Al Davis.

  2. Don’t expect Weis back at the Patriots. Both Belichick and Weis’ egos would be a major roadblock.
    Does anybody actually think that Belichcik would want anybody to think that he needs Weis? He believes he makes the coordinators not the other way around. And after this miserable performance at ND, does anybody think that Weis will want people to think that his ‘genius’ only works with Belichick and Brady?

  3. Why would the Patriots even need to bring Weis back? They haven’t exactly suffered without him.
    As for KC, would Weis’ ego really let him work for someone (Haley) who used to be one of his position coaches? Weis was Haley’s boss with the Jets. Now he’s going to let Haley be his boss?

  4. It’s not the first time that the Patriots do not have an offensive coordinator.
    When Weis left McDaniels, who was the QB coach, ran the offense sans the offensive coordinator title in 2005 and then was promoted to OC.
    That is the exact same thing that is happening now, the QB coach is running the offense, without the OC title.
    Does this mean that Weis would not come back, I don’t know, but this is not the first time during BB tenure that they decided to not have an OC.

  5. This is a waste of a thread as the Patriots had NO offensive coordinator the year after Weis left for Notre Dame. McDaniels was being groomed that season and didn’t take over OC until the following year. Bill O’Brien is being groomed for the position this year and he, and not Charlie Weis, will be named the OC of the Patriots for the 2010 season.

  6. Jay Glazer is reporting that Weis has already agreed to return to the Patriots for his old salary and a box of jelly donuts.

  7. Do you really think with Weis getting an $18 million settlement from ND would not want to take a couple years off ?

  8. Why fire Charlie Weis if doing so would cost the university $18 million?
    When are they just going to accept the fact that they’ll never be a powerhouse program again due to the high academic standards and miserable location???

  9. Weis to the Giants as OC, and gone with Gilbride. Enough with his JV play calling, and lack of offensive preparation week in and week out.

  10. Yeah ,thats 18 mill plus the NEXT coaches salary. What a deal. Just shows what a independent income lets you do. As you all know , ND dose not share any of its money with anyone . Hey Charlie Bucs could use some help. Come on down . No state income tax!!

  11. Money is not a problem for ND. If they need to buy out Charlie’s contract, they’ll have no trouble doing it.
    Now, as for their new HC, well, let’s see, Jim Zorn may be available soon…

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