Could Colts keep Stover over Vinatieri?

Indianapolis Colts kicker Matt Stover missed his only field goal attempt in today’s game against the Houston Texans.

That miss may have made Adam Vinatieri breathe a sigh of relief.

Vinatieri, who missed his sixth game today with a knee injury, is widely expected to get the Colts’ kicking job back as soon as he’s healthy enough to play. But Vinatieri himself acknowledged before today’s game that Stover had played well enough to make it a fair question whether the Colts would might keep Stover even after Vinatieri is ready to go.

“No matter who is out there, whether it’s myself or Matt, the team will be in pretty good hands,” Vinatieri said. “If he continues to do well, you never know, hey, why not make it a tough decision?”

Stover’s miss today may have made it an easier decision, and once Vinatieri completely recovers from knee surgery, Stover is likely to be out of work. But just because Vinatieri has a reputation as a clutch kicker, that doesn’t mean he’s above getting cut.

6 responses to “Could Colts keep Stover over Vinatieri?

  1. Vinatieri said. “If he continues to do well, you never know, hey, why not make it a tough decision?”
    Translation: “Oh, Sh%t!”

  2. Texans would be bright to pick up the leftovers. Both of them are superstar kickers and Stover proved he still has it.

  3. Barring any other major injuries, the Colts might as well keep both. They have carried 2 kickers this long. Whats a little longer?

  4. It doesnt matter. As long as they have the refs on the field calling PI’s for the Colts whenever they are in jeopardy of losing, the kicker will be insignificant.

  5. Yeah, benching the most clutch post season kicker of all time when he’s healthy sounds like a smart move.

  6. i’ve never heard so much complaining about one PI call in my life. Yes, it was awful, but it’s not what cost the Texans the game. Coaching, play-calling, and Schaub did that.
    The Texans lost the game more than the Colts won it, or more than the officials “PI” call cost them.

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