Onside kick backfires in Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles, playing a clearly inferior team against which tricks simply shouldn’t be necessary, threw caution to the wind on Sunday against the Redskins, opening the game with a surprise onside kick.

Washington running back Quinton Ganther not only recovered the ball; he also returned it 25 yards, to the Philly 24.

And as Moose Johnston of FOX said that the move demonstrated that Eagles coach Andy Reid has a lot of confidence in his defense, the Eagles defense surrendered the remaining real estate in four plays, capped by a one-yard touchdown run from quarterback Jason Campbell.

5 responses to “Onside kick backfires in Philly

  1. Johnston’s comment that the onside kick showed Reids confidence in his defense was much to kind, I realise the national guys don’t want to criticise Reid, but the onside kick is more a reflection of how CLUELESS Reid is a gameday coah. Andy thinks you can win by playing finese football, and that shit catches up to him in the playoffs, when the level of competition gets better. 1-4 in the NFC Championship games, and the Eagles were FAVORED in 4 of those games. FINESE ASS FOOTBALL=Andy Reid

  2. # TRAMO says: November 29, 2009 2:42 PM
    I smell a CHOKE by the overated Mcflab
    I smell a stinky a**hole posting smack on the PFT boards and eating his words on Monday.

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