Manning catches Texans in premature celebration

Texans fans know better than to celebrate too early — especially against the Colts.

Houston’s defensive players, however, still need to work on the timing of their high fives.

Early in the third quarter Sunday with the Colts trailing 20-14, Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson delivered a big hit on a short completion to Joseph Addai.  While Houston’s defenders celebrated the hit, Peyton Manning gathered his team for a quick snap.

The result: a 31-yard gain to Austin Collie.

“Guy made a big hit,” Manning said after the game. “I felt like they were excited,
maybe celebrating a little bit, so we quick-snapped them, went deep on
them right away. That’s the thing. You’ve got to play every play. We know that.”

Eight years into Houston’s franchise history, the Texans are still learning painful lessons about maintaining consistent play from snap to snap and half to half.

31 responses to “Manning catches Texans in premature celebration

  1. Maybe someday the Texans won’t have to worry about the refs helping out the Colts every time they are in trouble.

  2. Love them or hate them, I can’t hate Peyton. Guy is amazing and this isn’t exactly an outstanding play, but it shows that he’s always in the game.

  3. Maybe someday haters will grow up and realize that there are bad calls for and against every team in every game in the league.

  4. The pass interference call on the long pass to Garcon was complete BS, but what you really took from this game was that while the talent is now pretty even the Colts know how to close and win and Houston is still happy to make a play here and there.

  5. Peyton Manning is unbelieveable. I dont think theirs one player in the history of the NFL that understands the game as good as him. Other people just dont think like he does. To be able to have the awareness to notice something like that after your teammate just got blew up and to capitalize on it is amazing. I always thought Peyton was a special kind of player but after hearing him say something like that just confirms it.
    Im just happy that Peyton sucked all the talent out of his parents before Eli was born.

  6. This one incident illustrates perfectly what is wrong with the NFL, and what makes Peyton Manning et al so damn good.
    The Texans have nothing much to celebrate this season, so they spontaneoulsy erupt in celebration of a minor point, the hit, completely overlooking the fact that they just got burned for a completion! All the while, they lose sight of the fact that the game is going on around them.
    Manning is A) Pissed off that these chuckleheads are celebrating themselves for a COMPLETED pass B) Smart enough to take advantage of their foolishnes in celebrating ANY play while the game is in progress, by quick-snapping the ball and catchng them off guard.
    It’s not like Peyton Manning is well known for this quick-snapping stuff, right Houston?
    Far too many players in the league celebrate mundane things – while they are LOSING, mind you – and it’s great to see a QB smart enough to burn them for it.

  7. @ Bill Polian. Im with you. That 50 yard pass inter. call changed the entire game. Houston had a lead with the Colts deep in their own territory when Indi’s 16th man,11 men on team on the field and 5 officials who should ALWAYS have Colts jerseys on when they are on the field with the Colts, that sorry call changed the momentum and the lead and the game. Its funny how nobody is talking about the officials winning another game for Indi. And im sick of all the Peyton Manning talk. They’ve won their last 2 games on defense. Besides check the stats Brett Favre is the League MVP. Us who know the game of football already know that. Why doesnt PFT,ESPN,and the NFL know this yet? They are still trying to give it to Manning. What a joke!

  8. I also felt the Texans were celebrating a bit to early. They should know by now that to put the Colts away, you need to put 40 on them and still play great D. The Texans failed to do both of those things. The Texans are just not ready…and maybe Kubiak isn’t the guy to get them ready. I think Kubiak is a good coach, but the Texans have made some stupid mistakes the past few years.

  9. Bill Polian,
    Don’t be upset with the Colts. Their coach knows enough to play his playmakers. Chris Brown? When you have Steve Slaton in the backfield?

  10. Peyton is always on another level in the way that he thinks – he is a surgeon. While some guys are happy to have made a stop for a loss and high fiving each other, he is already thinking about how he can exploit the Def from the moment the offensive player his hit. Last year his pass to reggie wayne vs. SD sticks out in my mind when he did the quick count snap and reggie beat the CB who I think was chatting w/ a safety or a guy on the sidelines for just a moment.
    Peyton also picks up on substitutions when everyone else thinks it is down time and will do the quick snap for a penalty.
    Many people don’t know this, but when Peyton sleeps, scientists plug him into a large network of computers that are actively “folding” with various calculations using unused brain power that idles when he is in deep sleep.

  11. Well the P.I call was a joke but the Colts would have still won the game for sure. After the interception run back the game was over and there was still time for the Colts to go down and score if we want to get in the “what ifs” game. Sooner or later this style of play will catch up to them and when they play a real team in the playoffs that are just as good as they are on offense they won’t let up on the gas peddle. If history has taught us well the Colts Dungy era Colts are never prepared to face teams well prepared for them in the playoffs. All the teams that upset them were very well prepared for them out of the gate. What may give the Colts a chance this year is that this defense has the most depth and speed then prevous Colts teams and its the most consistant, props to Larry Coyher. But Peyton Manning and this offense is doing nothing new this year to give me an indication that come playoff time it won’t stall. It already seems as if teams are playing him better. If you look at the last 4 games and heading into the Playoffs I would say if the Chargers win out even with Indy winning 16-0 the Chargers to me are the team DOMINATING right now. Records mean crap, lets watch tonight I predict a Patriots win against the Saints.

  12. As a Patriots fan…….I have grown to have nothing but respect for Peton Manning. The guy is unbelievable and deserves all the praise he gets. He is smart, works hard, studies game films as much as Brady does….and uses every weapon he has at his disposal. Does he whine sometimes…yes…does he get a few calls here and there,….yes…but as stated previously…every team gets some bad calls. Just give theguy his due….and stop bashing him for being good

  13. I have all the respect for P Manning. But I would like to see a study on how many PI calls go FOR and against each team including PI.
    The Colts WRs never get called for offensive PI and have drawn way too many defensive PI calls that other teams dont get.
    Get on it Florio. I want the numbers πŸ™‚

  14. Funny you guys mention that PI call (which was bogus, definitely) but fail to mention the safety the Colts should have got when Matt Schaub grounded the ball while in the endzone.
    It’s just hard for me to imagine how anyone invests so much time hating an organization as to be completely blind to the game of football itself, but that’s just me.

  15. I think regardless of the INT call, the Colts still win that game – Houston had no answers for Indy in the second half.
    But it was a terrible call, and in my mind, it highlights a major problem with the NFL – the pass interference call. I would say a majority of he Pass Int are calls that are very close, could go either way. There are a few clear cut interference plays, but mostly, it is flip a coin – so why then, should the penalty be spot of the foul. The bad call from the game yesterday was so devastating because it was spot of the foul – had it been 15 yards, it isnt such a big deal.
    The college game uses 15-yards and they dont have defensive backs pulling down receivers when they get beat. And if that is a real concern, could have two penalties – a 15-yard call for the typical bumping that leads to a flag, and a spot of the foul call for if a player intentionally pulls down a receiver when he has been beat on a play. I know they don’t like judgment calls, but pass interference is always a judgment call, and often, the refs get it wrong – so why compound the mistake by making it a spot of the foul penalty.

  16. KEN1313, I have so much respect for Pats fans who can give Peyton his due! Rest assured that most of us have tremendous respect for Brady as well. Our teams might be ‘rivals’ and all that, but I think years from now both Colts and Pats fans will look back and feel blessed to have seen two of the very greatest QBs of all time.
    Yes, that PI fan was bogus. You know what, though? There are faulty calls for and against EVERY team in practically every single NFL game. There’s no doubt that the Colts would have pulled out that victory anyway.
    Using the refs as an excuse is just a lsoers lament. Part of the reasons the Texans have been such a historically losing organization is because, as this article points out, they 1) celebrate the dumb little things that don’t deserve celebrating, hence losing sight of the big picture and what it takes to consistently win and 2) rely on excuses rather than looking honestly at themselves and working to make improvements.
    Those two things are a big reason why IMO teams like the Colts, Pats, Steelers etc. win year after year while teams like the Texans always find ways to lose.

  17. @ Dan you asked for a comparison of how many PI calls go for and against the Colts.
    Now, i am not a Colts fan, but i think part of the reason they get more calls for PI is another credit to how smart Manning is – i believe he sees plays where a defender is slightly out of position, or has his back to the play – and knows he can put the ball in a position where only his guy can make a play or the defender will be forced to make contact. He is a master at seeing a defensive back not looking for the ball, and then throwing a pass that is a little short to his receiver – and either the receiver adjusts to make a play or runs into the defensive player who wasn’t going for the ball and gets calls for interference.

  18. so we went to a local bar to watch this game. there were 4 pats fans behind us in full New England gear. i asked them if they knew they were playing on Monday. their response was, “oh, we know! we came to route against the colts and to see the luck run out!”.
    the game began and they proceeded to cheer for every colts incompletion, 3 and out, or Houston success. they were very loud and obnoxious as the game began 17 nothing. of course, as typical colts fans, we sat quietly and waited for our boys to respond.
    the flamboyant Pats fans left upset, but quietly after Session’s pick 6 made it 35-20
    thanks for comin out… scoreboard

  19. Whaaaaaa, the refs changed the game??? The refs stole the game from us???
    How about the Texans doing what the Colts did and play the game to the end and to win? How about overcoming a bad call with even better play?
    What a novel concept—winning the game by playing better than the other team for 60, 60, 60 minutes.
    You got Peytoned right after you got lazy, and you deserved it.

  20. that was a bad call against Houston. it gave the colts 43 yards and lead to a TD. however, it was the first possession of the 3rd quarter. lets just say if it is incomplete the colts don’t get a 1st down and turn over the ball.
    colts are still within 2 scores with almost a half to play.
    anyone think manning and the boys still find the end zone twice? i do.

  21. Pubobby – exactly. They will find the end zone, and win. That’s what they do… too bad they can’t retain that same dominance during the playoffs.
    One Championship with that team.
    That’s my beef with the Colts.

  22. “What a novel concept—winning the game by playing better than the other team for 60, 60, 60 minutes.
    You got Peytoned right after you got lazy, and you deserved it.”
    Exactly! Every team—and, yes, that very much includes the Colts—have calls that go against them. Every team has adversity throughout the course of every game and every season.
    It’s how you RESPOND that matters. The Colts stay focused, determined and professional: teams like the Texans do not. The difference in overall success is obvious.

  23. A pats fan respects Manning but accuses of him of being a whiner, when they have Tom Brady at QB? So are you the pot or kettle.

  24. Just like SgtSigma says, you can’t hate Peyton Manning. Classy guy, smart quarterback. I’ll crown him as the best when he retires, I wouldn’t want to limit his potential.

  25. Colts get more phantom PI calls than any other team in the league especially true when they need a little help to mount a comeback. Polian has them bought and paid for ahead of the season. It is completely absurd that the NFL lets this crap go on week after week and year after year. Houston fans should be pissed.

  26. Complainers: please spell out exactly how the refs scored 35 points for the Colts. It sounds like a great story, I’d love to hear it.
    Also explain how the Texans hardly scoring at all in the 2nd half was due to the refs.
    Yes, there are fluky calls and momentum is real, but if your team allows a 35-point surge due to one bad call (that wasn’t even a scoring play), then you have real problems and they’re not wearing black and white stripes.
    Bad calls stink, but unless they come in last-minute scoring situations, they don’t win or lose games.

  27. “Yes, there are fluky calls and momentum is real, but if your team allows a 35-point surge due to one bad call (that wasn’t even a scoring play), then you have real problems and they’re not wearing black and white stripes.
    Bad calls stink, but unless they come in last-minute scoring situations, they don’t win or lose games.”
    THANK YOU for the much-needed reality check! Again, though, that’s typical of the losing culture of the Texans (and, by extension, their fans): whine, blame, finger-point their mediocrity away rather than looking in the mirror and figuring out how to get better.
    And people don’t really think Polian et al have been bribing the NFL for years, do you?! LOL.
    Do you think maybe, just maybe, that in such a high profile, highly scrutinized organization like the NFL scandal might have been exposed by now?!
    Special thanks to the Pats fan classy enough to defend/respect Manning and the Colts…hope to see you guys again for another epic January battle πŸ˜‰

  28. @racf617
    “Special thanks to the Pats fan classy enough to defend/respect Manning and the Colts…hope to see you guys again for another epic January battle ;)”
    if they make the playoffs… πŸ˜‰

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