Bears place Tinoisamoa in injured reserve

With linebacker Cato June signed as a possible injury replacement for linebacker Lance Briggs, another linebacker has been sent to injured reserve in order to clear a roster spot for June.

Pisa Tinoisamoa, who joined the Bears after being cut by the Rams, signed in the offseason a one-year deal with a $1 million base salary.  He has played in only two games, due to a lingering knee injury.

He’s now done for the year.

The Bears also lost Brian Urlacher in Week One to a wrist injury.

So while the Bears’ offense has been anything but a strength this year, the injuries at the second level of the defense, a key component of the Tampa Two base defense the Bears run, have been a major factor in the team’s slide to 4-7.

3 responses to “Bears place Tinoisamoa in injured reserve

  1. If I had to be injured on the Bears, I would hope it is my vision thats impaired, so that I would not have to endure watching them play from the sidelines.
    Tough break for Pisa.

  2. IT’S ABOUT TIME ! Another reason why Lovie and J.A. should go…it takes them WAAAAYYYY too long to make a decision. BILL COWHER for GM and Head Coach !

  3. I agree with Bear A Holic Cowher would be perfect for CHITOWN. He would bring his own GM and work closely with whoever it is to rebuild our D in the Pittsburgh 3-4 tough assed D. It would take some time and would probably involve cutting Tommie Harris but he isn’t worth the money we are paying him anyways. Marcus Harrison is big enough to play the nose. Idonije and Jarron Gilbert (youtube poolboy) are perfect to play end in a 3-4. Put Briggs and Urlacher in the middle and have Alex Brown, Mark Anderson and Gaines Adams all stand up as outside linebackers. We won’t need Ogunleye if we make the switch but we will need to sign one of the better nose tackles to make it work. Casey Hampton, Vince Wilfork, and Ryan Pickett are all free agents. We could probably get Pickett off the Packers since they drafted Raji. As far as the offense we have to rebuild the O line first. Get bigger and nastier. I’d go all in to sign Marcus McNeil if he makes it to free agency. Of course my little pipe dream involves the Bears spending money on both coaches and free agency which might not happen. Either way Lovie has to go. What did he say when he gave Rivera the boot. “You have to trust me to do whats right with this defense.” Well sorry Lovie we trusted you and it didn’t work out. Lovie should have gotten rid of Ron Turnover after the 07 debacle where he flipped out that Brian Griese won that game against the Eagles after his head set went out and he called his own plays.

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