Jerry Jones OK with Tony Romo's Vegas vacation

With the possible exception of Brett Favre’s off-season flights in and out of the Hattiesburg airport, no NFL player has had his travel scrutinized like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo, of course, took a much-discussed trip to Cabo San Lucas before the Cowboys’ playoff loss to the New York Giants two years ago. And when news broke over the weekend that Romo and wide receiver Miles Austin took a trip to Las Vegas after the team’s Thanksgiving game against the Raiders, it became a story on TMZ, at least until TMZ decided to go all-Tiger Woods, all the time.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants everyone to know it’s a non-story.

“I don’t want to be naive, and I recognize that Las Vegas has a certain connotation,” Jones said on his radio show Tuesday, per Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram. “I too don’t want to be jumping on that either. They need all the pep-up they can get out there in Las Vegas, and that’s where many of us go and it’s a respite. But I think we all understand how we would point to that and think, ‘Well, OK, Las Vegas.’ ”

Jones said Romo was on time for treatment on his sore back on Saturday at the team facility, and that’s all that matters to him.

“So any of these guys can’t get too far away because they have to be there bright and early. I’m talking about 7 or 8 in the morning out there or earlier on a practice day to get treatments. And he was there sharp and on time,” Jones said. “But that gave him a little break away from it.”

There has long been talk in the media that Romo needs to live and breathe football, and that he lacks the work ethic to become a great NFL quarterback. But it’s clear from hearing Jones that Romo’s boss doesn’t buy into that talk.

49 responses to “Jerry Jones OK with Tony Romo's Vegas vacation

  1. Jerry already realizes that Romo will never be a GREAT NFL quarterback and has resigned himself to that fact.

  2. He takes an overnight trip to Vegas and this is an issue? PFT is grasping just cause they know “Romo” in a headline brings clicks.
    New term for 2010 – Click whore

  3. Of course he lacks work ethic…that is clearly on display in his ZERO playoff wins!
    To Dallas Cowboy fan:
    Here is your chance!! Time to prove all the naysayers wrong. All Rom-O-Choke has to do is deliver over the next 5 games! It all starts at NY this week, should be: cold, windy, rainy, and December.
    You’ve got a golden opportunity here Dallas Cowboy fan…don’t blow…..AGAIN!!!
    Time to put up, or shut up! Move on, or move out!! 😉

  4. While it makes no difference … you have to wonder why Romo set himself up for this sort of criticism. He had to know it was coming.

  5. The story is that he was in LV for a charity event. Who’s surprised that Florio left that part out?

  6. I don’t understand why everyone wants to make a big deal of Romo AND Austin going to a charity event that was scheduled months in advance and happened to be in Las Vegas. He didn’t miss anytime that he was supposed to be getting treatment or getting ready for the following game so I think everyone should just get off his back.

  7. it was a charity event? and that was omitted from this article? florio, i hear tmz is looking for writers…..

  8. Just another case of Cowboy hate from a biased Florio. Funny how he forgot to mention that he was there for a charity event and was only there for 14 hours. Florio, your terrible.

  9. For christ’s sake, it was for a charity event that was set up months ago – of course, not mentioned anywhere in the article. Sounds like MDS took a Florio “let’s get a lot of hits” class. That being said, if the boys lose this week to NY, wait til Monday am. Florio will have a field day. Holy Sh&T!!!

  10. Twiz says:
    December 2, 2009 10:11 AM
    Jerry already realizes that Romo will never be a GREAT NFL quarterback and has resigned himself to that fact.
    My reply to your BS comment-
    Chances are Romo is better than your teams QB, but maybe you are a saints fan, or maybe you are a colts fan, or maybe you are a pats fan…No? okay then well here comes a reality check for you sir.
    Check the stats romo has put up, check the franchise records he holds. Do some research before opening your un educated mouth. Check his career passer rating, check his career winning pct. check his career completion %, and after you have done all that, then you can comment. Untill then you are nothing more than a blind fool being led around by the nose by morons in the media.

  11. First, it was a planned charitable function. Second, if there were strippers, gambling, whores, and any Tiger’s mistresses involved, that is just a bonus of good time management. Lastly, as a Cowboy fan by birth, we all know Jerry is a Jackass.

  12. urinal mint says:
    December 2, 2009 10:37 AM
    The story is that he was in LV for a charity event. Who’s surprised that Florio left that part out?
    I hate to say this but florio is, for once, innocent. MDS posted this one.
    @ krow-
    Another Romo hater that is blinded by the media, this was a CHARITY EVENT you fool. Get off romos nuts please…..

  13. “There has long been talk in the media that Romo needs to live and breathe football”
    There has long been talk in the general population that sports reporters need to stick to reporting on sports. Fact is there’s a really good reason why “the media” is “the media” and not “the players” or “the coaches” and I hate to break the news to you but being involved in “the media” is like being involved with a”whorehouse full of leeches” since the job description changed from “reporting the news” to “sensationalizing in the name of the almighty dollar”.
    “and that he lacks the work ethic to become a great NFL quarterback.”
    Define “great”. And keep your definition consistent from QB to QB. Does winning playoff games make a QB “great”? Then Rex Grossman and Daunte Culpepper are “great” QBs. Only problem is that nobody thinks that they’re good enough to start in the NFL anymore even though neither are older than 32. It’s sad but funny that “the media”, which usually can’t even be bothered to proofread (PFT in particular), has no problems standing in judgment of a guy like Tony Romo. That would be like an NFL QB that can’t be bothered to show up to practice.
    You media types can keep your labels, and I’ll just keep counting the wins. The guy is 35-15 (.700) as an NFL starter and that’s one of the best winning percentages not only among active QBs, but in the entire history of the NFL. Take a moment to fully comprehend that. That means that better than 2 out of every 3 times Romo has faced other NFL QBs, Romo’s the guy that walked away with the win. And that’s all that matters in the NFL. Who wins at the end of the day. Some guys stumble upon success, some drive it through hard work and perseverance. Tony Romo is definitely an example of the latter. I’m pretty sure he’ll be ok even if “the media” never labels him as “great”.
    P.S. Did you already write the “Romo’s Vegas vacation proves that his head is in the wrong place” article in case the Cowboys lose to the Giants? I’d bet my house that somebody at PFT has. Probably have had one written about Vince Young’s shirtless partying habits for when the Titans lose another game, too.

  14. “You’ve got a golden opportunity here Dallas Cowboy fan…don’t blow…..AGAIN!!!”
    OK lowbrow, let’s get a few things straight. #1, fans are fans for a reason. They don’t play the game, they just watch. #2 – You’re an Eagirls fan, so everybody knows that you know what “blows” looks like up close and personal. I hope you and Donovan McNabb are enjoying the view of Tony Romo’s ass hahaha
    20-16. In Philly. McNabb’s passer rating was 61.4. Suck it. Hard.

  15. leaguemvp
    Why does one need to look at all those stats when stats dont mean jack….his winning percentage in the playoffs is 0%…as for franchise records who cares thats only 1 out of 32 teams. Sure the media makes him look bad but how do you figure he is a great qb when you compare him to the likes of Brees, P Manning, Brady, Favre, Rodgers, and Roethlisberger. Sure he is middle of the pack QB but he is far cry from being a “GREAT NFL quarterback”

  16. “While it makes no difference … you have to wonder why Romo set himself up for this sort of criticism. He had to know it was coming.”
    I guess you think he’s supposed to never go anywhere or do anything? What you don’t seem to understand is that the criticism comes either way. NFL QBs do a lot of traveling. The only reason this matters is that it’s Tony Romo, QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Who gives a shit what Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady or any other QB does on their off-time that doesn’t involve somebody getting shot or raped? Nobody. It’s not even big news if somebody gets shot or raped. We’re still hearing about an uneventful trip to Mexico that Tony Romo took almost two years ago and we’ll be hearing about that and his uneventful overnight trip to Vegas for a long time to come.

  17. If you consider a scrip club an “EVENT” then yes, charity was there. She’s there every tuesday and wensday from 10p.m.-4a.m. Just show Charity some charity when you see her.

  18. to user LeagueMVP
    come on man, it dont matter who that guys QB is no matter who he is just like Romo he prolly hasnt won a playoff game, great yea he has a few records for dallas but it comes down to is that he doenst have a ring, or even a playoff win under his belt, liek the greats.
    peyton broke records, brady broke records, roethlisberger broke records, Warner broke records, favre broke records, and even ELI broke records-all have playoff wins and superbowl rings
    brees, romo, and rivers may be great football players, brees and rivers have playoff wins, ROMO does not and until he does he is not a great qb, not even by a long shot

  19. “I hate to say this but florio is, for once, innocent. MDS posted this one.”
    MDS posted it, but I think that all PFT writers are being assigned stories and angles to write by the boss man.

  20. “Of course he lacks work ethic…that is clearly on display in his ZERO playoff wins!”
    Right. So Tell me, Rick… why aren’t you an NFL QB? Got more important things to do? Romo was undrafted, just like you, so you can’t use that as an excuse. No work ethic? Yeah, remember that the next time you’re NOT cashing your NFL game-sized paycheck, fool.

  21. So the guy has a bad back that needs treatment on Saturday, yet he jets off overnight to Vegas for a charity event (you know, Vegas, the ideal location for charity events)? I’m sure that trip was real good for his physical condition.

  22. With 2 more TD passes he’ll be 4th fastest to 100 TD passes. Ahead of Peyton Manning…just saying.

  23. Romo went to put a bet down that the Giants will cover this weekend.
    Maybe Jones isn’t concerned, but Boys fans should be [I’m not one thank God]. This isn’t a violation of rules or anything like that, but it’s a blatant violation of leadership, greatness and the drive and commitmen to be a champion. Romo will always be mediocre and the Cowboys will always be just average as long as their star QB [and WR now] think that goes to Vegas during the middle of a season and the beginning of a stretch run is ok as long as he does not get in trouble and does not miss a meeting. Think Jerry Rice or either Manning or Brett Favre [ugh] or any Patriot [double ugh] would pull this? No. Why? Because they are winners.

  24. Wow. The balls on this guy and the never-ending line of Romo apologists who are willing to go to bat for him. You’ve all angrily spouted that he was at a charity event. Try to find the name/cause/beneficiary of this “charity event.”
    Go ahead, I’ll give you time.
    Done? You’re only going to find that it was a “private” function. Hmm. Not sure why a patron of a charity event wouldn’t want to broadcast the name of the event in order to bring more attention to the plight/issue/tragedy. And the real kicker here is that, of course, he had to travel several hours to Las Vegas for a charity event. There couldn’t possibly have been one, single worthy cause in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Thanksgiving weekend!

  25. Charity event. That’s what it was for. Who is this shmuck that’s writing for this site? Check your facts. If the event was held in LA, or NY, or Lincoln, NE, would it be news worthy? No. Such a joke. I’m sure they also went out for a few beers too after the event. Still, not a big deal. Are you going to sit there and tell me you never had a beer or two after you got off work even though you had to be back the next morning? Doubt it. You probably have a bottle of wild turkey in your desk. This is why the media is such a joke. You guys have worthless jobs. I can find my own info. and come up with my own opinions on my own, you have officially lost a reader.

  26. “They need all the pep-up they can get out there in Las Vegas”
    Nothing wrong with some hottie in Vegas working a little extra on the ol’ sore back!

  27. Who cares?!!! The guy can go wherever he wants on his time off. I am looking forward to him choking though….it’s comin’. Hail!

  28. I think a line needs to be drawn with the guy now that Parcels isn’t around to keep him in line, but this ain’t it. Much ado about nothing.
    As far as any Cowboys and/or Romo fans who are offended by MDS’s post, there is no need for anyone to take umbrage whenever PFT posts an item concerning his or her favorite team. It’s nothing personal. The title of the page is Latest News and Rumors (although the news is often not the latest). What are they supposed to do, post tips on sewing and crochet?

  29. I see myself as the biggest Dallas fan on the planet and I am the first one to say Romo needs to look at the way Peyton Manning operates and follow suit…..even after a 4 TD day, study film on the sidelines… before and after practice….Romo doesn’t subscribe to this now as he did as an undrafted free agent…now that he has some level of success, he has gone a little soft……he needs to refocus and stop these trips. I am sure if he donated 25K and stayed home, it would have been fine too……if Dallas loses to the Giants this week and doesnt win a playoff game, Romo should be cut

  30. So Vox,… How was the wedding? Were you the flower girl? Did you cry when Romo said “I do” ? Do you have any wedding pics yet? Who was the Bride? It must have been Austin. He is the Receiver you know. It’s OK Vox, celebrity marriages don’t last long. Romo will be available again in a couple of months. It’s not too late, you may still have a chance with him.

  31. Who are you people to question his work ethic. Are any of you employees of the Cowboys? You dont know how long he stays at work and what he does..and if you dont know, then you should shut it. If he was in Vegas partying it up, then he is a fool. Most people think they know things and believe everything that they read but they dont really know. But I wasnt there and don’t know what he was doing. In todays NFL Romo is slightly above average, but he has only completed two full seasons as the starting QB. This is his third..and I think we should give the kid some time and see how he develops. How many QBs (dont say Rothlisberger either) are flat out expected to win a SB in their 2nd full season as a QB? Not many and that is the truth. Now everyone on this chat mentions Manning as a great. Check out the results of his first six seasos below..didnt win a playoff game til year 6 and now football GOD..and remember he was once considered the biggest choker around. Im not comparing Romo to Manning just bringing back memories of another choker. Romo doesnt play defense the last time i checked and the entire team choked the past few years, not just Romo. And they played the Steelers, Giants, Ravens and Eagles the last four games last season..have to admit those defenses were stacked. But that is no excuse for not showing up against the Eagles.
    1998-No playoffs
    1999-First round bye, then loss to Titans
    2000-Wildcard, loss to Dolphins
    2001-No playoffs
    2002-Wildcard, loss to Jets 41-0
    2003-Beat Denver in Playoffs

  32. @Popeye
    In making this statement…
    “if Dallas loses to the Giants this week and doesnt win a playoff game, Romo should be cut”
    you are showing how big of a true idiot you are and if you really believe that statement, your def. not a true cowboy fan. can you remember the years after Aikman and before Romo? Wow.

  33. Why doesn’t Romo wait until after the season is over before he takes his vacations? I’m an accountant and I’m sure as hell not scheduling a vacation in April, if you catch what I’m saying…

  34. leaguemvp… you’re an asshole. Please don’t comment on any more of my posts till you borrow a functioning brain. I don’t hate Tony… in fact I kind of like the guy.
    Vox… I’m not saying he shouldn’t ever do anything or go anywhere. And I agree that he’s taking unwarranted hits on this. It’s just that he had to see it coming… then did it anyway. Why not just avoid it in the first place? But yeah, it’s not fair.

  35. Jerry’s World says:
    December 2, 2009 1:41 PM
    can you remember the years after Aikman and before Romo? Wow.
    Actually, yeah. Bill Parcells, a respectable coach, guided the Cowboys to a 10-6 record in 2003, with Quincy carter at the helm. They lost to the Panthers in the playoffs, who went on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. So, by all standards, Tony Romo has accomplished nothing of any merit that Quincy Carter hasn’t already done. They’ve both appeared in the playoffs, and they’ve both failed to win a playoff game.
    Tony Romo = Quincy Carter

  36. Two things have been proven here:
    1) NBC can’t afford sports writers anymore
    2) Florio is a hack
    That is all.

  37. I don’t understand how or why Romo has become the most polarizing figure in the NFL.
    I don’t get the haters that sit here and claim Romo “sucks” or is “a mediocre QB.” It really defies logic. What more do you want out of a young, still-developing franchise QB?
    He’s a gamer. He improvises. He enjoys competition. He’s a good teammate. He generally handles the media well. He puts up phenomenal stats. He tries to have fun and enjoy his career. He works to improve (TD/int ratio). And he wins (and wins and wins…).
    Ok, he hasn’t won in the playoffs yet. As previously stated, neither did Peyton for years. Neither did Elway for years. Took Aikman a few years too.
    I guess it’s the extreme knee jerk reaction / 24-hour news cycle / blogosphere / everybody- spouting-their-criticism-on-the-web world we live in.

  38. Hey Vox, you have redeemed yourself. Very well played sir.
    What I find interesting is why doesnt anyone care that Miles Austin went?

  39. This is really non-story since it was a charity event. Romo has far more pressure on him anyway coming into December without mis-information being thrown out there.
    He’s a big boy and he knows what is at stake. And he knows he has to put up because up until this point, everything has fallen well short of expectations.

  40. holy crap….nothing else 2 talk about…how about this….how many punts have hit the video board I lost count….is it 0…00…or 0.00…loser….charity event…booked months in advance….14 hour stay…and Austin was with him….oooooo…..Romo…rhymes with……hummm…I wonder….Florio…I just wonder….

  41. It amazes me that there is still no word on what this mystery charity event was held for. One could argue that the Vikings’ boat party scandal was held for the “charity” of the local working girls.
    And Bedhead:
    Please enlighten me as to what major accomplishments Romo had been a part of that Quincy Carter has not. Here’s how the debate would go:
    You: “Are you kidding me?! Look at his stats?”
    Me: “Yeah, lots of guys have stats. McNabb has stats, Hasslebeck has stats, Brees has stats, Rivers has stats…
    You: “Yeah…but none of those guys have any rings like my Cowboys. Yee-haw!(mimics shooting pistols with his fingers)
    Me: Riiiight. But those championships were ages ago. Each of the QB’s I mentioned have won in the playoffs. Something Romo has never done.
    You: “Yeah…but…uhh……his stats, man. His stats..”

  42. Peytoj manning must have really lacked a work ethic his first 3 playoff games, because he lost them all, in case you didn’t know.

  43. Peyton manning, with an “n”
    Peytoj was an unheralded 5’3″ CB from the University of Calcutta.
    Happy to clear that up.

  44. Hey Vox,
    Once you DALLAS COWBOYS falter down the stretch…it will be like Darth Vader once famously said: All too easy!
    Suck it TREBEK!!!!

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