Larry Fitzgerald wins appeal of uniform fine

We frequently hear about the NFL fining players for various violations of various rules. We much less frequently hear about a player winning an appeal of such a fine.

But Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has won one such appeal, convincing the league not to fine him $5,000 for wearing the wrong color cleats during the Cardinals’ Week Seven game against the New York Giants.

“I appealed my case and they let me have my money back,” Fitzgerald told the Arizona Republic. “It never hurts to get a refund.”

It’s not clear what, exactly, Fitzgerald told the league office in his appeal — whether or not his cleats met the league’s uniform standards would seem to be rather straightforward. But whatever Fitzgerald said in his appeal, he’s glad it worked.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said. “I got my paycheck here and I got my $5,000 back from being fined by the league.”

20 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald wins appeal of uniform fine

  1. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad (sp?) is getting outta hand with regard to the uranium enhancement issue. Dang it, that’s non-PFT stuff. Better subject material though.

  2. Speaking of Fines, when are they going to dish out a Fine for Shaun Rogers for his lovely unnecessary Horse Collar Tackle on Carson Palmer?

  3. Awesome Larry, now you can go to the local bar and yell “$5,000 worth of drinks on me” or even better, donate that money to a charity of yours. You don’t need 5 grand anyways. Your already loaded.

  4. “Oh good, now he’s got some pocket money to go make it rain with. I’m very relieved for him.”
    Um, did I miss something? I’m pretty sure Larry Fitz is universally considered a Good Guy.
    Not all black guys like to make it rain chief.

  5. I’m sure he was really missing that money. It’s probably just half a month’s worth of alimony.

  6. One of the apparent good guys in the league, and people are whining because he protested a fine that even the league appeared to agree was unfair?
    Who cares how much money he has? Either way, it’s not yours. If he wants it and gets it back, more power to him.

  7. @Nathan … don’t you know that the mother(an Oakland Raiderette) of his child has an order of protection against Larry due to a case of domestic disturbance ?

  8. This is now the second article I’ve seen that Larry Fitzgerald is a super stingy, money conscious guy. I guess it’s better than making it rain, but there’s nothing worse than one of those guys who counts every penny and pulls out the calculator come check time.
    Dude… you’re a millionaire… stop acting like a d-bag over $5 grand.

  9. Another case for the No Fun League.
    you’re all missing th point.
    Really, a fine for your shoes. Your SHOES!
    wow. next it’ll be a fine for the wrong jockstrap cause your pants got pulled down during a game…
    Why don’t the NFL start fining refs for making horrible calls? let the players play!

  10. To everyone on here who loves to count others money:
    Quit being so weak minded. Either be comfortable with the money you earn, or pull yourself out of the situation you’re in and improve it.
    Is 5k “pocket money” to him? Probably. He earned it. Jealousy is a disgusting trait.
    He shouldn’t have appealed it because its “only 5k”? That is the kind of fiscal mentality that will surely get you into financial trouble. Over the summer I disputed a $3 double charge by In-n-Out Burger. 20min phone call and 2 weeks later, I had my $3 back.
    Man up gentlemen. You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both.

  11. @Marc F
    “Why don’t the NFL start fining refs for making horrible calls? let the players play!”
    AMEN!!! Brilliant idea – Better one, let the government fine them for bad calls, so we can balance the budget by 2011!!!
    Sounds like an obscure George Carlin line, but hey, I still like the idea of fining the officials.

  12. He got fined $5,000 because his CLEATS were the wrong color? His friggin CLEATS?
    Anyone who doesn’t think the NFL (read Goodell) has gone too far with this fine bullshit isn’t paying attention.
    Spend some more time of getting your officials to make the right calls when a game is on the line.
    Get your damn priorities straight Goodell. Fining someone for wearing the wrong color cleats has nothing to do with the NFL player conduct code and has absolutely no bearing on the image of the NFL.
    What a waste of time.

  13. Bagman, you are the cheapest person I have ever heard of. $3? I’m sure you bought something really useful with that money that you fought for so valiantly

  14. Cheap? I’ll take that. I’m also basically debt free excluding the mortgage.
    It wasn’t fought for. It was taken from me in error. I simply alerted them of their mistake, and got MY money back. Banks make money every time I swipe my check card, I make them earn it.
    If I sold you something for $5 and I accidentally took $10, wouldn’t you ask for your money back?
    I see no reason why big business should get a break.

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