Charles Tillman describes "extreme dizziness" of concussion

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman has described the symptoms of his first concussion as “extreme dizziness,” but he says he expects to play just a week after suffering the concussion Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

“It obviously hurt. What else happened? Everything’s so foggy,” Tillman told the Chicago Tribune. “It was just a hard hit to the back of my medulla oblongata [from Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris]; right in the back of the head that big bump. Like a bright flash, dizziness more than anything. I was completely conscious. I knew was what going on the whole time.”

The Tribune reports that Tillman was joking and talking sarcastically about the concussion on Thursday, indicating that while concussions top the list of concerns in the NFL right now, Tillman himself is not too concerned about it.

“I knew I was in Minnesota, I knew I was in the dome; I knew I was in a football game. Just extreme dizziness.”

Tillman said it was his first concussion, but it was described as “mild,” and he apparently feels just fine this week.

Tillman participated fully in practice on Thursday and plans to play Sunday against the Rams.