PFT Daily: December 4, 2009

So much for quitting my day job.

From Tuesday through Friday, I’ve got to shower and shave before noon and button up a shirt and knot up a tie and sit in a chair and talk somewhat coherently.

Here’s today’s final product, which graphics and stuff.

So watch it, comment on it, and have a great weekend.  We’ll be here if you decide to spend any of your non-work time surfing the Internet.

17 responses to “PFT Daily: December 4, 2009

  1. Any particular reason the (new?) NBC video player stops playing when the mouse cursor is moved over it?? I haven’t been able to watch any vids posted today.

  2. I don’t see the video. There must be something wrong with my Comcast internet service again. Are those people making you wear a tie now, too? Sure hope you have an out-clause for changes in ownership.

  3. “Here’s today’s final product, which graphics and stuff.”
    Does your day job include writing? If so, quit it.

  4. Do you really think we care if you’re in a suit and tie? Wear a t-shirt and jeans for all I care. I don’t watch these clips anyway….

  5. Unfortunately, I can’t see this on the computers at my job. They don’t have Adobe updated and I can’t do it. So, I don’t get to see you in your get up dressed similar to what you used to dress in your OLD day job.
    Getting the govt. to install a program that lets me see sports related videos and shows, I mean going up to them and asking that they do this would probably get the access to site removed from my computer. So I guess I’ll just continue to miss your show with graphics.

  6. So, does this mean that the youtube channel ( is not being updated anymore? That’s cool if that’s the case. Congrats on having such a big year over there at PFT. Glad to see PFT daily is now a regular video blurb. Just wondering, with all these changes, is NBC’s video player the only place where we can get our PFT fix from now on? I was one of approximately 30 viewers who checked the youtube channel every week looking for your four 3-minute posts.

  7. i cant see it either…video player does not appear on this page
    which is ok by me since i wont waste my time watching any PFT videos

  8. I’m sure the video is nice. It’s not there, but I’m sure it’s nice. I’d be happy if you just posted our comments a little more frequently than once every three or four hours.

  9. Brady sleeps with super models, hate him and the Pats just for that. Having an illegitimate kid with one model and he leaves her for Giselle.
    Cowboys are just Cowboys and will always be hated. They never earned the title of “Americas team.”
    Brees does a lot of charity work and it is just hard not to like the guy.

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