Holmgren wants to be "very active" with his new team

We spent part of the morning listening to former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren’s one-hour visit on Friday with Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio in Seattle, and Holmgren dropped several nuggets beyond indicating that he’d “absolutely” be interested in talking to the Seahawks about a return.

Though he has yet to close the door on coaching, Holmgren seems to be targeting a front-office job.  Indeed, the prevailing rumor is that Holmgren hopes to occupy a spot at the top of the Seattle organization, with a G.M. and a head coach working under him.

“I don’t want it to be a ceremonial type thing,” Holmgren said.  “I don’t want to be there with a coat and tie, heaven forbid, and then go over and sit at Barnes & Noble and read books all afternoon. . . .  I want to be very active in the organization.  Now to what level?  That’s an interesting question. . . .

“It kind of boils down to how the owner and how the organization wants to set it up.  And that’s what I’m going to be listening to.  I don’t have to make every decision in the world but I absolutely have a vision and have an idea on how an organization should be built, and I wouldn’t have much fun doing it any other way.  I think I would have to be assured that I would have a fair amount of input in the major decisions.”

As further evidence that Holmgren is eyeballing opportunities above the coaching level, he said that one of his daughters spent time over the summer putting together comprehensive information regarding the organizational structure of each NFL team.

Holmgren also seemed to indicate that Seahawks coach Jim Mora wouldn’t be dumped after only one year on the job, if Holmgren were to end up with the keys to the franchise.  But Holmgren seemed to be careful to leave the door open to can a coach after only one season, possibly in the event that he ends up in Cleveland.

“I never thought [firing a coach after one year] was fair, as a coach,” Holmgren said.  “As a management person, you might have to make . . . a very difficult decision that way, if in your opinion you think it’s absolutely going in the wrong direction.  But those situations are really few and far between.”

Holmgren also talked about the importance of a G.M. and a coach working together, explaining that former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf said he would provide Holmgren (who spent seven years in Green Bay before ten in Seattle) only with players he would use.  It’s hard not to wonder whether Holmgren also was implicitly making a point regarding his relationship with former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell.

But Holmgren’s relationship with Ruskell is no longer relevant, and now Holmgren seems to have his sights set on the job from which Ruskell recently resigned.

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  1. Weren’t his drafts pretty average to less than average? I know he was juggling coaching duties then too, but an eye for talent is an eye for talent. I would think he’s better off just being a coach and letting a GM run the drafts with only input from him.

  2. he needs to go take thompson’s job in green bay, his legacy will make the “hooters on holmgren” the most happening place in town.

  3. This is how I start talking when I can’t find a job. Like, isn’t being active a basic expectation of an multi million dollar a year job? Or is it extra credit….

  4. Holmgren is overrated…and his talent evaluating skills are nothing to write home about.

  5. “I want to be very active in the organization.”
    Seattle NEEDS someone like Mr. Holmgren pointing this team in the right direction.
    He built “the core” of the team that went to the 2005 Super Bowl, then Ruskell came in after that and ended up letting Hutch get away.
    As far as coaching, Mora jr. has ALOT to prove. A reunion with Mike Shanahan or Jon Gruden at some point would make sense.

  6. Of Holmgren doesn’t want that job to get paid while reading books at Barnes and Noble, I’ll gladly take it.

  7. This means he’ll show up to practice, and not make an entrance like he thinks he’s in Easy Rider. This guy is a flat out liar to players..

  8. If you listen to the interview Holmgren admitted Ted Thompson (GM for Packers) effectively held the position of GM in Seattle. Holmgren likely has someone in mind for the position of GM in the new structured Seahawks. Holmgren may hire a minority to fill the role of GM so all this talk of the Rooney rule may be thrown out.

  9. Holmgren needs to be a coach under a strong GM or a team president where he over-see’s a program but does not meddle with the GM doing his job.
    If Holmgren is a GM in charge of running the draft/cap/FA that team will suck for years after he is gone.
    Wolf gave Holmgren ‘good’ players and Mike coached them ‘up’ to be ‘very’ good. It was a beautiful thing.
    I doubt Holmgren as a draft guru would do any better than Mike Sherman did.

  10. Could we hire Mike Shanahan as Assistant coach and offensive coordinator?
    Holmgren could focus on GM at Seattle
    Shanahan would probably rather live here than the east coast?
    Mora can focus on D. A well oiled machine?

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