Chiefs bench Cassel in 44-13 loss

The Chiefs traded a second-round pick for Matt Cassel and signed him to a $63 million contract to be their quarterback of the future, but the move isn’t paying off.

They admitted the mistake, temporarily, by benching Cassel late in the third quarter of Sunday’s 44-13 stomping at the hands of Denver.  Brodie Croyle wrapped up the game.
Cassel finished 10-of-29 for a pathetic 84 yards and two interceptions.  Croyle wasn’t much better, completing 6-of-14 passes for 50 yards.  
The Chiefs are now 3-9.
Denver, on a two-game win streak after dropping four straight, improved to 8-4.  Aided by a dominant rushing performance, the Broncos got 214 combined yards and two touchdowns from Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter.  
The Broncos visit the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium next.

29 responses to “Chiefs bench Cassel in 44-13 loss

  1. I think it’s safe to say the problem isn’t Cassel, but the talent (or lack of) surrounding him. Cassel did just fine in New England when he had a solid team around him.

  2. Seriously, when is the NFL going to step in and take over this “franchise?” What a joke.
    They’ve won 9 games in 3 years. Denver has won 8 games this year already.
    The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since 1993…..1993!!!!!!!
    They haven’t played in a Super Bowl since the Vietnam War ended.
    They are so far from being competitive….what a disasterous franchise…..

  3. Geez… Did they really think it was a bad idea to let him PLAY OUT the season before the fat contract? Yeah maybe they would have went 13-3, he could have thrown for 4200 yds. and 37 TD’s and then signed a fat contract somewhere else. Oh look Elin is here to give me some of that fat new prenup money…
    Which one is more believable to you?

  4. At least 12 drops by Chiefs receivers today. Cassel has been inaccurate, but his receivers are absolutely terrible. Bobby Wade, Leonard Pope, and the rest of these castoffs are killing what confidence this QB had coming off of a good year, and it’s going to be Todd Haley’s biggest task yet.

  5. The Chiefs have hard luck when it comes to paying big for players. I sure hope Cassel doesn’t continue down this path towards bustdom.

  6. Cassel wouldn’t have been pulled if his goddamn pathetic excuse for WRs could actually CATCH THE FREAKING FOOTBALL. Jesus Christ the Chiefs’ WR corp sucks complete ass!

  7. Idiot coach is the reason for the losses.
    going for it at the begining of the second half on your own 28.

  8. Too much talk at the beginning of the season regarding Cassel thinking he was a Brady clone having a good year on a good team with lots of talent.
    Turns out, he’s just another clipboard QB and should have stayed in New England.
    Well Chef fans, we have Jamar-sucks on the bench and your guy is there too! HA hah hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  9. a few things….KC would still be in a very sticky situation even if Cassel played this year w/ franch tag. They still would have signed him I know it, but a for a few mill less g’teed but w/ all the cap space they have, no biggy. ALSO, Cassel obv has an awful OLine protecting him AND very very average WRs, but Cassel has been very inaccurate and has made bad decisions. KC should not give up on him at all, but he needs a really good QB coach, 4 new OLineman, 2 more WR’s. Any1 who writes off Cassel after this 1st year in KC is a foolish football watcher.

  10. and the Thigpen talk is pathetic and ridiculous too….He’s so great? Yeah thats why a rookie QB [P White] is ahead of him on the chart and Thig is inactive alot of games. Come on ppl….use rational logic.

  11. Bobby Wade deserves a game ball…Cassel may have ended up with pathetic numbers but he sure didnt get any help
    meanwhile the Colts tremble…

  12. You really think Wade deserves a game ball? I mean, you could try to give it to him, but chances are he’ll drop it.

  13. Cassel obviously isn’t the problem in KC.
    He’ll be there long after most of this roster is turned over.

  14. sullijo said:
    -“Seriously, when is the NFL going to step in and take over this “franchise?” What a joke.”
    The Chiefs had a great coach who retired, and subsequently hired Herm Edwards, who ran the franchise into the ground. Because he’s an idiot. I don’t think that’s grounds for the NFL to “step in”.
    -“They’ve won 9 games in 3 years. Denver has won 8 games this year already.”
    Detroit didn’t win ANY games last year, and they’ve only won 2 so far this year. Against scrub teams. The Chiefs’ wins this year are against teams that are at least somewhat competitive (Redskins, Raiders, Steelers).
    Not to mention that there are definitely worse teams in the league, with worse records.
    -“The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since 1993…..1993!!!!!!!”
    Neither have the Cowboys.
    -“They haven’t played in a Super Bowl since the Vietnam War ended.”
    The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the Saints have never made it to a Super Bowl, and Texans have never even made the playoffs. Those examples are just off the top of my head.
    “They are so far from being competitive….what a disasterous franchise…..”
    They competed with the Super Bowl champion Steelers pretty well a couple weeks back.
    Look, just because you’re probably a Raiders fan or one of the Chargers’ three fans, and trashing the Chiefs for no apparent reason apparently gives you a hard-on, that doesn’t give you license to spew complete rubbish.
    Yeah, these past three years have been bad. We all know that. The year before things went so downhill, however, the Chiefs made the playoffs and lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion Colts. The year before that, they went 10-6 and barely missed out on the playoffs due to a strong conference. The year before that.. a 7-9 record.. BUT, one of only about 4 teams in the history of the league to average over 400 yards of offense a game and still have a losing record. The year before that? 13-3 with a 9-0 start.
    The 90s? Only the single best winning percentage during that decade.
    Don’t pretend for a second that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the league’s consistent bottom-dwellers year after year after year. Every team goes through rough patches in their history, and I hope you learn something when it happens to your team.

  15. When this trade happened I was surprosed. Thigpen was great for them last year. It was a bad move to get Cassel. Most people could tell that Cassel was the product of the Pats system. I guess the Chiefs could not

  16. Fan or not, Cassel is not the issue. I had a good bit of respect for Hailey before this but come on. You have QB that will win with a good team, too bad you only have one of the two. Not a knock on KC, but this was a dumb move.

  17. The Chiefs are in the same shoes as the Bears, they trade their current average QB who wins them games for a QB that boosted 4200 passing yards or won 12 games. Then they sign their newly acquired QB to a huge contract and they’re not winning games. Then the fans blame the QB, no one seems to understand that you could have the best QB on a sub-par team and the QB not going to preform as well as he did with his old team because he doesn’t have the talent around him. How does that surprise anyone?

  18. Cassel is mediocre at best, period end of story. No way in hell that dude is worth $64 million.
    Good luck KC cuz you’re stuck with him for the next 2-3 years. Better sign some talent and draft wisely in 2010.
    Don’t get me started on Haley. Jesus.

  19. BBQ- If you’re going to call people out on having their facts straight, perhaps you should get your ducks in a row as well.
    1. The Cowboys HAVE won a playoff game since 1993. In fact, they won Superbowl XXX in ’96.
    2. The Chiefs did NOT have the best winning percentage in the ’90s. San Francisco and Buffalo have them beat.
    The point you are missing is……The Chiefs SUCK!!! And they have for a long time. Even with promising regular seasons mixed in, they have been a model of mediocrity. Sorry Bro, sometimes the truth hurts.

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