Ed Reed out tonight for Ravens

Uh oh.

As the Ravens try to keep pace with the Jaguars — the Jaguars? — for the final spot in the AFC playoff field, they’ll have to try to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field for the first time in franchise history without safety Ed Reed.

Reed will miss the game due to a hip injury, per Suzy Kolber of ESPN.

It’s the first game Reed will not play in a game this season, and only the second season in Reed’s eight-year career during which he’ll not play in every game.  In 2005, Reed missed six games.

21 responses to “Ed Reed out tonight for Ravens

  1. Damn, no Suggs and now no Reed. This could get out of hand with the way A-Rod is throwing the ball.
    Come’on Zibby next man up baby!
    Hope it’s a good game!
    Go Ravens!

  2. Who cares about Monday night Football when Iverson is playing his first game back with the Sixers lol.

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    Thats funny because I have only submitted 2 comments today. Im just being censored because he doesnt like when people call him out on half truthes or when hes trying to cause controversy or when he comments about something he knows nothing about like when he acts like hes a doctor and can tell when someone has a concussion or not.
    Its not like I have been cursing or disrespecting anyone so theirs no reason for me to be blocked.

  4. Hey pack fans. The Ravens aren’t the NFC bottom dwellers the pack is used to playing. Get ready for a beating!!!!!

  5. Listen to the Ravens fans. These douchebags have no idea that their season is about to come to a crashing end. “Zibby?” Isn’t that the stiff from Notre Dumb who got torched every third play when he was there? This is going to be like taking candy from a baby. Between the Unibrow QB and the girly looking midget at RB, the only thing that can save the Ravens are the knives of Ray Lewis. The only thing charming about Charm City is looking at my rear view mirror when I’m high-tailing it out of that crap city.

  6. What a gift for the Packers. You bitches would be crying all night in Mr. Woodcock was out. I think Gruden wants to blow Mathews. Loves his fairy hair!

  7. Here is the Dufus family of GreenBay. They have been pulling cow tits for 3 generations. So our cereal is wet! You guys look like the biggest tools the way ESPN paints you on MNF. Wait….that is the way you are.My bad!!

  8. Pervy,
    You truly are a degenerate douche bag. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just a reminder to you to hop off that bandwagon next year.

  9. PervyHarvin, you are nothing but an inconsiderate, brainless, fairweather buffoon who is jealous because the Packers actually have a better defense than the Vikings who couldn’t even stop Ray Rice when he played your team. What did he have? 100 yards rushing AND receiving? And didn’t Joe Flacco have something like 384 passing yards?
    Yeah that’s what I thought. Now get off the internet and go play with your dolls. Unintelligent losers like yourself don’t belong here.

  10. @cheddar is beddar and his gay lover packers4life :
    You two pole puffers together couldn’t get me off this site. Don’t hate because the vikings OWN YOU!

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