Ellis Hobbs has neck surgery

The Eagles have announced that cornerback Ellis Hobbs has undergone surgery to repair a herniated disk in his neck.

The injury occurred on November 8.  Hobbs landed on injured reserve three days later. 

Specifically, the procedure is known as “anterior cervical decompression and fusion,” and Dr. Alexander Vaccaro of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia performed the procedure.

“Hobbs is expected to make a full recovery and return to the field next season,” the team said in a release.

Of course, “next season” might entail Hobbs playing with another team.  The third-round pick in the 2005 draft, whose contract was traded to the Eagles from the Patriots, currently is scheduled to be a restricted free agent.  To retain his rights, the Eagles will have to sign him to a new deal, or apply one of the various RFA tenders.

If a new labor agreement is reached by March 2010, Hobbs would be an unrestricted free agent — unless the union agrees to different free agency rules in the new CBA.

12 responses to “Ellis Hobbs has neck surgery

  1. even when healthy he let a lot slip by him. I would let him go and draft CB for the nickle/dime in the first round. He could be a post surgery bust.

  2. Well the neck injury was news once it happened. At first I thought I was reading PFT from a month ago

  3. Draft a Nickle / Dime in 1st?!?!
    Who drafts anything but a starting player in the first basides Al Davis?
    Eagles need a LB, bad.

  4. Sike’s right. Assuming Hanson can stay off the diuretics, the Eagles biggest needs for next year look like: DE to start across from Cole, O/MLB (depending on how well Bradley comes back), Safety who doesn’t commit penalties that the Mean Machine would consider flagrant. Somewhere in there, they need to get the O-line straightened out, of course – but that might just mean getting the guys they have healthy.

  5. save 1st round pick for OLB, 2nd round probably OT, 3rd round we can get into corners. remember we have samuel, brown, and hanson (when he’s back) already covering nickel formations…

  6. The eagles will not draft a cornerback in the first round this coming draft.. they need help in other areas especially linebacker.. they’ll especially be looking for an outside LB assuming they think Stewart Bradley will be the player he was last year before his injury. The only other position I see them drafting is OL and now with the contract extension to Winston Justice it does not look like they will go that route. Another possibility is a DE they need someone opposite Trent Cole to be able to consistently get into the backfield.

  7. Bradley’s injury caused a chaotic condition for the Eagles defense this season. If he comes back healthy and strong, the Eagles should be in good shape there. If not, then Jeremiah Trotter may get to extend his 3rd stint with the Eagles a little longer. They definitely need a good pass rushing DE to play across from Cole.

  8. Thinking about it a bit further they could draft a cornerback assuming sheldon is still unhappy about his contract. However I still would not think they would do this… also look for them to grab a running back in the first three rounds to backup lesean mccoy in the future

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