Packers linebacker Thompson thought he broke his neck

When Packers linebacker Jeremy Thompson was injured at practice last week, he thought the worst.

“My initial reaction was that I thought I broke my neck when
everything went numb,” Thompson told Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  “But the feeling came back pretty
quick. There was just some nerve sensitivity after that. It’s relieving. It was definitely a scary event.”

Thompson was taken off the practice field on a stretcher, then brought to a local hospital.

The injury is being classified as a spinal cord concussion.  Thompson won’t play on Monday night and his recovery timetable is unclear.  The problem isn’t career-threatening, but the reserve has a history of “stingers” dating back to college.

He also has spinal stenosis, a condition that ended the careers of two notable Packers receivers — Sterling Sharpe and Terrence Murphy, a second round pick in 2005. 

“Well, I have [stenosis], just a little bit though, but it’s not really
the issue,” Thompson said. “The issue was just that I was in a
compromising position.”

Thompson says he’s just happy to be walking again so quickly.  And we’re happy to hear it.

“It’s just a waiting game,” Thompson said.  “I would like to come back this year but I just can’t make any guarantees.”

12 responses to “Packers linebacker Thompson thought he broke his neck

  1. “The reserve has a history of “stingers” dating back to college which makes the injury even scarier.”
    Stingers scare the crap out of you. I had one in High School when I took a hit on a scramble attempt for a first down (Short by a yard), thought my left shoulder blew up.

  2. Sounds like he needs a collar, or some type of padding to protect his neck. I’m sure they’ll look at his workouts as well. Thompson has been a great player in shells, but weak at the point of attack during his pro career. I wonder if he hasn’t developed some hesitancy given his history. I wouldn’t think less of him if he packed it in.

  3. This was news like last week. Why is all of a sudden being reported on PFT? I’m a huge fan of this website, but are you guys getting a little desperate for news stories?
    If you aren’t a Packer fan, I bet you wouldn’t even know who Jeremy Thompson is. Let me fill you in on a little bit of info. He’s a guy who looked great in mini camp without pads on. Once the pads went on, he turned back into the Jeremy Thompson that us Packer fans have grown to know….Average. Best word to describe him.

  4. Good to hear it wasn’t anything serious. I am by no means a GB fan, but he is a person first and foremost and has a life other then football so it would be a shame for him to have a significant injury that would affect his life.

  5. He seems pretty optimistic, which is great, but I hope he isn’t taking what happened lightly. Don’t rush back too soon, Jeremy. There are more important things in life.

  6. Jeremy take your time, football is secondary when it comes to a decision that decides if you walk normal or not when you are 40.

  7. Emoney – your douchiness is functioning at a high level. no drop off from training camp for you, you have maintained a high level of douche for an extended period. you are, in fact, potentially performing at an all-pro level of douchebaggery.
    Jeremy Thompson got beaten out of a starting job by Clay Matthews. He had started taking snaps with the defense since Aaron Kampman’s injury and is very much a prospect as a rush-specialist OLB. (in case anyone is wondering who Jeremy Thompson is) He is also brother to Oren Thompson an offensive lineman who was on the Packers roster.

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