William Gay has "head" injury

During Sunday’s game-winning drive by the Raiders in Pittsburgh, Steelers cornerback William Gay took a helmet to the facemask from teammate Ryan Mundy. 

Gay left the game, and he did not return.

John Czarnecki of FOX reports that Gay has a concussion, and that he won’t play Thursday night against the Browns.

On the official injury report for Monday, which estimates the extent to which injured players would have participated in practice if there actually had been practice, Gay is identified as a player who would not have participated in practice, if there had been practice, due to a “head” injury.

Of course, that’s the same description that the team used two weeks ago, when quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had a concussion.

So if we’re going to be serious about this whole “concussion” issue, can we finally start requiring the teams to call these concussions what they are?  They’re not head injuries or bell-ringings or the seeing of stars or anything other than concussions.

Also for the Steelers, quarterback Charlie Batch (left wrist), running back Rashard Mendenhall (ankle), safety Troy Polamalu (knee), and receiver Hines Ward (hamstring) would not have practiced, if there had been practice.

For the Browns, defensive end Kenyon Coleman would not have practiced, due to a knee injury.

Ten Browns would have participated on a limited basis, and three would have fully participated.

22 responses to “William Gay has "head" injury

  1. he is injured from giving the quarterbacks and receivers from other teams head family style because he sure aint playing football out there. HAHAHA

  2. This team misses Aaron Smith more than anyone realizes.
    And Ben……please stop turning the ball over in the redzone and taking sacks that put us out of field-goal range.

  3. That”s what Gay gets for trying to inpersonate a professional football player….and failing miserably.

  4. anyone know if the Steelers practiced today? cause you would think that after yesterday’s game they could use some practice.

  5. Nice last minute by Mundy. He hurts his teammate with a helmet to head blow, gets a penalty a play later for a helmet to helmet hit on a Raider ( guess he didn’t learn his lesson ) and then gets beat for the game winner. Karma.

  6. That is what happens when you play for a cheap shot team. The Steelers were taking cheap shots at the Raiders players all day long and very seldom called for clear violations of the rules.
    They looked like a couple of idiots when they ran into each other while trying to spear the Raiders WR as they have been doing all game long with it only being called once.
    I loved it, watching the king of the cheap shot Ward walking around as if he pulled out the win on the cheap shot TD he got at the end of the game on Johnson. The look on the punks face when Murphy caught the pass for a Raider TD with 9 seconds left was priceless, just priceless.
    Cable told a sports writer prior to the game that the Raiders Wide receivers had a clear advantage over the Steelers secondary. The writer thought he was nuts until he watched the game. This Steeler team ia all talk and is lead by an accused rapist, 8-8 maybe for the band of punks.

  7. I love it that a Raven’s fan is talking smack. It took OT against our 3rd string Qb to win….
    How many SBs does Ray Ray have? That’s right ONE LESS than Ward and Big Ben.

  8. Florio, could you make this headline any Gayer? William Gay has “head” injury. Tsk. Tsk.
    Down go the Stillers.

  9. Boy, when you put the quotation marks around head, I thought you meant something far, far worse.

  10. So your saying every head injury is a concussion? So if you get a lump on your head thats a concussion and not a head injury? How about a black eye is that a concussion too?
    Did you play high school football? I ask because if you did you would know its possible to have your bell rung and not be concussed. It happens all the time. Alot of the times when you make a hard hit you get the jolt of head pain that goes away after a few minutes. Or if you get lit up in a hit you dont see coming you do see “Stars” or you get your “bell rung” and your kind of out of it for a play or two but it goes away. Thats not a concussion. Concussions cause lingering effects.
    Your not a doctor you were a half a lawyer so stick to breaking down contracts or NFL legal disputes and leave the diagnosis to the real professionals.

  11. Hey C.Bass,
    So, we’re supposed to feel sorry for the poor Steelers cause they had to start a third-string QB. Humm, don’t recall may of you ass hats feeling sorry for the Ravens last year when they lost in the AFC Championship and had 23 (yep, 23) players on injured reserve.
    It’s jackasses like you that make many of us so happy that your douchebag with the doucherag-waving fan base is suffering through this. See, God really isn’t a Stillers fan…he has a life and doesn’t try to nail his cousin all the time.

  12. a steeler got an injury giving gay head? not surprising, although I would’ve expected it out of a steelers fan and not a player.

  13. All I know is the Steelers have 6 Lombardis and the Gayvens one. The Steelers were the better team and beat that ass three times last year. We’ll see how big and bad the Ravens are when they come to The Burgh.
    When will Ravens fans learn that their ass clown team can’t beat the Steelers in a game that really matters. Come December 27, the Steelers will ram the X-Mas tree where the sun don’t shine, because….repeat after me, the Ravens can’t beat the Black & Gold when it counts.
    BTW, is Willis McGayhee awake yet, or is he still asleep on the 50 yard line? Be sure to wake him up before the game.

  14. @snnyjcbs …
    If I told a reporter you raped me, would that make you an accused rapist? To me, an accused rapist is someone who’s been the subject of a criminal investigation and has criminal charges pending, and if proven guilty, will face jail time. None of that applies to Ben Roethlisberger. He had a one-night stand with a women. A year later, when she was having financial problems, she went to a civil attorney, claimed rape, and sued him and some of her former coworkers for $3 million. She never went to police. There has never been a police investigation. The police have stated there’s no evidence a rape ever took place and they have no cause to investigate. If the court finds in her favor, which is doubtful since her e-mails show she was bragging about her one-nighter with Ben, he will not spend one day in jail.
    You don’t like the Steelers and think they’re cheap shot artists on the field. That’s cool. But calling Roethlisberger an accused rapist when you know nothing (or know but don’t care) about the facts of his case makes you sound like a cheap shot artist off the field.

  15. Mundy is a dirty player. He lead in with his head on that hit, and almost killed that man, and he did it agin later on to Johnny Lee Higgins in the end zone… a few plays later after he almost killed a man.
    He ought to get fined for both plays… even though Gay is his teamate he still should get a fine for not playing the game the right way.

  16. @C Bass
    “I love it that a Raven’s fan is talking smack. It took OT against our 3rd string Qb to win….”
    Idiott! Didn’t lil ben play against KC & Oakland? squeelers still got their asses kicked!!!! lil ben was held out against the Ravens FOR HIS PROTECTION! Now come the Browns! 5 in a row!!! Karma is good!!!!

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