Ochocinco responds to car loan lawsuit

On Monday, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco has been sued for defaulting on a car loan.

On Tuesday, Ochocinco essentially has admitted responsibility for the debt.

In multiple postings at his Twitter page, Chad claims that he put the vehicle in his name for a family member, and that the family member failed to make the payments.

Though, on the surface, the claim reminds us of Mike Vick’s first line of defense when his dogfighting ring was discovered, Chad’s claim is plausible.  He actually seems like a nice guy, and nice guys with a lot of money tend to get taken advantage of. 

But we’ve still got a feeling he’ll find a way to finagle his way out of this one by having Motorola or some other sponsor pay the pending debt of close to $40,000. 

Maybe Degree antiperspirant can work the angle into its new commercial featuring Chad.

“For those moments when you find out that a family member has preyed on your generous nature by failing to make the payments on a car loan that bears your name, you don’t need a lawyer.  You need Degree.”

37 responses to “Ochocinco responds to car loan lawsuit

  1. Yeah that makes a lot of sense; he should know however if they person could not get approved for a loan for a car then it was for a reason….THEY CAN’T AFFORD THE PAYMENTS!!!

  2. I believe Ochocinco…he seems like a guy that cares almost too much about the people around him.

  3. Well how quickly you forget about the other times he has not paid his bills.
    ie: Moving in middle of the night due to unpaid rent; promising a car and trips that landed him in civil court when he did not pay.
    Nice guy: maybe
    Deadbeat: confirmed

  4. He had some sort of incident with the “Funny Bone” comedy club in Northern KY also – don’t know how that ended up.

  5. Actually, you didn’t mention that he said on Twitter that he co-signed for a car loan for a family member. People do this all the time. Seems very plausible.

  6. There’s a ring of truth to his claim. Athletes sign on stuff for their relatives all the time.
    I remember when they had to evict Derrick Thomas’ nephews from a house behind mine because the family stopped making payments and the kids were, you know, breaking into every other house in the neighborhood.

  7. That actually makes sense, I could buy him being gullible, but not paying the payments didn’t make any sense. But who signs on a car for someone else, puts $20k down and believes that the person who they bought the car for will be able to afford an $847 per month payment? Maybe Obama should put him in charge of reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, seems like he would fit right in.

  8. Yeah right! He put a 50k+ (i remember it being more, but too lazy to look it up) on his credit for a family member too screwed up to have his own credit for a car that expensive. If he did, how stupid is he to think it would have any other outcome than a default.

  9. I have to agree with Florio on this one. Maybe Chad should read some Dave Ramsey before getting involved financially with a family member.

  10. If he co-signed the loan then he is responsible for the payments, so he had better make them. That said, hopefully Ochocinco – and anyone who suddenly finds himself more well off than his family members – will heed what reginaldlewis said.
    Either make it a gift, or don’t do it at all. But you shouldn’t trust people to make payments when a bank doesn’t trust them.

  11. Sounds like an honest move on his part. I’m sure this happens a lot to athletes like this, that don’t come from money and as soon as they start getting paid, relatives they’ve never met or never talked too want a “loan”.

  12. What’s the longest period of time in recent years that the Bengals have gone without one of their players getting into some kind of level/civil garbage? Even if it is just trivial crap, guys on this team seem to go around looking for it.

  13. “What’s the longest period of time in recent years that the Bengals have gone without one of their players getting into some kind of level/civil garbage? Even if it is just trivial crap, guys on this team seem to go around looking for it.”
    Man, is that crap 2006. This is a total non-issue, and the Bengals haven’t had anyone arrested in forever.
    I’d give decent odds that a player from your team (whoever it is) had someone arrested more recently than the Bengals.

  14. Wouldn’t putting a car in his name for a family member leave him wide open for a lawsuit if that family memeber or anybody else driving the car were involved in an accident?
    I could see somebody finding out the car that ran into them belonged to Chad Johnson and suddenly developing one hell of a whiplash.

  15. Ocho can do no wrong in my eyes, probably just di da favour for some dead beat cousin, or loser from his hometown.
    Repo the car, pay the debt.
    Ochocinco don’t need no loan.

  16. That is definitely Chad’s car, he was driving it on the HBO training camp show this year and they showed him in it on NFL network at the beginning of the season. I thought it was odd that he was driving such a relatively inexpensive car. He’s obviously insanely cheap.

  17. Shin, can you make ONE comment not politically charged? You’re lame my friend, I typically like your football takes, but TRY and keep your comments on track, it’s tired, it’s played out, no one cares what you think about the economy and who the president is and blah blah, football please.
    Chad has proven he is this type of person, good natured, but a bit irresponsible. Hopefully he begins to learn to manage money a lot better, he’ll need that skill in five years.

  18. Something that many people need to still ask is who pays 57,000 for a challenger? even an srt8 isn’t that close to 57K

  19. I’m not a Chad fan by any means, but just because a kid makes it to the NFL and suddenly has millions of dollars doesn’t mean he suddenly has the wisdom of a financial planner–or even the average middle-class homeowner.
    It’s like hitting the lottery. Suddenly all the friends and relatives these guys have are begging “YOU got help, man, now you’ve got to pay it forward.” It’s hard to turn down relatives and lifelong friends when you’ve hit the jackpot and they’re struggling. And it’s harder to keep up with every person you’ve lent a helping hand.
    It’s easy to say “Don’t co-sign,” but it’s hard to do when people you love are holding out their hands and laying on the guilt.

  20. Hey Matt, kick that dead horse a few more times, moron. The Bengals have been close to sainthood the last few years. most of the bad ones are playing on different teams, the UFL, or have cleaned it up. I can understand Chad’s situation, it ain’t easy being the only one in the family to make some money. I haven’t had anywhere near Chad’s success but I do better than most. Nothing like freinds and famliy constantly passing you the check. Chad probably wanted whoever he signed for to step up and do the right thing before he was forced to take the car away from him/her. Beleive me, he is more worried about being the bad guy that takes away his family member’s car than the balence due. By the way, Chad needs to hire a negotiator. He almost paid for two cars on that deal.

  21. Chad Johnson, we all know you have more money than you know what to do with.
    You prove that by giving it away with your dumb ass fines on an annual basis.
    Pay your bill. Dumb ass.

  22. CurseofBoJackson
    I don’t make politically charged comments. I make socially conscious remarks that fit with the subject at hand. Chad didn’t pay his bill because he bailed out a friend with something they couldn’t afford and then feigned shock when the “brilliant” plan didn’t work out. Hell, what does that sound like to you?
    Still, you can’t wholly blame Chad in this. I’m sure his family member appealed to his sense of community, his sense of social justice, his sense of responsibility at helping those that don’t make as much as him by giving them a handout. I just can’t believe he fell for that same line twice in 2008. HOPEfully he learned his lesson and CHANGEs the way he conducts himself to keep himself out of court.

  23. That is definitely Chad’s car, he was driving it on the HBO training camp show this year and they showed him in it on NFL network at the beginning of the season.
    Chad has a car? I thought he traveled by self-propelled hot air balloon?

  24. Sure, mentioning the president and bailouts isn’t politically charged, in fact, you’re right Shin, it has NOTHING to do with politics right? Again, don’t give a sh*t one way or the other, but don’t serve me cold turds on a paper plate and call it hot sh*t on a silver platter.
    On the latter, sentiments echoed, he needs to get his financial house in order before he doesn’t have such a huge cushion to work with.

  25. @ Shinsnake- Did you hear the big news?? In the luxury box at the dome Sunday Prince will be joined by the Obama Family. Obama loves Favre and momma loves AD! Obama heard of the Vikings dome issues and is having a Prince and Springsteen Viking Bail Out Concert. Should be great,I got an extra ticket if you want to come. After the big Viking victory,should be great!

  26. @PervyHarvin
    Ah, there you go pretending you have any idea about what’s going to happen in the game come Sunday. Seriously, for your sake, I hope the Vikings lose. Otherwise, the delusions about you being able to accurately predict the future are just going to get worse.
    Sorry for serving you one thing and calling it another. I just figured after your comments you were gullible enough to fall for it. Maybe if I chant a meaningless phrase over and over then you’ll just go right along with what I have to say?

  27. I read his book, and in that book he talks about driving his Dodge Charger all around Cinci… He says he parks it and leaves it running so the heat can stay on and nobody messes with it. He had it painted like the general lee from The Dukes of Hazard, minus the confederate flag…”because after all I am a black man” he wrote… So is this the same car? or a different one he bought for a family member?? Hmmm…

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