Schaub, Texans optimistic about shoulder

For a few minutes Sunday, it appeared the Houston Texans and Matt Schaub would have a seminal victory together.

Schaub, often criticized for a lack of toughness, returned to Houston’s game against Jacksonville down 17-0 despite suffering a dislocated non-throwing shoulder.  A comeback ensued, and it appeared Schaub may have his Matthew Stafford moment.

This being the Texans, Chris Brown of all people threw a back-breaking interception and Houston came up short 23-18.  Schaub missed his chance to be a hero, but he’s not giving up on the season.

Schaub is “absolutely” optimistic he’ll play against Seattle Sunday despite the injury.  Coach Gary Kubiak agrees.

He basically has the same injury he had against Tennessee in 2007,” Kubiak said. “It popped out, popped back in, and he was able to play. . . . I think he’s got a good chance of playing. He’s not feeling any worse today than he did yesterday as he finished the game.”

Houston probably can’t make the playoffs even with three wins, but they could make it easier for owner Bob McNair to retain Gary Kubiak with a few wins.

Based on McNair’s comments and other reporting in Houston, it doesn’t seem like Kubiak is a dead coach walking just yet.

5 responses to “Schaub, Texans optimistic about shoulder

  1. Chris Brown fumbled on the goal line with three minutes against the Jags in Houston. Then he throws a pick at the two in Jacksonville.
    Thank you Chris Brown.

  2. Since I need a vicotry this week in fantasy football to make the playoffs and my opponent has schaub as his starter… play it safe matt, sit this one out.

  3. Unless I’m missing something, I have to question Kubiak’s police work on Schaub’s warrior status.
    In 2007, the first game against the Titans, Schaub left with an ankle injury and didn’t return. He returned the following week, threw 2 INTs and was pulled early in the 2nd quarter, then sat out the next game.
    2nd game against the Titans in 2007: “Matt Schaub left the game with a left shoulder injury with 3:16 remaining in the first quarter. He did not return.”
    They played 4 more games that year, and Schaub didn’t play in any of them.

  4. “He’s not feeling any worse today than he did yesterday as he finished the game.”
    i.e., “we gave him another shot of painkiller today.”

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