Terrell Owens wants to play 2-3 more years

In case you forgot Terrell Owens’ 36th birthday was Monday, T.O. had a friendly reminder for his Twitter followers.

On this historic day 36 yrs ago, God bless this world w/a specimen like no other! I present 2 u Terrell E. Owens! ;-),” Owens wrote.  (That’s the first wink face thing in PFT history.  Proud moment.)

T.O. celebrated by throwing himself a party in New York City  — $30 general admission, $50 for “V.I.Ps” — and his mom surprised him by coming to town.

He also used the milestone to think about his future in the NFL.  Speaking with Jay Glazer on Fox’s After Party, Owens made it clear he wants to continue playing.

“Realistically I could see at least two to three [years]. I want
to be able to walk away from this game under my own power and when I
feel it’s time to walk away, not trying to prolong or there aren’t any
milestones I want to accomplish,” Owens said. 

While we’d expect Owens to take a paycut wherever he lands, his recent uptick in production should get him another one-year contract. 

Owens sounded open to returning to Buffalo, but it’s anyone’s guess where season two of the “T.O. Show” will tape.

32 responses to “Terrell Owens wants to play 2-3 more years

  1. There’s no way in HELL he goes back to Buffalo, unless they’re the only team who offers him a contract.
    I’m guessing Minnesota will go after him, especially if Favre tells Chilly that he wants him on the team. Chilly can’t say no to Favre.

  2. philly? HAHAHAHA….
    I’d love to see T.O. catching passes from favre….Can you say “pro bowl”?
    Cuz thats where T.O. goes if he lands in minn….

  3. Why in the world would MN want that baggage? Percy’s doin’ just fine. Course, Favre always has wanted an “elite” receiver. Can see Chilly now–“Do we go after him master”?

  4. Birds20 says: “December 8, 2009 4:24 PM
    id like to have him in philly”
    As a Cowboys fan so would I like to see him in Philly. The interaction between TO & McNabb would be … interesting, but, I’d bet ‘The Danny’ is just waiting to throw $10mil at him for his fantasy team.

  5. I think T.O. means he wants to play with 2 or 3 more teams. Whereever he goes it hasn’t ever worked out, the guy is pure ass cancer.
    I hope he goes to Minnesota and ruins Favre’s last season…or two.
    No way in hell would I want Journeyman Jackass back in Philly

  6. Let’s see if he keeps up his recent uptick in production? He should be able to score AT LEAST 2 td’s on K.C. this week.
    The Seahawks could use a guy like T.O. to replace Deion Branch.

  7. I say he ends up playing for Chicago. They are going to be desperate for a top notch WR, and yes, I know he’s not so “top notch” anymore, but he can help that football team. He’ll take some pressure and media attention off Cutler, and allow Hester to be either a #2 or 3, or ultimately, return to being a fulltime kick returner, which is where he needs to be. He’ll also be had cheap.. 5mil a season isn’t so bad these days.. I think he’ll have some suitors out there.

  8. troll_aikman8 says:
    December 8, 2009 5:40 PM
    So you admit the Baltimore WR’s are scrubs?
    hahahah well played, sir.

  9. @PETTE … are you insane ? Bill Polian & TO in the same building ? those two cannot exist together in an organization

  10. wow, so few folks are willing to look at what this guy did to teams like the eagles, the niners, and the cowboys. Yes, the guy does help them win, and usually in a big way, but to forget the last how many years of his antics because of 1 fairly quiet season in Siberia…… short memory people. but then again, this is the same crowd that would boo favre…. figures.

  11. I heard he was hanging out with Romo, Mcnabb and Garcia on his birthday. Is this true? jk. Now back t him, 2 to 3 more years where? I wish he was still an Eagle. He would own this town already. Andy gave Vick a 2nd chance, maybe T.O. can get a 2nd chance too. Bring him back Andy

  12. “(That’s the first wink face thing in PFT history. Proud moment.)”
    Florio used it August 5, 2009 9:06AM EST in post “Nielsen expert T.O. is miffed at Jim Rome”.
    Search tool works Greg…lol

  13. @Cereal Blogger— u r on the money! other than mason they don’t have anyone else! i do believe that kell washington will be productive if they give him a legitimate chance and throw the ball to him more than 2 or 3 times a game! why do they keep throwing to clay hands clayton is really unknown! T O, mason and washington would do just fine with rice coming out of the backfield!

  14. “Whereever he goes it hasn’t ever worked out, the guy is pure ass cancer. ”
    While I would be hard pressed to disagree with you as far as TO’s past teams are concerned, his stint in Buffalo has been relatively calm (maybe the keys to the city hushed him). I think that even TO has learned that the market for TO is extremely thin.

  15. if t.o. keeps his mouth shut for the rest of the year, i could see bill belichick going after him. put him across from randy maw and throw welker back in the slot and just let tommy b throw all day.

  16. T.O. still has a place in the B-LO. He is still the best player on our team, and he is still at the top of his game. If we had a qb he would be in the top five in the league in receiving. And he hasn’t been a cancer.

  17. He’ll go to the skins. Right after they neglect to draft an O lineman and pull a qb first round.

  18. TO in Silver and Black. Should have been done this year with all the balls dropping by no hands bay!
    Huh?You claim your guy drops too man passes and you want to bring in TO?
    That dude drops more balls than puberty.

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