Tim Tebow will play whatever position he's told to play

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow hopes that a year from now he’ll be NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

But he’s willing to play fullback or tight end or safety or whatever other position his future NFL team tells him to play.

Tebow said in an interview on ESPN today that he would like the chance to prove himself as a quarterback at the next level. But if the team that drafts him thinks he lacks the passing accuracy to make the transition to a pro-style offense, he’ll accept that.

“My goal is to play quarterback,” Tebow said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes and work as hard as I possibly can to be a quarterback. If I’m on a team and they want me to go play another position and that’s what they tell me to do, I will gladly go play another position with my whole heart and do it to the best of my ability. But my goal is to be a quarterback and I’m going to do whatever it takes to try to reach that goal.”

That’s the right way for Tebow to answer the question: He’d obviously prefer to continue playing the position he’s always played, but he’d be foolish to try to dictate the terms of his future NFL career to the teams that are considering drafting him.

Tebow also offered the right answer when asked about Florida Governor Charlie Crist opining that the Jacksonville Jaguars should draft him: Tebow said he was flattered, but he seemed hesitant about stepping into anything political.

“I haven’t heard too much about it, but it is an honor for them to even look at me and consider me and for him to even bring my name up,” Tebow said. “It’s an honor to play in my home town and have people that would want me really means a lot and is very special for me.”

It’s still subject to debate whether Tebow has the tools to be a pro passer. But there’s no question that he answers questions about his draft prospects like a pro.

51 responses to “Tim Tebow will play whatever position he's told to play

  1. I hope he gets picked by a good team and all the critics get their mouths shut. As long as the Cowboys don’t get him I will be happy.

  2. Tim Tebow is a high character guy who will be a huge asset to whatever team drafts him. I would love to see the Vikings take him with (hopefully) the last pick of round one.

  3. Hey if JaMarcus got a shot to play QB when he should be a right tackle – why not see what Tebow can do?

  4. Why does anyone think he would make a good anything? He is too small to be a fullback, not fast enough or powerful enough to be a halfback or TE, I have no clue where the idea came from that he would play defense? What could he possibly do in the NFL? He would be a downgrade at every position. Don’t get me wrong if the 49ers draft him I will root for him to prove me way wrong, but I really hope we don’t because I don’t see what he would be doing outside of being a great clip board holder.

  5. It’s nice to see a good attitude on a kid about to be drafted, quite a change from all the bombo’s.

  6. If Jacksonville does draft him he will be playing quarterback. His home town team will def give him a shot at proving he can perform well in the NFL.
    If he doesn’t work out, screw it, he would still be better than Garrard.

  7. He’ll be an amazing asset on whatever team he’s drafted. Just not as a QB. I think he’d need to work on mechanics and a pro offense for at least two years and the NFL isn’t that patient with QBs anymore.

  8. cannoli says:
    December 8, 2009 4:39 PM
    Hey if JaMarcus got a shot to play QB when he should be a right tackle – why not see what Tebow can do?
    LMFAO! Best comment of the day so far

  9. If he can shorten his throwing motion, he can be a cheap Steve Young. You have to look at his #s when he had Harvin and Murphy last year. This year’s receivers were below average outside of Aaron Hernandez.

  10. While I myself personally hate his goodie-two shoes personality, I think he’d be great on any NFL team… for moral support. I can see Tebow being the highest paid waterboy in NFL history. Maybe he could talk with Florida and see if they’d be alright with running a spin-off line of gatorade called “jesus juice.”
    Thank you – God Bless

  11. Joe and raybi I agree completely.
    I’m not a fan at all, I think he’s overrated, but he has a great attitude

  12. Tim Tebow is a high character guy who will charm some unfortunate Jesus loving owner into wasting a draft pick on him. Yeah, TE… Sure, WR, FB… It’s worked for SO many other non-conventional QB’s.

  13. He has a legitimate chance to be good in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger has made a career off of breaking tackles and scrambling around and then making a play, I dont see any reason why Tebow cant be that same type of quarterback. I think how well he throws at the combine is actually pretty big. If he shows the ability to be able to drop back and throw with accuracy there will be plenty of teams want him. If he cant, then he’ll be someone’s project and they’ll try to make him a TE or something.

  14. I love this kids intensity & work ethic. I cannot stand that Ned Flanders is his Dad. I like him as an NFL player, I dont think he will make it as a QB. He doesnt have the arm.

  15. He’ll be a project at QB regardless of what team takes him. If he wants to get on the field earlier a RB/FB position would suit him quite well as he is a physical runner. Though I can’t see him being any worse at QB than Russell is. Regardless, the team that takes him should be one that doesn’t have a glaring need at any position as Tebow while he has talent needs to be developed into the position they want him to play.

  16. ROger Goodell: “For the first pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns take Tim Tebow!”
    /Tebow cries again

  17. For the record I hate this guy. I think this goody goody nonsense is just too much for me. Now I am not saying it’s a bad thing but all the talk about how good of a person he is is a clear distraction from the fact that he has been part of a great program and really is just a great “College QB”. I watched a game against Florida State a few weeks ago and noticed that a lot of his passing yards came from little shovel passes to his speedy rb’s after their speedy receivers took all the coverage out of the box and down field. They were getting 20 yards a pop on these little shovel passes. How the hell does that make him even qualified to be an NFL QB? I have never seen him do anything that would make him a good QB. If he tries to run like he does in College he will get killed.
    And then to top it all off he played like crap against Alabama and then pulled some fake tear crap to make everyone feel sorry for him. I can’t wait for this guy to sit in the Green Room and not get picked just like Brady Quinn. He may be a tremendous person in every other aspect of his life but that does not make up for a lack of talent. I’ll be happy when we never have to hear his name again.

  18. He’d better show up to the combine in the best shape of his life. Being a “combine wonder” can really help your draft status, i.e. Gholston, Mamula, and Matt Jones.
    A lot of people are sick of Tebow not because of anything he ever did, but because all of the announcers and reporters smooch his butt all day and night. I am sick of him because of them too. However, there is no one that can say he isn’t a good guy and deserves a chance to prove himself with the college career he has had. If he can play, he’ll stick. If not, no one will care what he did at Florida, and he’ll be playing in the CFL or UFL, or not at all. It will be interesting to see how he does at the next level.

  19. So if people don’t like tim tebow because of the way he is and u scrutinize thugs where is the medium? All I see is a bunch of hypocritical people who never played a down or sport in their life…

  20. Pride goes before the fall of a fool, Tebow was on the sideline crying ” My God, MY GOD why have you forsaken me”.

  21. One more side thought, what makes anyone think that NFL players would respect him? Imagine if he and Plaxico ended up on the same team, he would try to yell that jesus stuff on the sidelines and Plax’s gun would fall out of his gurtle and shoot Teebow in the leg.

  22. Y’all don’t like him because he is a “goody goody”? I’m sure he would be much more acceptable if were some drug addicted thug!

  23. This class sucks – To answer your question, Ohhhhhhh I dunno, maybe because he was a great college player?? He dominated all kinds of bluechippers and guys who will be dominant in the pros all day on saturdays. Sometimes, guys like that you can find a place for em on the team. He IS athletic you know, and he has the frame to put on another 25 pounds if he is moved to fullback or something. And to say he isnt strong/powerful enough?? I mean, cmon people. He squats 500 pounds and benches over 400. I am “pretty sure” he can hold his own. I know people who disliked the guy had their one shining moment when they saw him crying like a ‘bitch’ on the sidelines after losing to bama but hey, was he a bitch when he was running over your favorite team’s linebackers for 4 yrs??? All this being said, no I do not think he will be a great player in the NFL. Hes a good guy. Not enough good guys in this world. He can be on my team any day. Kinda shows where this world is where so many people hate a person that doesnt deserve to be hated. You’d think this guy was some bottom of the barrel scum like pacman jones or something

  24. He’s the sixth- or seventh-best QB prospect in the draft. I can see him as a 3rd-string QB who also plays special teams and makes an occasional Wildcat appearance.
    Starting QB? I don’t think so, not in the NFL.

  25. Remember teams wanting Gannon to play saftey coming out of college? I like his attitude towards it. It’s not a right to play in the NFL it’s a priveledge! The NFL needs more kids like Tebow. Tebow in silver and black, 3rd round.

  26. @daffy87 …
    Roethlisberger is a pocket passer w/a big arm & ability to scramble when necessary.
    Tebow is not a pocket passer and does not have a big arm. Doesn’t take snaps from center. Has more rushing TDs than RB Herschell Walker (though Walker did it in fewer games). Has never played a pro-style offense. Would be starting at square one. Given the amount of money paid to first-round draft picks … that’s a big investment for someone who doesn’t know the first thing about doing the job.
    That said, his adeptness at handling the media demonstrates his intelligence. IF a team could afford the time to bring him along and IF he could improve arm strength, MAYBE … But tight end seems more plausible.
    Roll Tide!!!!

  27. tebow may not be the answer but garrard isnt either. pittsburgh has done fine since that loss, all things considered.
    there is a race element also. if ebow was black, he would have all the excuses in the world made for him. reference ookie and jabustus.

  28. onesweetworld . You mean the game in Pittsburgh that you won on controversy ? lol You live with that win big boy . Thats all you got to hold on too .
    Whoever drafts the tot Tebow .They need to take him to a strip club and make the boy loose his cherry . The other players will taunt him with that forever . But i have to admit if everyone was like Tim thisworld would be such a better place to live in .
    My guess he will end up a late 2nd round pick to end of 3rd with someones conpensatory pick .

  29. For God’s sake, Tim Tebow is 22 years old will you idiots please stop calling him a ” kid” ?

  30. @ Deb
    Fatlessburger doesnt scramble! His problem is that he stands like a statue in the pocket and takes sacks! And of course the rape, and his double chins, and his concussions, and his loss to the Raiders…

  31. @steeltownpride …
    Good grief. I’m not a Tebow fan, but if he decides to change his status, that boy could easily find someone a lot prettier and with a lot less mileage on her than a stripper and without any help from the NFL.

  32. Truth be told, NO one knows who is going to be NFL caliber. Not the smartest scouts, coaches or owners .
    They can take educated guesses and some pan out and some are monkey sucking busts.
    No one knows what Tim will do but someones gonna draft him, that is the only thing that’s sure.
    One thing he has done is win, and that is always worth checking out.

  33. So many people hate him. Why? Its hilarious. Go ahead and keep rooting for the ghetto thugs like Ray Lewis, Braylon Edwards, Plaxico, Stallworth, Joey Porter and the rest of the the “gangstas.’
    Its says a lot about you.

  34. If the NFL still took the time to develop a QB that they used to, the guy could be a big time star. If he’s with a team that is going to rush him in his first year, the kid better have thick skin, because its going to be a bumpy ride. Wish him the best, if he lands with the vikes it would be allright to see him sit behind favre for a year or 2 more though….

  35. I’m a Longhorns fan, and I never was a fan of Tebow, but all these idiotic insults about the guy are disgusting. I wish the best for him regardless.
    One interesting thing to note is that many of the same comments about Tebow were made about Vince Young (can’t throw, a running QB never make it in the NFL, blah blah blah blah blah blah).
    A winner is a winner folks.
    To the grade school dimwit armchair quarterbacks sitting there who couldn’t even make second string on their fifth grade tag football team: just shut your holes, eat your chips and beer, watch the game, put down your toy computers, and give up the ridiculous spastic commentary.

  36. Sad to see such a genuinely good guy get so much hate from every angle in this country. Why does everyone hate the guy so much? He’s the only player I can think of that has left a positive impression on every opponent he’s ever faced. He never talks crap, doesn’t hit women, drive drunk, do drugs, make it “rain” in strip clubs, doesn’t speed, doesn’t have guns in nightclubs…. should I go on?
    The guy is exactly what you’d want your daughter to bring home.
    Too many of you are focusing on what a handful of draft pundits said and relaying it like it’s gospel – but others of you take it too far and make it personal. Grow up.

  37. I’ll tell you what, if he would have come out last year, I would have taken him over Pat White any day.
    I still don’t know what the hell the Fins were thinking with that pick. At least Tebow is a load to ring down. Pat White looks like a high school kid.

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