Concussion ends Jeff Ulbrich's career

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich has decided to retire as a result of the concussion he suffered while covering a kickoff two months ago.

“I’m done,” Ulbrich told Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat. “I don’t want to take a chance of doing any damage.”

Ulbrich was placed on injured reserve eight days after suffering the concussion, and he says he still has sleep problems and headaches. He says he is confident he will make a complete recovery, but he wouldn’t want to have to go through it again.

“Nothing bad,” he said. “My speech and thoughts are a lot more clear. From the doctors’ perspective, everything will be all right.”

The 32-year-old Ulbrich, who played his entire 10-year career in San Francisco, said the injury has been hard on his family, especially his son.

“I wasn’t prepared for him to be upset about it,” Ulbrich said. “The first game when I wasn’t dressed, I looked into the stands at a home game and saw how disappointed he was. That was difficult.”

Although his playing days are finished, Ulbrich says he’s excited about staying in football, and that he plans to turn his attention to coaching.

11 responses to “Concussion ends Jeff Ulbrich's career

  1. sounds like the guy has made the right choice in regards to when its time to hang it up. His son might be a little disapointed now, but hopefully the kid will understand that having conversations with his father 10 years down the road will be worth a little dissapointment now.
    warm and fuzzy out of the way, next question is where is a guy who concussed himself out of the league going to coach, my guess is either chicago or Queen bay,they could use the upgrade.
    otherwise he could always do color commentary next to Joe Buck, intelligence isn’t required there either.

  2. Hines Ward probably thinks this guy is a pansy because he’s leaving the game after a concussion. Maybe they need to tell Hines there is more to life than just football.

  3. Hines does more gay things than the touchdown hop. How come his head hurts all the time? His brain gets poked by penises most nights a week.

  4. Being from norcal ive known about jeff ulbrich for years and im still shocked he went 10 all with sf. impressive run with some good years in there and glad he chose his health over a game. his son wont take too much of a hit having a coach dad instead of a player dad for maybe another year or two.

  5. Good for you Jeff enjoy life and enjoy that kid of yours.
    It is nice to see a player that has his head on stright even after a few to many shots to it.
    This guy who I do not know is smart enough to know that at 32 after 10 years in the game it is time to move on good luck Jeff

  6. Good for him. He’s played 10 years and knows it’s time to hang it up.
    Anyone that thinks he’s a panzy should look at some of the older guys who have taken one too many hits to the head. They are in bad shape. Nothing is worth risking your health especially when you have a family to take care of and be around for. Besides, he’ll still be in football.

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