DeMarcus Ware carted off field in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware was taken off the field on a stretcher after suffering what appeared to be a head or neck injury in the fourth quarter of today’s game against the Chargers.

Ware was conscious, talking to teammates and giving a thumbs up sign as he was carted off the field.

The injury took place while Ware was rushing Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. As he charged into the San Diego backfield, Ware had a head-on collision with Chargers offensive tackle Brandyn Dombrowski.

Players on both teams were visibly shaken at seeing Ware down for several minutes. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was shown in his box covering his face with his hands.

UPDATE: Nancy Gay of FanHouse reports that Ware’s initial diagnosis is a sprained neck, that he has feeling and full strength in his extremities and that he is alert. Ware is headed to an area hospital for tests.

28 responses to “DeMarcus Ware carted off field in Dallas

  1. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was shown in his box covering his face with his hands.
    with a face like warm wax, he should do that 24/7

  2. Aint kharma a bitch? You keep cheering on a dirty player like Flozell and think something like this wont happen?

  3. Good to hear its just a sprained neck. I wish him a full recovery but not until after they play the Redskins

  4. Coach Jones has a lot to worry about as he just gave Ware a ton of his money. Looks like it may have been a bad stinger as he was waving both his arms at the crowd.

  5. The NFL will soon be the “No Contact League”, resorting to flag-football rules …
    Concussive injuries, head and neck trauma, catastrophic ligament and tendon damage … I can’t recall a season with such an emphasis on it all.
    With the size, strength and speed of today’s NFL player — greatly dwarfing even norms of just 5 years ago — these kinds of events are going to continue to proliferate.
    Worse yet, the attention to concussive injuries and attempts by players to “play safer” will only lead to MORE injuries or reports of them when they do in fact (or marginally) occur.
    Yes … the NFL has a real problem on its hands. I’m not sure how they’ll be able to fix it, either.

  6. And after Jerry Jones saw Ware moving his hands and feet, Jones questioned Ware’s toughness for not immediately getting back on the field.

  7. It sounds like Ware’s injury isn’t serious. Something to be thankful for.
    Meanwhile, the Cowboys appear to be on their way to losing this game. This will probably portend big changes in Dallas after the season. Something else to be thankful for.

  8. I hope Ware is Ok, but
    Since this is the ony Cowboy thread running.
    Vox, How was your evening?
    Oh yeah, you too ClapNasty? Have a good game?

  9. Looks like he was throwing up “The Shocker” on his way out.. Apparently he’s OK and wanted to communicate that he still has plans tonight..

  10. I like Jason Garrett, but running the ball THREE times on the goal line… that was sick. Just stupid.
    The boys gave that one away. Same story, different year.

  11. You never want to see a player carted off the field and I do hope he’s OK… On the other hand I always want to see Jerry Jone’s smug shit-eating grin wiped off though, especially in ‘JerryWorld’….Another lovely Cowboys December…..How ’bout them Boys Vox??? Another great Xmas present for the NFC East…Hop on the ‘Birds bandwagon Vox, there may even be a seat left for Cyberspace’s biggest ass-clown, errr, yeah you…..Woooooooooooo

  12. On a side note, Dallas is killing me as a fan.
    How do you not Fire Wade tonight?
    I love Folk, BUT F-THAT! Cut him, someone on the street has gotta be better.
    I thought Garrett called a great game. Romo was OUTSTANDING! This team lacks one thing and one thing only: DETERMINATION! You get that from a head coach and Wade is not it. Give Garrett a shot at this and let the team try to rally around them.

  13. “steeltownpride says:
    December 13, 2009 6:50 PM
    pussy ”
    awwww, your ass still sore from losing to the Raiders and Browns in back to back games?? The Steelers have now lost to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns. Please go back to your troll cave, you have nothing to be proud of.
    On to the topic at hand……there goes the season for my Cowboys. No playoffs again this year and a big change is definitely needed this offseason. New head coach, new OC, new kicker please.

  14. daniel, he was throw up a “d” and “W” for Demarcus Ware. Kind of like the gay “T” and “O” that the other idiot does. On a different note, I am happy that he is ok, I hate seeing anyone go down with an injury. Even if it is a Cowboy.

  15. It brought back fond memories of when Irvin was motionless at the Vet. Reids first win also.
    I do hope Ware is ok, doesn’t seem like the scumbag that irvin was/is.

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