Jets players believe Sanchez will return this week

The Jets won without Mark Sanchez in convincing fashion Sunday, defeating the Buccaneers 26-3.

That doesn’t mean there’s a quarterback controversy.  Sanchez will replace Kellen Clemens when healthy, and Jets players believe Sanchez will return this week, according to the New York Daily News. 

Rex Ryan was more secretive about Sanchez’s status, saying he expected Sanchez to be ready.  And then saying he’s not so sure. 

Clemens struggled against a poor secondary, throwing for only 111 yards on 23 attempts for a 4.8 yards per attempt average.  (Brad Smith had the longest completion of the day.) Still, Clemens did his job by handing off plenty and staying out of the way of the Jets defense.

Tampa’s offense is brutal, but Ryan’s defensive crew was still impressive Sunday.  Midway through the third quarter, the Bucs had 19 total yards.  (They finished with 124.)

The Jets will be favored again next week against a depleted Falcons team, whether Sanchez is back or not. 

A Jets season left for dead three weeks ago is very much alive at 7-6.

7 responses to “Jets players believe Sanchez will return this week

  1. Clemens was AWFUL if you watched the game.
    He did manage the game well, but Schottenheimer made SURE he didn’t get put in a bad spot. It was so much like the 2000 Ravens it wasn’t funny.
    Now, I wish we would have started out like this with Sanchez. I think going 3-0, and Sanchez looking like he can handle everything hurt the Jets some. It took Ryan getting involved to say, F this, let’s run the ball 40-45 times and see what happens. That’s what we should have done all along.
    The Jets have the #1 defense both scoring (take away the fact they’ve let up 7 return TDs… 5 against the offense, 2 on specials, they are the best scoring D in the league) and yardage. Teams will struggle, and Revis can just shut down any team’s #1.
    Think about next week. If Ryan doesn’t play, they’ll lock Revis against White, and then blitz like mad.

  2. If by fine you mean he handed the ball off pretty well? Clemens isn’t starting material. Sanchez sometimes makes bad passes under pressure, but at least they are under pressure. Clemens had a wide open TD with no one after him, and still missed.

  3. A Jets season left for dead three weeks ago is very much alive at 7-6.
    they havent beaten a team with a winning record, have Indy and Cincy on the schedule and Balt, Denver, Jax and Miami all have the tiebreaker over them.
    neither Jersey team is making the playoffs

  4. Great news…for whatever defense the Jets are playing in the last few games of the season.
    Sanchez = B U S T …bust,bust,bust

  5. I was very impressed with Clemens today. What impressed me was his awareness and decision making. In particular one play when he was about to be sacked while in the process of throwing the ball. The play had turnover written all over it. With Sanchez it likely would have been a turnover. Clemens pulled the ball down and protected it and took the sack. Clemens threw a number of other balls away that were somewhat risky throws. Balls that Sanchez may have gambled on.
    He had some rusty throws and he looked a bit hurried. But what do you expect from someone who has not played in 2 years. Timing and getting caught up to the speed of the game only comes by playing.
    What did impress me was his ability to step up in the pocket and some laser like throws he made down the field. That and long with the nifty play he made on the Woodhead pass was very impressive.
    What people forget is Clemens has less experience than Sanchez. He has played less games than Sanchez. But he looked a lot better than Sanchez has looked this year.
    But we judge QBs differently on where they were taken. 1st round QBs get 2-4 years before we label them a bust. QBs not taken in the 1st round rarely get a year to prove themselves. I am not saying Clemens would be a successful QB if given the chance. Just that he has never had the chance. Well not more than nine total games now. He does show some very good intangibles and some good decision making. I would love to see him against the Falcons next week.

  6. Mike,
    they beat the yuccaneers….please!
    and if the playoffs started today, they wouldn’t be in the conversation……
    let’s ad some perspective here.

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