McKenzie out of wild Sunday night game

Giants right tackle Kareem McKenzie suffered a sprained MCL Sunday night, and will not return to the game, according to NBC’s Andrea Kremer.

He’s going to miss the rest of a sloppy, but highly entertaining game.

Both the Eagles and Giants have made plenty of mistakes, but continue to score long touchdowns.

New York’s secondary continues to let the Eagles run free deep over the
middle, and Philadelphia’s secondary hasn’t been much better.

DeSean Jackson has a 72-yard punt return score and just added a 60-yard touchdown grab.  (He’s tied the NFL record with eight scores over over 50 yards.

The Eagles lead 37-31, with nearly 20 minutes of game time still left. Giddy up.

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  1. yes, i agree, in playing less than 10
    % of your teams’ offensive plays for the season and making over $2m PER YEAR is a great and sucessful experiment.
    sign me up for that experiment.
    oh and by the way – you have my full permission to misuse me however you see fit. (like the eagles ever had a clue how to use vick)
    you have shown your ignorance on all sides of the discussion- you should be eligible to report to 1st grade on monday morning!

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