Tim Ruskell could land in Cleveland

The latest name to be associated with the “Football Czar” position in Cleveland has been in the news lately for losing his job.

Deposed Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell could wind up in Cleveland, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  

According to Grossi’s source, Browns owner Randy Lerner has “a very high opinion” of Ruskell.  The article goes through some of Ruskell’s strengths, like his experience in the league and being the “cooperative sort.”

Here’s the part that will scare Browns fans: “Ruskell is not adamant in changing coaches immediately. Thus, it would
not be out of the realm for Ruskell to walk in and accept Eric Mangini in 2010,” Grossi writes. 

The article even goes out of its way to blame the loss of Steve Hutchinson to Minnesota by Ruskell’s regime in Seattle at the feet of Mike Reinfeldt, who then worked under Ruskell as a salary negotiator. (The source really likes Ruskell.)

The signs have lately been pointing towards the Browns hiring their personnel chief sooner than later

And with Floyd Reese and now Ruskell being  mentioned as candidates, it sounds like the Browns will get a “Czar” who has held a similar position elsewhere before.

22 responses to “Tim Ruskell could land in Cleveland

  1. Mmmmm….Go Fish. Noo thanks. He doesn’t have a very stellar draft history outside of perhaps Tatupu.

  2. Go with Reese, he’s proven to bring quality players in.
    With that, Lerner probably will hire Ruskell and have to hire again in a few years. What an idiot, good thing for Randy his father had some brains because this guy is lost.
    Remember the movie Braveheart? Remember the son of Edward Longshanks, the queer prince? That’s Cleveland’s impression of Randy.

  3. Lerner has a lot of ego riding on whether his latest choices for coach and GM are going to prove his incompetence as an owner.
    He moved quickly to snatch up Mangini when no one else was even interested in him. Then he made things worse by letting Mangini choose the GM instead of the other way around, and we all know how well THAT worked out.
    So what’s Lerner going to do?
    Lerner’s ego is dictating this one. He’s banking on the fact that with NFL parity Mangini can restore a once great NFL Franchise to Mediocrity so he can at least save face.
    Instead of hiring a GM worth hiring – i.e. one who would demand the right to re-build a team that Mangini was kind enough to disassemble – and hire his own coach as well – Lerner’s going to hire a submissive GM and hope the blind squirrel can find enough nuts to salvage his bruised ego.
    Too bad. Cleveland deserves better than the Raiders East.

  4. If that happens the Cleveland Browns will have boring drafts.
    Tim Ruskell loves seniors in the first round. They’re safer blah blah blah. But he doesn’t seem to realize that elite talent leaves school early so they can get a jump on their NFL careers and be younger when doing so giving more time to develop into even greater players.
    Also, the Hutch thing? Yeah, it was Ruskell’s fault. Holmgren TOLD HIM to FRANCHISE Hutch. Instead, he transitioned tagged him. Holmgren even argued with a reporter at the combine because of it.
    Honestly, I know that without Ruskell the Seahawks never would’ve made it to the Superbowl, but he can go F#@! himself.

  5. Really don’t know too much about Ruskell. What I do know is when he took over for Holmgren, Seattle went to the Super Bowl. Also, comparing his drafts to those of Holmgrens, I would say Ruskell is the more qualified person for a President type role.
    I liked the first rumor, stating Floyd Reese. And it would not surprise me to see Ruskell as the VP of Ops and Reese as the GM, retaining Mangini for 1 year so that his system can be given the opportunity to succeed. But everyone should notice, this is what it is…. Nothing but rumors on the internet from a source whose track record is to post before confirming with a good source.
    So, I for one, will let the season and the hiring play out for itself, not on profootballtalk with a Stoolers fan.

  6. hey faglio, just maybe mangini’s system is taking root….ya know after all your preaching that the players have quit and or hate mangini sounds like vindictive rhetoric….
    oh…my bad….the browns sure looked like a team that quit thursday didn’t they…and v san diego down 27-7
    i think your readers get it….you hate mangini for whatever reason, you haven’t said….convince us readers why you rail on mangini so much?
    stiff you for a date?

  7. Tim Ruskell? This guy is a stiff. He is right up Lerners alley. The Seahawks are a disaster. He spent picks and money and forced Deion Branch down everyones throats when he didn’t fit what they were doing . He wants to blame the gap guy for Hutchinson leaving, “wasn’t he in charge”. Forced Mora down Holmgrens throat. Ran Holmgren out of town. Forced Mora to hire his Defensive Coordinator Casey Bradley. He is not respected or liked around the NFL people thing of him as a pompous ass. He is certainly not the cooperative type. Another bad day for the Browns under Lerner. I’m going to give up my season tickets

  8. I don’t know, the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl I guess, but they are usually pretty irrelevant aren’t they? I’m a huge NFL fan and I often forget they exist…maybe it’s the west coast thing, but Ruskell wouldn’t excite me much.
    Also, Mangini earned another year. It’s been the worst season in franchise history, yet he was able to get them more up than a team fighting for their playoff lives…and they played extremely well, on D at least. I’d like to see one more year to be sure about him. So that would be the upside of Ruskell I guess.

  9. Here’s the part that will scare Browns fans: “Ruskell is not adamant in changing coaches immediately.
    Doesn’t scare me at all. If you change coaches you’re going to have a down year anyway so it’s a wash in my view. I’ve seen some light at the end of the tunnel in the past few weeks so if Mangini and the Browns finish out with the type of play we have experienced recently, I’m willing as a fan to say give him another year to show we’re headed in the right direction.

  10. kramer says: ….convince us readers why you rail on mangini so much? stiff you for a date?
    I’m no Mangini fan – but unlike Kramer I don’t hate him enough to start spreading rumor’s that he’s gay.
    Kramer – I hope you have some evidence to back up your charge that Mangini is a homesexual. Otherwise STF up

  11. Back off Florio. Don’t be a blind follower of the NY media that started all of this anti-Mangini $hit. Lerner jumped out & hired Mangini, yes. No other owner did. How will all of the media people go about backtracking when the Browns start making the playoffs? This team is getting better and it’s going to be a damn good team two years from now. What then? What sort of articles will you be writing then? If you want to be a leader instead of a follower you should start looking at the direction Mangini is heading with this team and report more objectively. You may just scoop all the big dogs that are constantly bashing the Browns’ head coach. I’m really getting sick to my stomach with all of your shots at Mangini while the team is getting better. Your constant bashing is BS. You may consider taking a job with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, you’ll fit right in with the psyco idiotic sports writers there. They are as big a part of the problem as anyone in the Browns organization has been over the past 7-8 years.
    By the way, this team was built like a house of cards. Mangini had the balls to knock it down. Now he’s rebuilding it. It’ll take a little time, but the initial results look promising. Get on the front end of this, not the ass-end.

  12. JoeSixPack nails it.
    The Randolph thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. Just wait, he’ll show you.

  13. “Now he’s rebuilding it. It’ll take a little time, but the initial results look promising. ”
    Is it the all-star draft class he brought in or the 2-12 record that is so promising?
    Just curious.

  14. Pork – To satisfy your curiosity: The draft is being portrayed as a failure. That isn’t the case. Mack, Massoquoe, Maiava are all three good football players. Robiskie is developing and looked very good against the Chargers. So a 6th round pick is not working out as of yet. Big deal, happens multiple times per year throughout the league. The $hitbags are gone. Shaun Smith, Braylon Edwards, Sean Jones, Andra Davis, Donte Stallworth, Louis Leonard, Jamal Lewis. Give me a break. Would you rather have a team full of those guys or 21 undrafted free agents that earn their paycheck every week? The two and twelve record is what it is. I’d rather be an improving 2-12 than 4-12 & getting worse like last year. No touchdowns the last 6 games last year? The team is getting better.

  15. Tim Ruskell ??? Floyd Reese ??? Mangini as coach in 2k10? With all they coaching/front office talent that is potentially right now, why would the Browns want to settle for this castoff from Seattle? He isnt a proven winner a-la Parcells Cowher Billick etc. Mangini has not earned a second year. 2 wins is hardly an overwhelming achievement.

  16. @LJ: the second round is not for drafting projects. First day draftees are expected to contribute, not struggle to be activated on draft day.
    As for getting rid of the “$hitbags”, as you call them: no matter who they brought it, housecleaning was going to happen. I give Mangini no credit whatsoever for getting rid of Winslow and Edwards, neither was going to re-sign here, and any coach or GM brought in would have gotten rid of them. Along with the other dead weight.
    The key there is, somebody competent would have gotten better value, and not traded them for table scraps.
    Mangini’s in over his head, he’s not competent as a HC, and he’s not competent in personnel as a GM. It’s OK, though, you don’t have to worry about him going anywhere, since The Randolph won’t make a change anyway. After he blows another draft class and sets the franchise back another five years, you’ll come around.
    An “improving” 2-12 team? Really? So you’re one of those fans drunk on the big victory over a lousy team on a five game losing streak, including losses to both KC and Oakland before Cleveland. Superbowl, here we come, right?!
    Pardon me for not burying my head in the sand there beside you.

  17. Oh, and LJ, I see that you’re cool with stretching reality to fit your perception and all, but crediting Mangini for getting rid of Jamal Lewis?
    See, I thought he retired, but you probably know better than me…. because what I saw this season, is a Jamal Lewis that should have been benched for better options on the roster long ago, but who Mangini stubbornly refused to bench and kept starting. But now you’ll praise Mangini for another “$hitbag” who’s gone? Maybe I was wrong, your head isn’t in the sand, it’s somewhere less accessible…

  18. Oh, and Stallworth too? How’d I miss that gem?!
    Did Mangenius orchestrated that whole DUI homicide to keep him away from Berea?
    He’s still a Brown, dumbass, and will be reinstated by the NFL following the Super Bowl.

  19. Good replies Pork, however I don’t agree with your opinions. Lewis was one of the few that Mangini couldn’t can right away due to locker room backlash. He’s gone, that’s what is important to the team. I shouldn’t have implied that Mangini got rid of him. That was a mistake.
    Whether Mangini is in over his head or not is yet to be seen. My statement about the team improving was not based solely on the win over Pittsburgh. Almost anyone could’ve seen that win coming. The Browns were showing improvement for the two previous weeks, and the Steelers were showing no heart for the previous 4 weeks. At -12 wind chilll you’d better bring heart into the game or else you’ll end up like the Steelers did. The San Diego game was exactly what it should’ve been, a beat-down by a damn good team over a rebuilding team. But the offense showed improvement in that game, even if they had nothing but three & outs in the third quarter.
    The UDFA’s that are playing well for the Browns will mostly end up as back-ups. But, the important thing is, the draft choices coming in will be forced to work for spots in the lineup over these guys. Nothing will be handed to them.
    Football isn’t rocket science. Yes, good play calling is important, etc…, but creating a “team” is the first thing that has to happen. You can’t do it the way the Browns organization has tried to do it in the past. If Mangini builds a good roster and then proves he can’t take the next step, fine. Then bring in someone else. But for now let the man be for doing what makes sense and let’s see what unfolds.
    To address your points more directly:
    More value for Kellen Winslow? A second and a fifth for a guy who wanted a new contract and has had four operations (at least) on his knee? Please.
    Braylon? Sucks. The Browns were shopping him for months. They ended up with Trusnik, Stuckey, & a third and fifth. Braylon was shopped hard and that was the best that could be had. Should we have let him walk at the end of the year? Tag him & pay a fortune for nothing? Keep him around and let his attitude infect the younger guys? How’s he doing now? People around the league weren’t going to overpay.
    The question here is how much value do you think they could’ve gotten out of those two guys, and why?
    Yes, housekeeping would’ve been done by whoever came in, but Mangini has gotten rid of the right players. He didn’t coddle the asses that have been in that locker room for years. Some who came in would’ve.
    Yes, Veikune is a project. If it was a swing and a miss, so be it. But we don’t know yet. The guy was touted by Hawaii’s D-line coach as being the hardest working guy he has ever coached. Don’t sell him down the river just yet.
    Let’s be civil. Are you a Browns fan? I’d like to know so I can see what the basis of your opinion is. Yes, I’m a Browns fan in Ohio.
    I really believe that Mangini is trying to build a team that understands open communication and teamwork. Personally I believe that those two things are the keys to success in almost everything in life. As a fan, I don’t want the team to be like the Browns of the last ten years, or like the Redskins, Cowboys, etc… Impersonal organizations. I want them to be a team. That’s what I believe is taking place and I don’t want it to be cut short.

  20. “Braylon was shopped hard and that was the best that could be had.”
    You’re arguing like I was in favor of keeping Braylon. I was not. He was not going to stay, and had to be traded–and the time to trade him was before his final season started. Once again, you’re not paying attention if you think that Mangini got top dollar for him in trade.
    The deal on the table going into the ’09 draft was the Giants’ 2nd rounder, plus a WR–Smith or Hixon, I don’t recall–and Mangini wouldn’t budge off a 1st round pick for Braylon. Do a google search, I’m sure you can find the exact details–it was reported widely, both here and elsewhere at the time.
    So as is typically the case with Mangini, he made the wrong personnel move, didn’t seize the opportunity he had before him, and ended up getting a worse deal in the end. Just like with Jamal, and DA, and so many other moves… Mangini makes the wrong ones, and circumstances in a few cases have covered up the mistakes.
    What if Braylon doesn’t punch that kid in the face, thereby punching his ticket out of town?
    And talk about Veikune all you want. Fact remains: the 2nd round is not where successful franchises and smart coaches pick projects. Those are players to make an impact, not to change positions, and keep inactive every damn Sunday like they have Robo. Maybe Veikune turns into a pro-bowler…. he still could have been had two rounds later. Or Robiskie. Everyone knew they were reaches on draft day, and their performance this year confirms assessment. And yet there are fans out there that spin that into an accomplishment for Mangini? Hey, maybe if he sticks around long enough we can aspire to be the Raiders and draft a kicker in the first round! As long as he’s got a big leg, right? Forget value… winning organizations never pay attention to draft value, right….

  21. Where did the Patriots take Patrick Chung this past draft? Safety from Oregon. Second round? Brett Lockett was a Browns pickup this year, undrafted safety out of UCLA. He was released by the Browns in the last cut. He is getting playing time with the Pats. So how much playing time does Chung get? Special teams? Where did the Steelers take Lawrence Timmons? First round? How long did it take him to crack the lineup? Two years, two and a half? Are the Patriots and Steelers not two of the most successful organizations in the NFL with highly respected front office people? That was off the top of my head. Digging would turn up many more cases of teams bringing draft choices along slowly. Every year. It’s prudent in many cases. Good organizations don’t push first and second round picks onto the field just because of their draft status.
    I don’t see Mangini as a Godsend. I’m not pimping him. But dude, relax about the draft choices. It takes time. The Giants never offered a first and one of those receivers, according to what news was actually released (if memory serves). What the Browns asked for and what they were offered are two different things. The Giants offered a second and any receiver other than Steve Smith, plus whatever else as a throw-in. We missed the boat to a degree, but not as badly as it sounds.
    I’d love to have Gene Smith or Bill Parcells in the front office. Is it going to happen? We’ll see.
    The DA move really was blown by Savage, not Mangini.
    I agree that Mangini should have benched Lewis, but like I said earlier there was the backlash concern. Jennings looks like good depth though, I might add.
    Did the punch accelerate Braylon’s departure? Yes, but he would’ve been moved by the deadline.
    Veikune would’ve gone in the third round at the latest according to Gill Brandt (he did agree that it was a round early, but the Browns had no third round pick). I absolutely trust what Brandt says about the draft.
    Conventional wisdom says that it takes three years to become a good pro wide receiver. The way I see it, Massoquoi is WAY ahead of the curve and Robiskie is right on it, maybe ahead. Receivers have a higher failure rate in the NFL than quarterbacks do.
    Now look at Mangini’s draft choices in NY. Revis, Mangold, Furguson, Harris, Washington, Gholston (bust). Yes there was a GM but Mangini had lots of sway in those picks. We want some of those guys.
    No kickers. Mangini isn’t going to be fired this year so we’ll see how the draft value question gets answered.

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