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29 Colts show up on injury report

It’s Monday, which means that the teams who’ll play on Thursday must submit a list of the players whose ability to participate in practice today were affected by injuries.

But since the teams who’ll play on Thursday also played on Sunday, they don’t practice on Monday.

Still, the injury report must be respected (except when fudging it).  And so teams have to estimate whether players would have practiced if there had been practice.

And if there had been practice for the Colts today, they might have needed to borrow a few players from Purdue; 29 of 53 men on the active roster would not have practiced.

That’s 54.7 percent of the entire team.

Actually, two of the players — defensive end Dwight Freeney and defensive back Antoine Bethea — would have missed practice in order to rest. 

So 27 of 53 wouldn’t have practiced due to injury, which is 50.9 percent.

The list comes less than a day after team president Bill Polian vowed to rest all injured players during the coming three-week postseason preseason, and on the same day that coach Jim Caldwell said he only would hold players out of Thursday night’s game if there is a “health issue.”

So, as of Monday, there’s a “health issue” with Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett, Raheem Brock, Donald Brown, Melvin Bullitt, Keyunta Dawson, Kyle DeVan, Ryan Diem, Eric Foster, Aaron Francisco, Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez, Kelvin Hayden, Tim Jennings, Charlie Johnson Jacob Lacey, Peyton Manning, Robert Mathis, Dan Muir, Jerraud Powers, Jamey Richard, Tom Santi, Clint Session, Chad Simpson, Tony Ugoh, Adam Vinatieri, and Reggie Wayne.

Why do we have a feeling most of these guys will have a “health issue” come Thursday?

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13 Responses to “29 Colts show up on injury report”
  1. filthymcnasty says: Dec 14, 2009 7:01 PM

    Sweet, more Injury Report drama! Keep us informed Florio!

  2. Gene Simmon's Tongue says: Dec 14, 2009 7:15 PM

    Wow, the Broncos really put the hurt on Indy yesterday, lol!

  3. CKL says: Dec 14, 2009 7:20 PM

    I give Florio credit. He slams the Pats for this like everyone else does…but he also slams other teams for it..UNLIKE everyone else does. That’s what I call fair.
    And I submit it IS a story due to Polian’s stance.
    It appears to be window dressing to bolster his belief in resting players and make it look more “legit”.

  4. Dan says: Dec 14, 2009 7:20 PM

    MJD 4 or 5 TDs vs the Indiana Hooshiers

  5. Stone says: Dec 14, 2009 7:35 PM

    Wow, this is like a New England Patriots move. They are openly thumbing their noses at the League, the Networks, their Fans, pretty much anyone with an interest in seeing the starters play full games or go undefeated.

  6. JCD says: Dec 14, 2009 7:35 PM

    You think Polian is going to piss off Manning and make Caldwell rest people? No way, Peyton calls the shots and Peyton wants to go undefeated, nobody rests until they lose, just like they have always done!

  7. lezmaka says: Dec 14, 2009 7:37 PM

    I bet if most teams had to file an injury report the day after a game, and if teams reported injuries like they are supposed to, the list would be pretty long.
    And most of those guys can’t sit with. A health issue because the Colts wouldn’t have enough players.

  8. Phyxsius says: Dec 14, 2009 7:57 PM

    I give Florio credit. He slams the Pats for this like everyone else does…but he also slams other teams for it..UNLIKE everyone else does. That’s what I call fair.
    And I submit it IS a story due to Polian’s stance.
    It appears to be window dressing to bolster his belief in resting players and make it look more “legit”.
    Yo moron. The Colts have had 20+ players on their initial weekly injury reports for the last three weeks.
    Wed, Dec. 7 = 20 players
    Wed, Nov. 30 = 23 players
    Wed, Nov. 23 = 25 players
    Also, the Colts can rest whoever they want “legitly”. That is their prerogative for winning all their games.

  9. Gautam says: Dec 14, 2009 7:59 PM

    The Broncos are not exactly a smash-mouth football team lol

  10. falcon70 says: Dec 14, 2009 8:28 PM

    Hmmm….isn’t this the same thing our mild mannered Bill Polian use to get so mad at the Patriots for doing.

  11. kpweaver27 says: Dec 15, 2009 12:32 AM

    Sigh. I have to waste my time and clarify things for a few of you. Lets break the injury report down here. Addai and Brown have been banged up and on injury reports for weeks; Brown hasn’t played. Simpson is an addition to the injured list. On the O-Line? DeVan, Diem, Richard and Johnson were banged up going into the Denver game; two were questionable. Peyton was probable with the glute injury, nothing changed there. Anthony Gonzalez has been out the whole season essentially. Tom Santi has missed several weeks with injury at TE.
    Defensively, the Colts have been hurt all year. Freeney and Mathis have missed time, and some of the players on the list have been hurt for awhile like Hayden. Hurt versus Denver were Powers, Lacey, Session, and Bullitt. The Colts have no one on that list without reason.
    To me, this is hilarious irony that people are critical for the Colts for posting too many injuries as the NFL is “investigating” Jacksonville for playing Mike Sims-Walker even though he was listed at doubtful.

  12. Jay16 says: Dec 15, 2009 1:36 PM

    The Colts organization is a joke. I used to be a fan, I mean I still am with the players, they have good to great players on that team. It’s too bad thier upper management holds them back from winning BIG games, it’s clear to me now. This organization is about resting players for that home playoff game to sell tickets, that’s what this is about. Any idiot knows players get hurt all the time, but they would rather save the big money players for the playoffs to sell tickets and tv ratings. Caldwell has a horrible record coaching before this gig, but is proving if you have Peyton Manning ,Will Ferrel can coach this team and they can win, so Caldwell maybe a step up from Dungy actually, who in my opinion was not really coaching the last 3 years. 2004 Tony Dungy was at his best, but unfortunatly when his son died tragically he probably unintentionally overstayed his welcome but was enabled by the begging of the Colts organization.

  13. Jag4Life says: Dec 15, 2009 1:43 PM

    Let’s be honest, the only starters that matter is Manning and Freeney. Everyone else is exchangable. It would be easier to win with Manning resting, but I want him playing. I want the Jags to be the ones to possibly end the undefeated season. The Colts got our number, I’m no fool, but if we can get this win and take that HUGE momentum into New England next Sun, that would be a big for the playoffs. See you Thurs night Colts.

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