Jerry Rice joins the chorus ripping Randy Moss

It seems everyone in and around the NFL has had an opinion today about the way Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss played on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

The latest opinion comes from Jerry Rice, the receiver regarded by many as the greatest ever to play the game. And Rice didn’t like what he saw of Moss on Sunday.

“For me, I was very shocked,” Rice said today during a guest spot on SportsCenter. “The thing about Randy Moss — we know that he takes a few plays off, but just watching him during that game, he didn’t have any effort at all. You want your best play maker to be playing his best around this time and it was unfortunate to see what he did yesterday.”

This isn’t the first time Rice has had something negative to say about Moss: Two years ago, when Moss broke Rice’s record for touchdown catches in a season and then dismissed the importance of that record, Rice called it a “slap in the face, but that’s typical of Randy Moss.”

But with Rice and Cris Carter, we now have arguably the two greatest wide receivers of Moss’s lifetime saying publicly that they don’t like the way Moss plays the game. It will be interesting to see whether Moss responds, either with words or with his actions on the field.

64 responses to “Jerry Rice joins the chorus ripping Randy Moss

  1. Whatg will be interesting is to see that Moss will say nothing at all because he doesn’t give a tail about what are, in his mind, two old guys. Moss is a thug and it is coming back out.

  2. Why is this news?? Its been KNOWN Randy Moss gets easily bored and lazy in games when he doesnt get the ball thrown to him enough and that hasnt changed SINCE HE WAS IN MINNESOTA!! If ANY of these guys actually watched the game instead of saying they do, this is the same guy who can be dynamic when he wants but can easily get bored and distracted during a game.. do any of you actually watch NFL games besides your local favorite teams??

  3. He won’t say anything, Belichick won’t let him. That is one thing I admire fiercely about Belichick, his level of player control. With the exception of Adalius Thomas of course, but the fact that there is such an uproar that Thomas even spoke to the media about internal matters proves how uncommon it happens. Gotta respect that, even though I hate the Pats and Belichick besides that.

  4. Rice is still pissed that Randy didn’t make an appearance on his radio show after Randy broke his single season TD record. Jerry looked good as a Seahawk though

  5. Speaking of a “slap in the face”, remember when Rice asked to use Steve Largent’s RETIRED number when he played in Seattle? What a class A ass. Yes Largent gave him permission, but only to keep from looking like an ass himself, which he would not have to me had he told Rice to suck one .
    And Bill Billichick says Rice never won anything.

  6. Why would it suprise anyone? He has no character. People like that can hide it for awhile but it will eventually come out.

  7. Is this the same Jerry Rice that finished his career with the Seahawks and Broncos because his ego is so out of control?
    Is this the same Chris Carter that said he “could have told Matt Millen to not draft Charles Rogers” even though when Rogers was paying Carter to train him he said “he’s the next Randy Moss”?
    If these are two of the best, I’d hate to hear the worst. Randy Moss has a back injury, he’s not gonna waste his season this time. He’ll flip the switch in the playoffs. And while you may not trust me, only a f—ing moron would trust Rice and Carter.

  8. When did Carter or Rice said they didn’t like the way Moss plays the game? When Moss plays the game he is one of the best in NFL history. Rice and Carter definitely would not dispute that.
    What they, and most people, don’t like is when Moss sulks about *insert any reason* and in turn plays down (or not at all) to competition.
    You can say they don’t like his attitude, his reaction to negativity, his reaction when his team struggles, but you can’t say you don’t like the way Randy Moss plays the game. Because when he plays, he REALLY plays.

  9. Really? All his records? Well Rice has Super Bowl rings and was a SB MVP, furthermore if you actually look at ALL Rice’s records there are some where Randy Moss would have to double his career to catch. And what kind of idiot thinks that because Jerry Rice played too long and Carter isn’t general manager means their opinions are useless. Randy Moss didn’t try hard, Rice said he didn’t try hard and she should have. Does anyone disagree with that? If you think he didn’t try hard fine, but assuming he did does anyone think Jerry Rice saying he should have is wrong? If so your an idiot.

  10. Through watery eyes Belicheat and Brady are currently thinking of some ways to shoot back at the G.O.A.T.
    Something about him dancing with the stars should do it.

  11. Wow, not much class from Jerry, which mildly surprises me.
    Hang on for two or three years beyond your ability to pad your statistics and you have the nerve to criticize Randy Moss for one game?
    Get real, Jerry.
    Or, get reality show, Jerry, to make yourself feel relevant.

  12. You can add Michael Irvin (A long-time Moss hater) to the list as well because he ripped Moss yesterday on the NFL Network.
    Look, Randy had a TERRIBLE game yesterday, and has been struggling for the past 4 weeks. Even so, Moss is among the top 5 in receiving yards and touchdown catches. There are many cynical sportswriters that are killing Moss right now (Mike Silver, Peter King to name a couple) calling him a dog, comparing his lack of effort to his days in Oakland. Does Randy deserve to be ripped? Absolutely, but to call him a dog is a bit misguided. It was JUST A BAD GAME. Silver and others want Randy to fail because they want to say,” I told you so!!” Well, last time I checked, Randy Moss is still one of the 5 best receivers playing right now and is one of the best receivers who EVER played the game.
    What worries me is when Randy’s done playing, will those same cynical writers who have Hall of Fame votes keep Randy out of the Hall of Fame because of his reputation?? Negative reputations have kept deserving receivers out of the Hall of Fame in part because of their off the field troubles. Michael Irvin had to wait 3 years to get in and Cris Carter still isn’t in and they both should have been first-ballot Hall of Famers, but their troubles off the field may have played a part in not getting in. I’m sure Moss will have to go through the same thing, and so will Terrell Owens.
    That’s why I think that Hall of Fame process should be changed. Players and coaches who are already in the Hall of Fame should be allowed to decide who is a Hall of Famer, not cynical, grudge-holding sportswriters.

  13. wahhhh! randy moss is a whiny baby. no motivation, all that talent and he plays when he feels like it. he’d statistically be the best if he gave half the effort. what a shame…

  14. Don’t enable great players when they could’ve been better. Moss will break many of Rice’s records but that doesn’t make him a better football player. Just means he has better stats. This isn’t fantasy football.
    Rice was also a great blocker as any RB will attest to he played with. DB’s didn’t know if a play was going to Rice or not because he played every play, therefore the entire team benefitted. If Moss would work as hard as Rice did with his skills (which are the greatest ever), the records Moss coulda, shoulda set would’ve have been unreachable for many years to come. Moss is great but he has still underachieved what he could’ve done.
    Receivers in my lifetime I’d take over Moss besides Rice because they played hard and their teams won because of it:
    Lance Alworth, Lynn Swann, Drew Pearson, John Stallworth, Charlie Joiner, Charley Taylor, Steve Largent, Art Monk, Hines Ward, given more time I’d come up with more. Hell, give me Don Hutson and I never saw him play.

  15. Why would he care? Randy is a super nice guy, one of the nicest players I have met. He isn’t a thug, and will not respond verbally to anything anyone says. He used to have much love for Carter, until Carter started telling him how to live his life. He will play like everyone still knows he can, and if you look at the games he has “messed up” in, he comes back lights out the next.

  16. Jerry is still mad that Randy broke his record 2 years ago because he can’t handle not being able to hold onto to every single record…..and he’s also mad that Randy has the best chance of anyone to break his career records not even going 100% so that narcissist can go suck it…..if jerry was a “classy guy” like everyone thinks he would not complain about his record being broken nor would he have worn steve largents #80 playing for the seahawks….and Chris Carter is a known liar so who cares what he says

  17. Jerry Rice and ego don’t go together. That man kept his mouth shut and just showed his skills on the field. So I say he has earned the right to call them as he sees them

  18. Who the heck cares what anybody says about Randy Moss? They wish they had his natural gifts. I swear, when you’re the best at what you do everyone has to take a shot. The guy simply can’t win among these fools. Good lord, imagine if he said how much breaking Rice’s record meant to him, then everyone would say how selfish he was and cared more about personal achievements. He can’t win.
    Go get ’em Randy!

  19. Moss does however give full effort when running over women with his car, not so much on routes over the middle.

  20. Carter nailed it 100% a year or so ago when talking about Moss. The guy didnt grow up with a father and is not comfortable being a leader, in any sense. We can be a great peer, he can perform magic on the field when working under someone (i.e. Carter, Brady) But if Brady is struggling, Moss cannot succeed as a leader. Its not a fault, its just the way some people are. Folks going nuts and calling the guy a thug need to step back and realize that sometimes folks just cannot function as a leader, they either cannot handle the responsibility, or in Moss’s case, have no idea what needs to be done.
    His time in Minnesota was best when he was with Carter and Cullpepper, who led the team. When he was here by himself or when culpepper strugled, thats when he had problems. (not that mooning those tards in GB is a problem)
    If he winds up back with the vikes, I’ll be happy as hell, its a dream team, and if Tjack could develop a little in his accuracy and field leadership, Moss could be tremendous here as long as he keeps playing the game, well after Favre rides his tractor into the sunset (hopefully not for a couple years).

  21. Some truths for the wise:
    Moss didn’t quit in the game, he never started.
    Everybody knows this.
    Brady and the Coach are doing what they have to do to try to salvage their season.
    Most all wide receivers are assholes. Except Wes.

  22. bustablood, good post.
    I’m so sick and tired of this demonization of Randy. It says more about our society than the individual .
    Its like the majority of people always has to have a villain, or create one. These people are so damn misguided. Hey, idiots, become more aware of yourself, then lets see if you continue spitting your hatred.

  23. For all you Moss apologists……here’s a suggestion: instead of bashing people for calling out Randy on shit he’s done at EVERY PLACE HE’S PLAYED, how about watching the tape. The proof is right there. We’re starting to see Problem Randy show his face again……like he’s done in Minnesota, Oakland, and now New England. It’s an indefensable position to say he wasn’t half-assing it yesterday. So stop trying. And yesterday wasn’t the first time he’s done it in New England…’s just the first time he’s done it such stunningly blatant fashion in New England.


  25. Randy Moss is probably the most freakishly athletic and effortlessly talented wide receiver to ever play the game. If he gave it his all every play, it wouldn’t even be fair. He would be smashing Rice’s records by now. Physically, he’s beyond capable.
    Seriously, I don’t think the game is even hard for this guy. Terrell Owens is one of the hardest working players in the league (despite his mouth working overtime) and he drops balls that Moss can catch with one hand behind his back and blindfolded.
    The other thing about Moss is that he isn’t an attention whore like Owens, Rice, Ochocinco, etc. He just runs around the field and does his thing, stays out of trouble, doesn’t have any negative words for the media, doesn’t try to draw attention to himself in the slightest… and he’s so good that the media makes him a story even when he seems to try to NOT get talked about all the time.
    This is the kind of guy, you just keep him happy and he’ll produce for you. And it seems like to me he’s talented enough that it’s worth doing it.

  26. “Randy Moss didn’t try hard, Rice said he didn’t try hard and she should have. Does anyone disagree with that?”
    I agree that you just called Rice a “she”.

  27. So… let’s recap. Randy and friends are late for work. Coach sends him home. Randy pouts. Everybody piles on.
    Coach sticks up for Randy. Circle the wagons…
    Looks like an advanced team building exercise… us against the media.

  28. bustabloodvessel says:
    December 14, 2009 7:30 PM
    Why would he care? Randy is a super nice guy, one of the nicest players I have met. He isn’t a thug, and will not respond verbally to anything anyone says. He used to have much love for Carter, until Carter started telling him how to live his life. He will play like everyone still knows he can, and if you look at the games he has “messed up” in, he comes back lights out the next.
    Ooooh! Can you tell us about more players that you’ve met? That would be swell!

  29. You get faster as you get older…Right Randy?
    Keep quitting on teams and pretend that ring pop
    is from a Super Bowl…..
    I love watching your window close.

  30. @ PatPatriotRules- Of course he would be a great player here. Randy wants to play and excels on good teams. We are…right now you are not. Simple as that. Come home brother Randy,Minnesota always loved you!

  31. Whatever he may have done before, as long as he’s been with the Pats, Moss has kept his mouth shut and played great football–which is a lot more than can be said for some of the media darlings at that position.
    I can’t stand the Pats, but all I see are retired and probably overrated receivers bashing a guy who’s breaking their records. He had one off game and his team still won. The only opinion that matters is his coach’s. And if Belichick thinks it’s a problem, I’m sure he’ll handle it.

  32. It’s pretty laughable to read people on this thread trying to discredit Jerry Rice in order to defend Randy Moss.
    Jerry Rice made the most of his talent and is really the first professional athlete of his kind – the guy who brought year-round non-stop training and really made it popular in all of sports.
    With Randy Moss’s amazing natural talent, if he had 1/10th of Rice’s desire and work ethic, Moss would already have 2 or 3 Super Bowl rings, and would be on pace to shatter Rice’s records in the next ten years.
    But he won’t. He’s a chump and a quitter.

  33. A. Thomas comes out and rips NE for sending him because he was late for a meeting. Moss stays quiet and then goes on a sit down strike during the game. Who’s the bigger turd?

  34. Cris Carter once said he would take Terrell Owens out back and shoot him. He said he would “take one bullet and put it right into him, BAM!”
    Now I dislike Terrell Owens, but…damn.
    And Cris somehow kept his job.
    These old guys must spend their days telling the neighborhood kids to get off of their lawn and saying they had to walk to games in 2 feet of snow. Uphill. Both ways.

  35. Michael Irvin ripped Moss. Yes, the same crack smoking, i’m gonna stab you in the neck, Michael Irvin.

  36. Yes and I know everyone posting here never had a bad day or one they couldn’t get motivated at work in any way shape or form. You’re all perfect of course.
    Well here’s something for you people to think about. Moss had a bad game, probably one of his couple worst as a Patriot. Even so the Panthers had to double cover him every single play because Randy is so good even when he’s at his worst he’s better than almost anyone out there.
    They all know that because if they thought otherwise they would go man cover on him when he’s having one of those crappy games. But they all know that even on a really bad day, if you single cover Moss he will still torch the living sh*t out of almost anybody in the league.
    And while the defense is concentrating on Moss, Welker and the rest rip you to shreds. So eat a few bites of that while you’re pissing on the guy.

  37. Why do Viking fans talk about Randy with so much love? Face it Randy is a Patriot. He played his best ball as a Patriot and will enter the HOF as a Patriot. You should be worrying more about the int Favra is gonna throw in the playoffs to end your season. And Carter and Irvin are two coke heads who embarassed their wife and kids and Rice disrpected an all time great Steve Largent so them criticizing Randy doesn’t carry any weight with me.

  38. Is this what passes as football analysis on the Florio Football Camp site, w/ special guest star, Keith Olbermmannnn.

  39. It’s not like Rice and Carter don’t have an axe to grind, right? Not very unbiased, and probably a bit of jealeousy mixed in.
    F those bitter old dudes.
    Screw them, screw the sportswriters looking to stir things up with Moss and cause dissent on the Patriots, and screw the idiot fans here who only know enough to spout off half-cocked to get ther anti-Patriots blasts in.
    Moss had an off day. He hasn’t had a good solid game in a couple of weeks and is drawing double coverage. Welker is my favorite Pat’s player and does a damn good job, but even I realize how many opportunites he’s getting with Moss getting double coverage all the time these days.
    Yet he hasn’t said a word publicly about being unhappy, even when sent home by Belichick last week. Moss has been a flat-out stud and model citizen since coming to New England, and while he’s never been a great blocker ANYwhere, his abilities to get open and make the catch – YES, EVEN IN THE MIDDLE – are well known and respected by Patriots fans.
    All you assclowns can spout off all you want about Moss being done, and laying down, but New England fans have seen this guy produce all season up until the last couple of games. Tom Freaking Brady stood up for Moss today, that tells me everything I need to know about the man.
    There isn’t one of you douchebags who wouldn’t cream your pants right now to have Randy Moss on your team, and you know it.
    Thank God Belichick has Moss keeping his cool and not reacting to all these dip$hits, Rice and Carter included.

  40. “And Carter and Irvin are two coke heads who embarassed their wife and kids and Rice disrpected an all time great Steve Largent so them criticizing Randy doesn’t carry any weight with me.”
    Wow. Just…….wow.
    If I didn’t find stupidity so funny, I would hate this board.

  41. Mike Reiss of ESPN has a list of the offensive skill players (other than Brady) and the amount they played on Sunday. Moss had four horrible plays out of 71. He played more plays than any other skill player and was double and tripled teamed throughout the game, clearly opening the field for both Wes Welker’s underneath patterns and the running game (both excelled). Only fair to show both sides to this story.
    WR Randy Moss – 71 of 75
    WR Wes Welker – 60 of 75
    TE Chris Baker – 50 of 75
    TE Benjamin Watson – 48 of 75
    RB Kevin Faulk – 32 of 75
    RB Laurence Maroney – 32 of 75
    RB/FB Sammy Morris – 29 of 75
    WR Julian Edelman – 21 of 75
    WR Isiah Stanback – 18 of 75
    TE Mark LeVoir – 9 of 75
    WR Matthew Slater – 3 of 75
    FB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – 2 of 75

  42. Of course everyone in or around the NFL is going to have an opinion on Randy Moss when their all asked about it.
    Half the people that have talked about it probly wouldnt have acknowledged it if they werent asked about it.
    What would you expect Rice or Carter to do when their asked about it. Just look at the guy or say I have no opinion? No of course thats not going to happen.

  43. Moss got kicked out of a school that had a certain idiot 60IQ playing corner who now plays for the Chargers. Kicker who was drunk and on estacy whos on the Raiders. And Moss got kicked out, go figure..

  44. PurpleNGold says:
    December 14, 2009 7:02 PM
    when signed with the Vikes,
    Brett will feed Randy footballs.
    unstopable force!
    You forgot a “p”.
    More likely, Brady gives him a “get on board” speech and he torches the next three teams the Pats play.

  45. I don’t why Rice is taking personal shots at Moss..
    You can’t make comments like that on face value..did Rice call up moss and asked him what was up with his game..I don’t think so..
    So back off the guy had your days..

  46. Moss is the thug here? Rice should stay quiet. He looks like a jealous child here. He ripped Moss for breaking his record. He stated that it was a slap in the face, and it was typical of Moss? Umm, what was Moss supposed to do, not catch the TD that gave the Patriots the first perfect 16 game regular season in NFL history? How is that slapping Rice in the face? In fact, Moss gave Rice his due when interviewed, mentioning that Rice made his record in just 12 games. So THAT was the slap in the face?
    Here is what Rice should have said: “I was so happy when people were commenting that Moss wasn’t trying. I wanted to jump up and down and crow that he isn’t better than me. I know everyone has been thinking that and now I get to rip on Moss, so I am taking the low road, and giving my opinion here instead of acting with any class at all. How dare he break my record! It was MINE! It is all I have that makes me feel good about myself, and he went and broke it!”
    I have something to say to you Rice. If I take it at your word that Randy is lazy and gives up all the time, and he STILL beat your record, does that mean he is better than you even when he isn’t trying? Imagine how much better than you he must be if he really tried!


  48. The genius of Belichick. Manufacture a rallying cry for the team, and watch them pick up steam headed into the play-offs. The Us vs The World mentality has payed off handsomely before.

    “Never” and “anything” are absolute terms that betray your bias.
    In Super Bowl XLII, Moss scored the go ahead touchdown with 2:42 left in the fourth quarter on a 6 yard pass from Tom Brady. It was a clutch drive that would have won the game and delivered a 19-0 season but, alas for the Patriots, the defense could not hold the Giants. In that year alone, Moss had a major impact on 18 wins.
    I believe Moss has played about 12 seasons in the NFL, all but two of which he has had over 1,000 yard in receptions. He does more to impact the opponent’s defensive positioning than any player (playing a positon other than quarterback) during his years in the NFL.

  50. Wow, Randy has one bad game and now he’s gone back to his old ways as a Viking and as a Raider? Common man, give me a break.
    It was a bad game people. Get over it!!!!! We don’t know if he was sick or he could have been having family issues. None of us go to work and work hard everyday.
    I will take Moss over almost every reciever in the league any day.

  51. Jerry Rice should STFU. His time in the spotlight is over. The same goes for Cris Carter, Meshawn Johnson, and all the other so-called “experts” who think they have a right to judge.
    Moss is now you guys are then.
    I’ll rely on Belichick and Brady’s analysis as to what’s going on with Moss.

  52. Look at all the CHUMP Pats fans who are CRYING because Moss is getting exposed as the crybaby that he is.
    The Pats STILL haven’t beaten ONE SINGLE GOOD TEAM this season and they won’t the rest of the way. LMFAO!!!!!

  53. Kool Herc says:
    Randy Moss isn’t fit to wash Jerry Rice’s jock strap.
    And if anyone knows exactly how ‘fit’ you have to be to handle Rice’s balls, it’s certainly you.

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