Charlie Frye to start Sunday

The JaMarcus Russell era in Oakland has reached a new low.

Raiders coach Tom Cable said on a conference call Wednesday that Charlie Frye will start Sunday for the Raiders.

Russell, the top pick of the 2007 draft, is essentially the third quarterback in Oakland.  Bruce Gradkowski, twice released in his brief career, passed him first.  Frye is on his third team in three years and now has also passed Russell.

It’s quite a statement by Cable and the rest of the Raiders organization.  Many observers thought Russell couldn’t be benched earlier this year because he was Al Davis’ guy.

Now he’s getting benched for a new journeyman quarterback every month.

And with J.P. Losman joining the roster, the number of Oakland quarterbacks that have passed Russell could climb again soon.

70 responses to “Charlie Frye to start Sunday

  1. OUCH!

  2. Somewhere Jeff Garcia is saying “Damn why didn’t I keep my mouth shut!”
    This year is lost, but individually this is a great opportunity for Frye to either prove himself to the Raiders for next year or another team looking for backup help.
    If Frye is truly the dedicated and hardworking teammate that he has been described as in certain Raider media circles, he has MUCH better of chance of rallying the team around him than JR would at this point in the season.

  3. It’s especially bad when you read “Charlie Frye to start Sunday,” and the first thought is “For who?” For the team that just drafted a quarterback #1 two years ago.
    Ryan Leaf might just be smiling somewhere. At the very least, he might have a partner in the “biggest bust” conversation from here on out.

  4. watch Frye light it up for the rest of the season
    its amazing how this organization is still functioning

  5. Oh man i feel guilty being happy when a fat ass like JaLardus constantly fails… what am i saying, i’m not feeling guilty, it FEELS GREAT!!!
    JaLardus why do you think Frye is starting over you???
    JR: I don’t know man, you know what I mean? tell you the truth im shocked…
    Reporter: JaLardus, do you think your weight and overall inept performance this season is the cause of your benching?
    JR: huh, i though i was an an MVP candidate this season, i think i deserve that, coach must be trippin punching chicks again… by the way, what is the fastest way to McDonalds from here?
    Oh JaLardus!!! I going to enjoy your downfall!!!

  6. That is probably the second smartest move the Oakland Raiders have made since the bench JaMarcus Russel for Bruce Gradkowski move.

  7. living in cleveland and watching everybody blast mangini for ‘screwing up’ the draft.. b/c he picked a local wr in the 2nd round.. its refreshing to see that mangini isn’t the only person in the nfl that drafted a bust..
    funny thing was.. when we had the #3 pick in that draft.. our esteemed gm savage tried trading up for this guy… thank god davis is more of a schmuck than the browns.

  8. pftfanboy says:
    December 16, 2009 1:24 PM
    what kind of penalty are the Raiders looking at if they let him go after the season?
    If you asking about salary cap hit, there is none because the CAP in not in effect next year. I think they should keep him as 3rd string and teach him a lesson.

  9. When are teams going to learn that a QB has to have smarts. You can’t teach them the game and they will not learn how to read defenses, etc if they aren’t football smart. Talent is wonderful, but it doesn’t matter if you’re stupid.

  10. They pretty much had to start Frye after the Oline showed Jabustus what they thought of him by letting the Skins take target practice on him. It’s obvious the players are done with him. If you don’t work hard and play poorly, your teammates wash their hands of you. That’s happened in Oakland, and the Raiders appear to be looking at other options going forward. It’ll cost them plenty if they cut him, but with no salary cap next season, this is the time to do it when they won’t be affected by the cap hit.
    Another lazy fat tub a shit who didn’t care enough to get better. Leaf definitely has company now.

  11. Charlie Frye is a good leader. He probably isn’t the future (Russell isn’t either), but he will get the offense to play for him. Good luck Raider fans, coming from a Browns fan, I feel your pain.

  12. I watched (in person) several of Frye’s games when he was in college. As a matter of fact, I watched Frye and Josh Cribbs go at it their senior year at Dix Stadium in Kent. Frye and Akron won that matchup mainly because of Frye’s ability to throw on the run. He had to due to poor protection. Cleveland tried to make him a pocket passer (with a so so line )and that wasn’t him. He’s smart and has a decent arm.

  13. “# pftfanboy says: December 16, 2009 1:24 PM
    what kind of penalty are the Raiders looking at if they let him go after the season?”
    If there is no cap hit, none.
    Actually, they’ll save $$ on team meals.

  14. i love how some brown fans are saying we had the biggest draft bust when picking up JRUSS. Funny thing is they traded away a 1st round pick to get QUINN in the first round of that draft and they both suck!!!

  15. thekillerkeller says:
    Biggest bust since David Klingler…
    Not funny…. Jafatass ATE Klingler as a snack in Week Three. Didn’t put a dent in his appetite, sad to say.

  16. I thought Frye looked decent in preseason, I specifically remember him running in for a touchdown, and as a defender was coming at him he jumped towards the corner and out of bounds, just hung his arm out and got the TD. It was a pretty awesome play. They say he knows the offense like the back of his hand, and I’d guessing the O-line will try to protect him more.

  17. StevePhillipsLikesFat/UglyChicks says:
    December 16, 2009 1:48 PM
    Can a career get ANY lower when Charlie Frye starts ahead of you??
    Yes it can – When Al Davis calls up Jeff Goerge or Aaron Brooks to start after Frye gets hurt!

  18. thanks Raiders177.
    for some reason i thought with his monster rookie deal still in place, if the Raiders dumped him, it would cost them a ton to do so.

  19. Charlie Frye, Charlie Batch, it doesn’t matter. The Radiers are a terrible team, play in a terrible city, and have terrible fans. Yea I know, Batch plays for the Steelers. I just liked the bit so I went with it. I’m just stealing “The Common Man” Dan Cole’s material here.

  20. This proves that “many observers” like you, are full of BS, and do not know of that which they speak concerning the Raiders.
    Shut TFU and report on an even keel.
    Davis does not control the sun, the moon and the earth in Alameda, he does oversee, but cedes control to those that earn the right, like Cable has, by keeping the team motivated and being loyal (Davis’s #1 credo)
    We had to see what we had in JRuss this season, the obvious first QB in his draft class, and a no brainer for a team needing a QB. He is our first, but not the the league’s first, whiff as the top 1st Round QB selection. The need to give him time to sink or swim, derailed our season. I get the feeling that the experiement is over. After seeing his pocket presence, thank God.

  21. i forgot about the possibility of there being no cap next year.
    thanks for clearing that up.
    btw – i dont have a problem with a young QB needing time to learn. i just hate all the responses Jemarcus has given for his poor play. and i dont like the way he said he wouldnt consider restructuring his deal.

  22. DeBoe…
    Raider fans are all over the world so get over it.
    The Raiders are last in scoring Offense. You get a half decent QB and Offensive Cordinator the Raider would be 6-7 right now..

  23. DeBoe, obviously you know absolutly shit about the Raiders Fans and Orginization. If any fan can put up with the shit we’ve had to endure and still call themselves a fan says alot about what kind of fans the Raiders have. I’d love to hear what team your a fan of.
    Anyways Frye played great for us in the Preseason, hopefully his knowledge of the offense gets us a couple wins before the end of the year!! Jamarcus has lost the Team and the Raider Nation….time to cut our losses. It’s going to be painful with the money we invested…but if this alone doesnt make the NFL come up with a rookie pay scale I dont know what will.

  24. # raiders177 says: December 16, 2009 2:35 PM
    “I have terrible news, Russell is playing Sunday. He ate Frye and Losman.”
    When he heard that Frye was starting, he was reminded that french fries will always be there to ease the pain. The jersey-shaped, diamond-encrusted McNugget he wears around his neck also helps to get him through the the hard times.

  25. what is f*cked up about the situation is that this dumb mutherf*cker russell does not even care.he knows he’s gotten paid and nobody can tell him to cough up back all that money.thats what is f*cked up about all this.the system is f*cked

  26. I think regardless of whatever kind of cap hit they would’ve faced had there been one in place for next season, it still would have been worth cutting him and getting a 1 year fill in instead of keep shoveling money into that worthless turd so he can sit on the bench with his pubic hair mohawk and his muffin top love handles drinking Gatorade and watching the game from his ass, not listening to his QB coach or Offense coordinator.
    This is the biggest reason why paying unproven college players giant contracts and huge signing bonuses is such a bad idea. ESPECIALLY QUARTERBACKS. This position requires so much – intellect, study, quick thinking, solid fundamentals, and accuracy, there are just so many variables that don’t translate from the college gridiron to the NFL.
    The NFL needs to institute a cap for drafted rookies, in which they start with a basic contract signing price. THEN, after they’ve proven their worth, the contract renegotiation can be put into play. I’m not saying starve them, but $60+ million dollars with $45 million guarenteed is rediculous for someone who’s never taken a snap in the NFL. They threw all that cash at Russell, with no guarentees on how he’d perform. Now they have a $45 million dollar bench warmer.
    And what kind of incentive is that to do well, in all honesty? If I walked into a new job, and my boss told me he’s going to deposit $45 million dollars in my bank account, all mine, guarenteed, but he still would like me to work hard, study, etc. Why would I? He can’t take that money back if it’s guarenteed, so for all I care, I can go on vacation, or show up at work and drink Gatorade and sit on the bench all day.
    The system is broken, and it needs to be fixed.

  27. Thanks to everyone for supporting Oakland. the Raider stories consistently get the most replies, even if half of them are brainless “raiders suck” remarks. But it goes to show how important the Raiders are to the NFL.
    On point, Russell had his chance last week and before ever playing since being benched, promised “a new Jamarcus” Call me crazy but the new Jamarcus looked a lot like the old one. This is his last chance. Oakland is playing Frye knowing he will fail and Russell will be in by halftime. Smart move by the Raiders and IMO the absolute LAST chance Russell will get in Oakland.

  28. JaMarcus Russell – 1A.
    All we need is a meltdown of some significance and he surpasses Ryan Leaf.
    Although, if you look at it another way, you could say that Ryan Leaf showed anger about his poor play, therefore showing SOME sort of desire to be an NFL quarterback. Russell has shown a total disregard for, well, everything that doesn’t come on a plate.
    With this, all should officially dub Russell THE biggest bust in the history of the NFL.

  29. Tom Cable is perfect as the main character in an old Irish novel about a drunkard in charge of a farm. Nuff said…

  30. Mule fans celebrating already.
    You for got last year. Russell torched your pathetic franchise.
    The Raiders destroyed the Broncos at Nabisco venue via last year.
    Raiders 30 Jack A…….s 10
    McDaniels poops his pants!!

  31. YES! JaBustus must surely see the writing on the wall now. And screw Dumbervil – that midget ain’t gonna get near a QB on Sunday.

  32. Hey! I personally love Ja Marcus Russell.. Further more, I really would like him to start.. I prefer him to any other qb in the league… As a Bronco fan,, I really wish that Tom Cable would honor Al Davis wishes and start Jamarcus this sunday..
    Can they bring back James Jett??
    Oh wait.. They have Darius Heyward Bey. That will do..
    While I’m at it, is there any way to bring back
    William Joseph?? Really liked him too..
    Bronco fans love and respect Al Davis draft pics..

  33. Is it too late to transition Jamarcus into a left tackle? Can you imagine his smile when they tell him he will have to “put on” 30-40 pounds!

  34. Somewhere, Lane Kiffin is grinning ear to ear. Remember the presser Davis gave after he fired Kiffin, showing that letter where he said he knew Lane didn’t want Russell, but he should deal with it? I don’t care much for the way Lane conducts himself, but he sure was right about JaMarcus, and lost his job because he stood up for his opinion.

  35. Maybe Denver fans have forgotten last year. Why shouldn’t they? That was one of the worst defenses the league has ever seen; and this year they have one of the league’s best. It was no great feat for Russell to torch them LAST YEAR. Everyone did.
    But we do have something to go by THIS YEAR.
    Russell in Game 1: 12 of 21 for 61 yards with 2 INTs and a QB Rating of 22.6. (Yes, those are real numbers.)
    As odd as it sounds most Broncos fans are exponentially more afraid of Frye than they are of Russell, and fittingly the Broncos defense won’t underestimate him either.

  36. Jamarcus reminds me of Patrick from spongebob squarepants. The similarities are amazing. Please god don’t let Charlie Frye get hurt this weekend.

  37. This reminds me of the time where the team had to choose between Rick Mirer and Tee Martin.
    I totally agree with this decision to go with Frye rather than Russell simply based on how the offense played when #2 finished out the game. It’s almost like the o-line was letting him get sacked. The guy has nothing between the ears except visions of going to the club after the game and eating at a strip club buffet. I’ve been watching pro football almost my entire life and I’ve never seen a guy with a more extreme lack of pocket awareness than #2. Heh, how proper that he’s #2 since that’s how he plays like every time he steps on the field.
    Future-wise, he’s gotta go without any hesitation. Bruce has to stay, either as the starter or backup. Vick might be an intriguing option, but I would personally prefer someone with a trackrecord of managing games and limiting mistakes. Can’t think of an upcoming free agent QB that fits that bill, but I’m sure there will be at least 1 out there willing to play for Al. As far as the draft goes, it’s gotta be defensive and offensive linemen and then maybe spend a late pick on a development-type QB in hopes that guy can be an effective backup or spot starter.

  38. @Red13, know what you are talking about before you post, Kitten got fired because he WANTED to get fired, and antagonized AD as much as he could to achieve that end.

  39. Umm why is it a new low for Jamarcus? It shouldn’t be Frye is better than him and Gradkowski look at the numbers. Frye will do better than both of them he was a 2nd round pick so obviously he has some kind of talent.

  40. Hey Big Bronco…..or better yet any other denver fan that wants to knock the Raiders picks…..lets take a look at your last 10 1st round picks….
    2000-Deltha O’Neal- Not too bad…he’s tenured thats for sure
    2001-Willie Middlebrooks-hmmm I think he plays in the Canadian football league now
    2002-Ashlie Lelie-Ha d a good year or 2 in the NFL
    2003-George Foster-Tearin up the practice squad of the Cleveland Browns
    2004-D.J Williams-Good Tackler, wouldnt say he’s a great 1st rounder though
    2005-No Pick
    2006-Jay Cutler-Obviously Brandon Marshall made him good
    2007-Jarvis Moss-HAHA, the guys played 20 games in 3 years
    2008-Ryan Clady-Not too bad so far. The jury is still out
    2009-Knowshon Moreno-Hmmmmm
    We can break down every NFL teams drafts the last 10 years and the majority of the picks are not gonna be great. Occasionally you strike gold, but alot of the time you get screwed.

  41. WTF does last year have to do with anything??????????????
    New coaches, new systems, new qb, last year doesn’t matter. And draft choices? Most will tell you its a crapshoot.
    Ask Steeler fans about this year. That is all anybody cares about.
    Can the Raiders beat the Broncos with Frye? Yes, its possible.
    Can the Raiders beat the Broncos with Russell THIS YEAR? No, he regressed.
    And all the names everyone calls each other on this site is just plain childish. Give it a rest.

  42. look,, let this be the last post.. Denver loves Al Davis draft pics.. And old # 2 Ja Marcus is one of the very best pics of all time.. Of course we really liked the Darius Heyward Bey pic as well..
    Here in Denver, we just wish that Tom would respect Mr. Davis draft pics and 1960’s offenses and defenses..
    Sure glad Gruden is gone
    Glad Gannon is gone.. ( hated Gannon )
    Glad Gannon has been baned from Raider anything..
    Love and giddy about John Herrera.. He’s the best..
    Al, please never die.. live forever, cause we love
    you here in Denver..

  43. Sorry, this will be the last post. Denver 09 squad is a paper lion. Donkos should beat the Raiders….but that’s about it.

  44. ignoringthehaters says:
    Thanks to everyone for supporting Oakland. the Raider stories consistently get the most replies, even if half of them are brainless “raiders suck” remarks. But it goes to show how important the Raiders are to the NFL.
    Yes, those “brainless Raiders suck” comments really are too much.
    And you’re right, ignoringthehaters (an insipid handle if there ever was one), the Raiders are important to the NFL. Without a worst franchise, you can’t measure the best.
    Raiders fans are to the NFL what those “People of Wal Mart” galleries are to the Internet – mirthlessly amusing.

  45. And Drafty is just a sanctimonious clown. I’m sure you need to look up sanctimonious if you even know how to use a dictionary. And about your moronic handle, are you referring to your brain? Well, I am you clown.

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