PFTV tackles the latest Randy Moss controversy

We continue to be intrigued by the latest brouhaha involving a certain temperamental receiver who by all appearances put forth minimal effort on Sunday against the Panthers.

There’s another side to the coin, which we’ll be dealing with soon. 

For now, we’ll continue to focus on the side of the coin on which we’ve been focusing — the side of the coin that says “I play when I wanna play” where “E pluribus unum” otherwise would be.

33 responses to “PFTV tackles the latest Randy Moss controversy

  1. The Cheats are a mess. Now everyone in that org’s making excuses, and their fans are blaming everyone else. The northEastSoxandPatriotsNetwork can’t save ya’ll this time.

  2. Moss has always played receiver like a f’in p*y. It’s just gotten worse since he is in his 30’s now, the guy would rather go out to his car and roll up a doob than go over the middle for a catch.
    Same thing happened to T.O. in his 30’s, if you’ll notice he is now a complete p*y and avoids contact whenever possible.

  3. I’m gonna take Greg Cosell’s words over yours, Florio, and he says there’s nothing to see here.
    Have you already forgotten those reports from earlier this year that Moss’s back is so bad he can barely get his uniform on? You don’t think he’s saving himself for the postseason? I’m not a Patriots fan, and I live in LA, and I seem to know more about this than you. That’s f—ing sad, Florio. I’m gonna quote Chris Carter here. Your effort today is “pathetic”.

  4. Hey Mike, isn’t the teet about dry on this one?
    Tell you what, I’ve posted here pretty much everyday for a couple years now and I too am putting your site on probation.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Mike, do me a favor, go shoot yourself with this information. I could careless about this soap opera and you always manage to piss me off with this useless information.

  6. Hey Randy Moss used to be a viking. Come on people. We can get 80 more posts on here about why the vikings and packers suck. Lets see:
    -No championships
    -Fair weather fan base
    -Team potentially moving
    -Haven’t won anything yet
    -Fans are hicks, fat, stupid etc…
    -Easy schedule
    -Haven’t beat a good team
    -are envious of viking greatness whether its been achieved or not
    Does that about cover it?

  7. I’ll also take Hoge over you:
    “I’ll say this: he didn’t take a play off, not one play did he take off,” Hoge said, emphatically. “Just to add to that, I’d say 60 percent of the time, Tom Brady didn’t look to his side, based on the coverage. He knew he was being taken out of the game.”
    Game over, Florio. Stop phoning it in.

  8. I find the attack on Moss’s character a bit much don’t you think? Especially when it’s based entirely on whether or not he goes all out on every play. The whole walk a mile in his shoes argument applies. None of us really knows who he is as a person and I find the character attacks over the top. Hey, so he takes plays off. He also performs amazingly when he doesn’t. Is he a net positive for the team? Of course. Would he be a much more laudable figure if he didn’t take plays off? Sure. And maybe he’ll come to this conclusion himself. But to say he’s not an asset and use him as a whipping boy for the Pats problems is very unfair. He’s had to put up with this his entire career and yet he’s been one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game. There’s something wrong here.

  9. Man, all these morons in here talk about is the Patriots and their “cheating”…..are you’ll really this dumb?
    Let me edamacate you tards a bit…….
    1) Every team that gets the opportunity to cheat, will
    2) If any of you in here ever played the game, you might realize that knowing or THINKING you know what is going to happen isn’t all it is cracked up to be.
    3) Ask any coach, if any team can beat any OTHER team with their own playbook, their own calls, their own audibles, they deserve to win period
    4) Funny how only moronic posters are the only ones that ever talk about the “cheating”. All the people in the know (i.e. sportcasters, players, etc) know there is nothing to it and don’t really mention it.

  10. Damn Florio, you do nothing but create controversy for site hits. Give up on Moss already! Most here think you are 100% wrong and those that do agree do not have much football knowledge to begin with!
    Btw, fix your video.

  11. I didn’t bother to watch the video Florio, but did you mention anything about there’s something good going on in Minnesota and Moss wants to be a part of that?

  12. So why don’t more people get on Steve Smith’s case for having numerous bad games this season? An elite receiver who is having the worse season of his career, let’s just automatically say he has given up on his team too…
    Everyone is over reacting Randy Moss is still considered one of the elite WR’s in the game, sorry he can’t have a 10 catch 200 yard 3 td game every week, ease up on your what if he cost you a win in fantasy football don’t throw him under the bus because of one bad game.

  13. The guy has 1074 yards and 9 TDs this year with 3 games left to go. On his worst game in years the Panthers still had to double cover him and lost the game. They knew damn well the moment they tried to single cover him that even on his worst day he would had shredded them.
    But that’s not enough. The Pats are the division leader but that’s not enough either. All the little children her using mommie’s computer seem to think the Pats are finished.
    Sorry little ones, you can go back to sucking your thumbs and watch your team sit out the playoffs while the Pats are in them.

  14. Hi-five Florio. I’ve said the exact same things you just said for better than 3 years now.
    I called it (and if you’ve read the posts over the years, you’ve probably seen it). When all the media outlets were calling Moss a changed man in New England and Bellichick has him whipped into shape, blah blah blah I said it. “He’s working hard because he’s on a potential super bowl winning team right now. But as soon as the Pats numbers start to flag, he’ll be the first one to drag the team down and go back to his old ways, just like he did in Oakland and Minnesota.”
    I’m usually not one to say “I told you so” to people, but to all of the Pats fans, and media outlets who sang the praises of “The new and improved Randy Moss”, yeah, I TOLD YOU SO.

  15. Has anyone seen my boyfriend Matt Walsh?! There is another Patriots story up that we need to make the same joke about…..again. Where are you Matt? We need to tell the joke about the Pats cheating!! MATT!!!!

  16. ^ Bored with this story
    Agree with previous poster regarding the soap opera nature of this site. Just stop it.

  17. has Florio posted Hoge’s response to the Moss criticism yet? Lets see if he has the cajones to post an analysis from a football player instead of his own theories. By the way how does a backround in law make you qualified to analyze football?

  18. Look at all the Patriots apologists come out of the woodworks to explain this away and hate on Florio for just telling the truth
    Truth #1, Randy Moss got sent home for being late, along with 3 other players
    Truth #2, Randy Moss played like crap last Sunday
    Truth #3, you have to be a Patriots homer to not see at least a POSSIBLE connection between #1 and #2
    Truth #4, somehow Adalius Thomas was riding the pine for being late and openly criticizing Bellicheat for sending he, Moss and 2 others home, but Moss gets to start. Thats the Patriot Way; cheat whenever possible, and make example of players not on principle, but based on who you think you can punish that doesn’t hurt your chances at winning.
    And, when the player you didn’t bench for being late dogs it, make excuses for him.
    I’m with Chris Carter, Bellicheck and his cocky-ass Patriot way is what got Moss pissed off. And, I think the Patriot way of doing things had died post spygate. Its tough to still be a genius when your cheating is gone, and the best offensive mind the Patriots REALLY had has left to go to the Broncos.

  19. Guess the jury’s in on Moss after 1 game. I doubt he’ll put up big numbers against buffalo but he’ll probably abuse the jacksonville secondary. What are we going to talk about when that happens?

  20. Florio…Post Hoge’s response on ESPN…He watched the whole game and then gave his response. Did you watch the game sir??? You are a tool man..

  21. Rick is 100% correct when he states that it is a theory from a non football player (Florio) who does not have access to the coaches films. Moss has not been the factor on the field that fans around the country expect nor have many other wide receivers from other teams. The DB’s are double covering many of the WR’s and forcing the QB’s to go to the secondary player. If you look at the films you will see Moss making good blocks for others. This is not a trait of a quitter. I love the site Florio but sometimes your opinions are a little to reaching considering your true lack of knowledge of the situation. Listening to Brady and BB speak of the matter and calling it dancing around the issue is partly true. They do this concerning any private team issue, which is almost 100% of the stuff the media wants to use to get noticed.

  22. Cleric John Preston
    Sorry, anyone who hasn’t figured out that the HC of the NEP’s name is spelled “B-E-L-I-C-H-I-C-L” is someone whose post I usually skip over. I mean really, how many times have you seen that name in print, and you still can’t get it right? You’re an idiot.
    But since I have a couple more minutes before I clock out…you say the best offensive mind the Patriots had is now in Denver…well, if that’s the case, how come that brilliant offensive mind couldn’t make a single adjustment in the Giants Super Bowl?

  23. If Bellichick thought Randy was “more trouble than he is worth” he would get rid of him, not praise him. I noticed you didnt have the cojones to call him a princess on your video. Keep instigating the trouble Florio, its what you do best.

  24. Randy “No Mas” is a wussy.
    He plays great when the team is great, but if the going gets tough, he’s out. That’s the definition of a LOSER.

  25. Wow – Moss comes up short in a game where just about the whole team looked like bums for at least the first half and it is news?

  26. The bottom line is he got reprimanded for being late because a Blizzard kept him from being on time and Captain Tom took two days off because they said he was hurt(wasn’t). Stayed home to be with wife. Double standards in NE so Moss decided to dog it on Sunday which anyone who watched the game knows he did. Now the brass is kissing his rear including Tommy boy because they know for a fact they will not win without him.

  27. Here’s your problem Florio. You confuse your job (feasting on blood in the water [and CAUSING blood in the water when their’s none to feast on]) with Belichicks job (winning football games).
    You think that it’s Belichicks obligation (and TBs and Krafts) to deal wth a tough moment by publically throwing Moss under the Bus so you can feast on the consequences. Its their job to do whatever it takes to support and rehabilitate him because he is that great and that important. So Skaroo you. Randy played a bad game. Maybe as bad as you think or maybe not, but a bad game no doubt. Whatever the problem (real or imagined0 the Pats NEED him to get past it. Any fool in the universe knows that they can’t p[ssibly get past it if they toss his spleen to YOU and YOUR ilk. randy has been a huge asset to this team since he got here and a true Mensch, on and off the field.
    Do you think for a minute that BB is NOT telling Moss the truth about the performance in the privacy of the Locker room? You donb’t think BB is pissed at Moss? You don’t think Moss knows he pissed?
    Remember this went public because Thomas threw his whole team (and Randy) under the bus. Not because of anything done by the the patriots orgamnization who always and forever borrow the Vegas campaign slogan “Whatever happens in our Locker Room stays in our Locker Room.
    Adilius violated the trust. Bellicick isn’t about to compound the felony (Mr. Lawyer) by giving Moss to you to have your gfilthy way with.
    So sorry, you pathetic little hack.
    Cheers, BostonTim

  28. The Red Soxs signed some guy, so this is not even a story in New England. The local sports guys have been talking baseball for two days now. Baseball geeks. You go to a Pats game and they yell at you to sit down when you stand up to make noise.

  29. Florio maybe you should strap on some pads and THEN you can call NFL players “princesses” and question their effort. I am glad it is clear to you that he is taking plays off but as you show more and more you don’t care about football or know much about it. its time for you to fabricate a new story or maybe People magazine is hiring

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