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Ochocinco wears Henry's jersey at practice, can't wear it during game

Someone asked me recently whether I think Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is good for football.

As recently explained, I usually think he’s good for the game.  Sometimes, however, his behavior crosses the line of entertainment into narcissism, especially when he undermines the goals and objectives of his team.

Today isn’t one of those days.

Per C. Trent Rosencrans of (via The Sporting Blog), Ochocinco wore the jersey at practice on Thursday of teammate Chris Henry, who died earlier today.

Rosencrans also reports that Ochocinco wants to wear Henry’s jersey on Sunday against the Chargers, but that the Bengals have been informed Ochocinco won’t be permitted to do so.

We realize the NFL has rules that need to be followed (for reasons that we often understand).  If, however, there was ever a case for an exception to be made, this is the one.

Still, we’ve got a feeling that Ochocinco will find a way to honor Henry on Sunday, that Ochocinco gladly will pay whatever fine is imposed because of it, and that he’ll match the amount of the fine with a charitable donation.

So despite the fact Ochocinco’s antics sometimes cross the line, he’s definitely good for the game — and we support him in whatever he chooses to do to honor his fallen teammate and friend.

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102 Responses to “Ochocinco wears Henry's jersey at practice, can't wear it during game”
  1. bigtrav425 says: Dec 17, 2009 4:47 PM

    No Fun League…im starting to dislike it.Goodell and his cronies are turning this into a Nazi based dictatorship with all these rules.Its horrible

  2. Nobe says: Dec 17, 2009 4:47 PM

    I’m sure your opinion will be dispositive, and inspire 85 to greater heights!

  3. The Real Shuxion says: Dec 17, 2009 4:47 PM

    Chad is not a bad guy, he just likes to have fun.
    I think this league needs more of Chad.
    Would love him in a Pats uniform.

  4. Child Please! says: Dec 17, 2009 4:48 PM

    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.

  5. Cubano says: Dec 17, 2009 4:49 PM

    Rock on Ocho, Rock On!

  6. BigEasy33 says: Dec 17, 2009 4:51 PM

    He can get away with it cause he’s a good reciever…he’s just having fun. Roy Williams on the other hand couldn’t pull pranks like Ochocinco cause he can’t catch so I guess that would be a problem!!!!
    Ocho’s good for the NFL!!!

  7. frox says: Dec 17, 2009 4:54 PM

    The NFL Sucks with its rules. I remember when they fined Chris Redman when he was with the Ravens for wearing black high tops in honor of Johnny Unitas the week after he passed. What a bunch of stiffs.

  8. SteelCurtnDee says: Dec 17, 2009 4:55 PM

    When I heard about Chris Henry I felt like he made another dumb decision that lead to his death. No disrespect but you can’t deny that. I feel bad for his children and family.
    When I saw the interview w/ Chad I thought it was very touching. He was genuinely concerned for someone else which you don’t see from Chad very often. I think Chad should just wear the jersey… can anyone really stop him? The league can fine him, but that’s really not important… and they’d be stupid to, because they know they’d be the bad guy.

  9. chapnasty says: Dec 17, 2009 4:55 PM

    @ child please
    Dont talk like that, 15 people will say you are heartless and tell you to leave this website
    That being said, Chad Ochocinco is the man. Everything he does is entertaning in a league that new rules make less entertaining. Keep it up Chad.

  10. Ryan_Mack says: Dec 17, 2009 4:55 PM

    Child Please! says:
    December 17, 2009 4:48 PM
    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.
    Yeah Shame on you guys for not remembering every single person who has died this year and not properly mourning them on a football blog website!!!

  11. straverse says: Dec 17, 2009 4:55 PM

    Seems you’re the one not always paying attention, Child Please. There were plenty of mourners. You just need to relax, mmkay?

  12. MN Boise Fan says: Dec 17, 2009 4:56 PM

    “Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.”
    I remember them. They just were “victims” of timing, since thier deaths were in the off season. Thier teammates would have done an in season tribute had it been in season when the men died

  13. endzoneview says: Dec 17, 2009 4:56 PM

    We were right here idiot.
    What in the hell is the point of saying something that retarded?
    # Child Please! says: December 17, 2009 4:48 PM
    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.

  14. Cincyboy says: Dec 17, 2009 4:56 PM

    Could barely watch the interview with Chad in the locker room…
    I know many of you outside of Cincinnati may find it hard to believe, but Chad is a good dude. He means well and only wants to have fun and excel at the game he loves. Ask the cornerbacks on his “list”. He respects them all and they respect him. He is good for the game. A breathe of fresh air.
    And yes, his tears were genuine…

  15. acal83 says: Dec 17, 2009 4:58 PM

    @Child Please!
    There were plenty of mourners you pompous, goon.

  16. The Real Shuxion says: Dec 17, 2009 4:58 PM

    @Child Please!
    I was on this site giving my condolences.
    They died at sea, I still remember and it still saddens me seeing people die at a young age.
    Cooper was a Raider and Smith was a Lion.

  17. JohnnyH says: Dec 17, 2009 4:58 PM

    I’d love for him to be able to wear Chris Henry’s jersey. But, I also agree with Child Please. I was thinking where were the Sean Taylor jsersey’s last year?

  18. jimboslice says: Dec 17, 2009 4:59 PM

    Let him wear the jersey. He is honoring a friend and the league needs to be open to extenuating circumstances. Let Chad honor his fallen friend.

  19. DarkAge4BearsFans says: Dec 17, 2009 5:00 PM

    “Child Please! says:
    December 17, 2009 4:48 PM
    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.”
    Shame on the mourners for not mourning two people they’ve never heard of?
    Or did you mean shame on them for mourning a person they have heard of?
    How are people supposed to mourn the death of people they’ve never heard of?
    I feel stupider having to even ask these questions.

  20. HBOilers24 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:00 PM

    @Child Please!
    are you fricking joking? shut the hell up. shame on you for attempting to ruin a moment when people are trying to remember a guy who hasnt even been gone for 24 hours.

  21. Ranoversquarells says: Dec 17, 2009 5:00 PM

    The Real Shuxion says:
    December 17, 2009 4:47 PM
    Chad is not a bad guy, he just likes to have fun.
    I think this league needs more of Chad.
    Would love him in a Pats uniform.
    Patience my friend. Chad would love nothing better than to be here and be coached by BB. It’s only a matter of time (and money).

  22. Indyeagle says: Dec 17, 2009 5:00 PM

    The league has to stand up to Chad on a lot of his “ideas”, but I am with Florio on this one.
    Make the exception. It will be a nice gesture for his teammate.

  23. Panthers1 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:02 PM

    I remember them-they drowned, right? There were people all over this board saying the same things as they are now. Though, not Chad’s fault they didn’t play on his team or Florio’s faulty they didn’t go to WVU.
    Shame on YOU, ass!

  24. BluntTalk says: Dec 17, 2009 5:02 PM

    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.
    You are an idiot imbecile…. freakin tool!

  25. Poo Flinging Monkey says: Dec 17, 2009 5:03 PM

    “Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them.”
    Umm, it was all over the news for days, and there was a fricking segment on HBO’s Inside Sports. Get over yourself. Is that the best you have to offer to this thread? Are you going to start lamenting Stacey Toran and/or David Overstreet next? What about Larry Gordon, or Jeff Alm, or Karl Ekern? Where’s your faux outrage for them?
    As for Chad, I think he’s awesome, and a great guy to have in the NFL.

  26. Dennis says: Dec 17, 2009 5:05 PM

    Ok, I really like an appreciate Ochocinco as a player and entertainer. But there are a number of ways that players in the NFL can (and have in the past) honored fallen teammates and colleagues. Let’s not forget that the reason for a jersey with a number and a name is to identify the player…I don’t care what happens, I don’t see any legitimate reason for a player to wear another player’s jersey in an actual football game (or actual game for any other sport).
    He could wear a Chris Henry Jersey themed Jacket on the sidelines, the #15 patch on his jersey that I presume everyone will have, the #15 sticker on his helmet, and he can go out and have his best game of the season to honor his friend. But wear the jersey in game? No.

  27. PackFaninPackLand says: Dec 17, 2009 5:05 PM

    The nazis inside the NFL offices wouldn’t even let Peyton Manning wear Johnny Unitas’ signature high tops in the game after Unitas died to honor Johnny U.
    Personally I think Manning should have wore the high tops and MADE the NFL fine him the 25 grand they were going to, and let the league offices get all the bad publicity they would have if they choose to do so. My guess is the team itself, or other players on the team or around the NFL would have chipped in for it, even if the league had gone thru with it.
    A jersey number might be different than shoes though, and while I’m not a Bengals fan, I think Chad should wear the jersey (what are they gonna do NOT let him play ???) and see if the league has the balls to fine him over it. My guess is they don’t.
    Imagine the bad pub they would get ???

  28. Big Stretch says: Dec 17, 2009 5:05 PM

    @ Child Please!
    short memory huh…. use the search engine here and look at all the comments sending out prayers and people well wishing the family of those men from the stories written back in march.
    so to you I say ” Child Please!!!!!”

  29. GoBears84 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:07 PM

    Chad is a beast. I couldn’t care alot less for henry, I’m worried about those three beautiful kids that are now without parents, not because i know him from previous arrests, but because this was such a stupid reason for three kids to now not have a father who could have provided a more than sufficient life for them to blossom into model citizens.

  30. AvO156 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:09 PM

    to Child Please!
    please do a little more research before you make such an insensitive comment you prick!
    prayers to the family of Henry. Rest in peace. As far as not allowing Ocho Cinco to wear what a load! Do what ya gotta Chad!

  31. trickbunny says: Dec 17, 2009 5:10 PM

    Gee, why do I feel like Chad JOHNSON, deep inside, sees this more as an opportunity for everyone to say “Wow, look what Chad’s doing, wearing Henry’s number out of respect. What a great guy Chad is. We need more wonderful people like Chad” than it is an opportunity to actually honor Chris Henry?
    Can this guy do *anything* quietly or gracefully, or does even the death of his friend have to be a big show for people to see what CHAD is doing in remembrance?

  32. Empire Jones says: Dec 17, 2009 5:13 PM

    Good motives for once.
    I must say that he won’t be the best player wearing number 85 that day.
    That honor will go to Antonio Gates.

  33. Levito says: Dec 17, 2009 5:14 PM

    Child Please, you’re an idiot. Of course people will care more about people they are familiar with. Get a life, asswipe.
    As far as Ochocinco, it’s really garbage if they fine him for anything. Let the guy wear #15. His teammate and good friend died, give him a break.

  34. cheddar is beddar says: Dec 17, 2009 5:15 PM

    child please is right.

  35. sherilynnmo says: Dec 17, 2009 5:17 PM

    Eau contraire Child Please! I remember people praying and talking online & on radio shows for days hoping for good news of those 4 men lost in the Gulf. You seem to be set on the “off field issues” to assume that is why people even know of Chris. The NFL and its players are pretty prominent individuals. Plus, anytime someone dies, especially that young, it’s a sad day for many people.

  36. texasPHINSfan says: Dec 17, 2009 5:22 PM

    I called this in another post.
    I hope Ochocinco does something reasonable to honor Henry. I hope it’s tasteful and will make the NFL look like a bunch of a-holes for fining him.

  37. chunky soupy sales says: Dec 17, 2009 5:22 PM

    I am sure that in honoring Chris, Chad will find a way to draw attention to himself.

  38. SpartaChris says: Dec 17, 2009 5:23 PM

    Child Please! says:
    December 17, 2009 4:48 PM
    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.
    Well, yeah, genius. It’s natural to have a more emotional response for people you’ve actually heard of as opposed to people you haven’t, regardless of how you heard of them. Shame on you for being an idiot.

  39. texasPHINSfan says: Dec 17, 2009 5:23 PM

    Child Please – those losses weren’t any easier. Those deaths were noted here on PFT and those threads had a fair amount of posts as well. By nature this site is slower in the offseason & beginning of the football season.

  40. bigbuck says: Dec 17, 2009 5:23 PM

    I personally think that sometimes the NFL needs to be able to be flexible, they’ve got the networks trained to be. I don’t know that 85 should wear the jersey, but he should be able to honor his fallen friend in whatever other fashion he should choose. Even if it needs a prop.

  41. Steakface says: Dec 17, 2009 5:25 PM

    bigtrav, I always laugh when some idiot posts that pathetically cliched phrase. It’s called sportsmanship and professionalism. If you have something against these things then go ahead and dislike the NFL, it doesn’t need fans like you.
    Your attitude embodies everything that is wrong with American sports.

  42. stiller43 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:25 PM

    I don’t understand how letting Chad wear the number 15 for this week would screw anything up. No Fun League.

  43. JJMADDOG says: Dec 17, 2009 5:27 PM

    I usually think Chad is a putz, however I like this gesture and it should be allowed. Terrible tragedy for guy who was really beginning to show he got it.

  44. SHACKFU says: Dec 17, 2009 5:29 PM

    @ Child Please!
    from a Eugene, Oregon Newspaper:
    Eisele, David Bob 88 09/27/1921 12/12/2009 David Bob Eisele, a retired Gresham fire marshal and farmer, died Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009, in Gresham, at the age of 88.
    Why didn’t you mourn when the beloved Mr. Eisele passed 5 days ago?
    You answered your own question: “You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues.”
    Unfortunately, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Smith were less known than Mr. Henry therefore a logical person would assume a lesser amount of public mourning would be displayed.
    Bottom line, you’re an ass for trying to use this as a way of criticizing people. The man died, left a fiance, kids, and other family members and people are expressing sympathies…who cares why.

  45. habibfromnewdehli says: Dec 17, 2009 5:31 PM

    I like Chad, and of course I’m all for showing respect to, the now dead, Chris Henry.
    But I don’t really get how wearing while playing really does that. I mean, you’re out there getting banged up, and possibly having a bad game. A patch for the whole team seems more appropriate. And obviously if Ocho scores, then some sort of celebration in Henry’s honor would be great.
    I just don’t like the idea of wearing his jersey while playing in the game. If they make it to the Super Bowl… maybe wear it then.
    Of course, knowing Chad… he’ll wear Henry’s jersey under his own jersey, and then remove his own jersey after/if he scores a touchdown.

  46. Gautam says: Dec 17, 2009 5:32 PM

    @Child Please! …. welcome to a world where people like to hear/read stories of how men are able to change their lives.
    My dad always says it – “Everybody needs a hero”. Not saying that Chris Henry should be considered a hero but I’m 100% sure that some kid looks up to Henry & how Henry was trying to change his life despite poor decisions in the past.
    RIP Chris Henry. Hopefully your life will serve as a lesson to others.

  47. nfcbeast says: Dec 17, 2009 5:35 PM

    I just feel bad for his kids.
    If players really care about Chris, they shouldn’t get fined for some on the field display in his honor. They should take that money and make sure his kids are taken care of.
    *Don’t wanna see players “honoring” Chris, but are really just putting the spotlight on themselves*

  48. braczey29 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:36 PM

    Chris had demons like many young men. This was an emotionally unstable young person as is and another disconnect from pending success may have hurt him too much. Not to say it was on his mind at the time but could it have made him even less predictable than usual. I understand this destructive condition that often young men find themselves suffering from. This kid had the NFL seal tatooed on his hand so it meant a lot to him to be able to perform . He worked his way back from his own hell to get a minimal one year deal and another chance. He began to assimilate and did what others expected of him, maybe too much. Like so many others, I think he just wanted to play ball on his own terms again and he began to have it all working for him. The injury and separation from the team hurt him, I believe strongly, in that he was missing what was most important to him -right or wrong. He will be missed by this guy. Bye Slim.

  49. chapnasty says: Dec 17, 2009 5:37 PM

    @ Childplease
    Told you……

  50. PIEPSILON says: Dec 17, 2009 5:39 PM

    @Child please
    So…your way of trying to get a little attention, huh? Pathetic and clueless.

  51. dudeustupid says: Dec 17, 2009 5:40 PM

    normally i think this guy is a clown and i still call him chad johnson and still will. BUT i deffinately dont see the harm in wearing his number sunday
    my mizzou tigers did that for a football player that died…a different player wore his number every game
    but anything he does this sunday in honor of henry should be ignored by goodell and the officials in my opinion
    RIP #15

  52. hk94 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:41 PM

    Didn’t Jake Plummer wear some sort of tribute to Pat Tillman and get nailed by the league for it? They have shown an incredible deficiency of tack in untimely deaths and it’s unfortunate that they have not learned from their previous bad PR.

  53. chapnasty says: Dec 17, 2009 5:44 PM

    @ gautam
    you know for the most part I agree with child please and have been attacked, falsely, ever since. That simple little paragraph you just wrote is the best thing I have read on this site in quite some time. Tastefully done, and it can get the point accross without attacking someone. Well played sir, changed my mind.

  54. chunga says: Dec 17, 2009 5:50 PM

    Ocho should drive on the field in a pick up truck with his sombrero on.

  55. Sicknature says: Dec 17, 2009 5:52 PM

    Chad might just give up his Ochocinco moniker and change his number to 15 in the offseason. Don’t fool yourself, he isn’t doing this for publicity. Chad saw alot of himself in Chris.
    I think he should just go ahead do it. If the league wants to be the bad guy, let them.

  56. Eric Kidd says: Dec 17, 2009 5:53 PM

    Let’s support Chris Henry and his teammates through this ordeal. I just tweeted to @OGOOchoCinco that I’m pledging $20 to his fine and another $20 to Chris Henry’s charity of choice if Ocho will wear #15 during the game.
    I hope PFT Planet will follow suit.
    Tweet @EricKidd07

  57. nfcbeast says: Dec 17, 2009 5:54 PM

    Read the articles about the 911 tapes being released, the dude was out of control.
    You don’t exactly have your life together if you jump into the bed of a truck and ride while trying to punch out the rear windshield with one arm in a cast. Plus, your fiance is driving and the person your trying to get at…hmm tell me how thats normal.
    Its sad that he died and that he has children that will go on without their father, but i can’t take this “he changed his life, and hes a great example crap.” Yeah, he may have been putting in a good effort but he snapped and got killed because of his own demeaner.

  58. biggs13 says: Dec 17, 2009 5:58 PM

    I knew Chad was going to do something like this to make it about him. He’s the most self-serving guy in the league. The reason why having your jersey retired is such a big deal is because nobody else can wear it. It’s yours!
    I understand wanting to pay respects to your teammate, so how about playing well and saying a prayer for him after the game? Not a stupid touchdown celebration.

  59. Thunderbolt says: Dec 17, 2009 5:59 PM

    Jersey numbers are controlled by the team, right? So if they chose to (and if Chad and Henry’s family were ok with it), couldn’t they just switch jersey numbers to 15 for this week and tell the league to get bent?

  60. CanadianVikingFan says: Dec 17, 2009 6:06 PM

    I hope he does something to honour Chris Henry. The NFL should let it go just this once too, no fine, no penalty.
    R.I.P. Chris Henry.

  61. Ollie says: Dec 17, 2009 6:20 PM

    I feel sorry for Mr. Henry and his family. This is a tragity. But with Ocho’s history I can’t help but think his crying display is to bring attention to himself. I hope I am wrong.

  62. bigrig says: Dec 17, 2009 6:22 PM

    You can really see through some of these posts into people’s thought processes. Myself, I see this as recklessly unnecessary and I think it was fortunate that there was only one fatality.
    Many questions will be answered in the coming weeks. Where were the children during this time? Why did the female continue to drive with Henry in the back? Did he jump out or did she swerve and eject him from the truck? Were alcohol or drugs involved in any way?
    Obviously some people will feel it is too early to raise these issues. I don’t mean to come off as callous.

  63. Jungle Juice says: Dec 17, 2009 6:22 PM

    Who knows why the NFL feels like everything has to be in such order. Even in circumstances to honor a player, they can’t bend.
    Remember when we used to have EndZone celebrations? They stopped those and insisted they must be done on the sideline then they even stopped those. They were a blast and fans wanted to see them but the NFL is more concerned with making and enforcing rules than anything else.
    Maybe free expression should be part of the new CBA.

  64. chapnasty says: Dec 17, 2009 6:31 PM

    @ nfcbeast
    Like Childplease, you have no idea the backlash you are about to get for posting the truth. I have heard it all day long, I feel for you.

  65. mannyfresh209 says: Dec 17, 2009 6:32 PM

    “I’d love for him to be able to wear Chris Henry’s jersey. But, I also agree with Child Please. I was thinking where were the Sean Taylor jsersey’s last year”
    Are you an idiot? This wasn’t a suggestion by someone to wear the jersey. It was Chad wanting to dedicate a game to Chris Henry out of his own thoughts.
    So, if no one wanted to wear Sean Taylor’s jersey, then that’s not an issue of people not mourning Sean Taylor. That’s an issue of no one being as thoughtful as Chad.

  66. oruacat2 says: Dec 17, 2009 6:33 PM

    A great way to honor Henry would be for the entire team to come out of the tunnel at PBS wearing that #15 jersey at the onset of their playoff game. They can change back to their own jerseys/numbers by kickoff.

  67. Child_Please! says: Dec 17, 2009 6:34 PM

    Please do not confuse the moron that imitated my post name with me. He is a moron.
    That said,,I dont always agree with OchoCinco, but this time I do. He is an emotional person, and lost a friend and teammate and is only trying to honor Chris.
    Go ahead and wear the jersey anyway Ocho.

  68. DragynJ says: Dec 17, 2009 6:36 PM

    Hated Chad Johnson for a good year until I realized that he truly does this for fun. Now, opinion has changed. He is what is good about this league. I’m a Vikings fan and was at last weeks game, I found myself rooting FOR him to score the TD just to see what he was going to do and found myself disappointed when he just walked to the bench.
    Ocho, go for it man. Worst they are going to do is fine you and you haven’t let that stop you yet!!!! If I wasn’t going to be at a game this weekend I’d find a way to watch this match up to see what Chad does next.

  69. madhack says: Dec 17, 2009 6:36 PM

    Glad I’m not the only one whose first thought was that Johnson had already figured out a way to make this about him.

  70. vbhall78 says: Dec 17, 2009 6:38 PM

    R.I.P Chris Henry
    As for the dork who calls themself “child please”. You change your name to “Bitch Please”. yeah all we need is idiot on a blog posting something that they know nothing about. This is not the day for bitching, this is the day to remember a man who passsed away at the young age of 26 and now we are here to pay respects to him and his family.

  71. Drat says: Dec 17, 2009 6:39 PM

    I have a hard time believing that Chad wants to honor the dead and departed, rather than just glorify himself. He’s wearing Chris Henry like a sombrero, and he should be ashamed of himself. The master showman. Always there to take advantage of someone else.

  72. spliffbunker says: Dec 17, 2009 6:39 PM

    hk94 says:
    December 17, 2009 5:41 PM
    Didn’t Jake Plummer wear some sort of tribute to Pat Tillman and get nailed by the league for it? They have shown an incredible deficiency of tack in untimely deaths and it’s unfortunate that they have not learned from their previous bad PR.
    IIRC Jake continued to wear a sticker on his helmet that was league approved for a week & the NFL fined him for wearing it past the alloted time…ended up doing some sort of PSA on the scoreboard for a Tillman foundation
    I hope Chad just goes ahead & wears the jersey as a tribute…it seems he was genuinly close to Chris Henry
    the NFL is seems very petty & insenstive in these situations

  73. TampaJoey says: Dec 17, 2009 6:41 PM

    Chad honor your teammate anyway you see fit! Who Dey baby.
    R.I.P. Chris Henry

  74. SeaColt213 says: Dec 17, 2009 6:46 PM

    You are a god damn tool.
    For you to impose any opinion on who to mourn and who not to mourn and why, makes you look like a turd.
    I was never much of a Bengals fan, but Henry was busting his ass and changing his life for the better, I admire that. Short of being the one to take out my Colts, I hope the Bengals go get a ring for #15.

  75. Drat says: Dec 17, 2009 6:51 PM

    Today’s a day when we’ve all agreed to say that Chris Henry was a “reformed man” and that he had “turned the corner.” But what kind of man gets in such a violent dispute with his woman that he runs her out of the house, jumps in the back of her truck as she desperately tries to get away? Can you imagine how scared she was for that half mile? What would the outcome be if she wasn’t locked in the cab? Is this something you guys do now and then?
    Reformed? Chris Henry died because of who he was.

  76. nfcbeast says: Dec 17, 2009 6:54 PM

    If Chris wasn’t an NFL player, people would see the way he died for what it is.
    Man loses it in domestic dispute,
    goes crazy in the back of a truck bed,
    falls out of truck and dies from his injuries.
    THERE! see it for what it is, could care less what any of you have to say trying to defend this guys reputation.

  77. DocBG says: Dec 17, 2009 6:55 PM

    Let ocho do whatever he wants, the guy just lost a brother and needs to mourn a little bit about it. whether you hate the guy or love him, let him deal with it in his own way.
    There is no fine the NFL can slap this guy with that could stop him from doing whatever he is going to do, the only person that holds the right to tell ocho how he can and cannot honor his friend is henry’s mom, and the rest of the team.
    the NFL just needs to butt out this time and STFU. any time someone dies so young it makes people stop and think. People are used to having older folks die, we have a process in place to deal with the grief, but anything unexpected like this makes it tough to gauge exactly how people will respond. Zimmer’s wife going earlier was another, albeit less public, example. the bengals will rally around the issue and use it as motivation to work and play harder. what else would the guy want after his death?

  78. Moro says: Dec 17, 2009 7:02 PM

    I’m not so sure about Ochocinco. Depending on how he goes about whatever “tribute” he has planned, he will be walking a very fine line in my eyes.
    Doing something to honor Henry is one thing, but could easily end up crossing the line into just another “look at me” moment. I’d hate to see that.

  79. THEpackersAREwhere? says: Dec 17, 2009 7:18 PM

    Child Please! says:
    December 17, 2009 4:48 PM
    Where were all the mourners when Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith died? Most of you probably don’t even remember them. You’re only sad because you’ve actually heard of Chris Henry due to his off field issues. Shame on you.
    You’re right for the most part. All three should be remembered and treated EQUALLY.

  80. heartstl says: Dec 17, 2009 7:19 PM

    Before Chad honors him lets find out what he was doing jumping on a moving truck and banging on the windows. Was his fiancee fearing for her life as she drove down that road?

  81. TheSpaz says: Dec 17, 2009 7:21 PM

    Chad should wait until the whole story comes out. To many missing pieces. If Henry had a “relaspe” in behavior and got killed trying to kill his fiance.. well that would be like Ray Lewis wearing a Buck knife T-shirt.

  82. WashingtonRedstorms says: Dec 17, 2009 7:21 PM

    I wish Chadley would wear a Boobie Clark jersey….

  83. Terry says: Dec 17, 2009 7:42 PM

    Chad”Johnson” is a PUTZ. My only hope is that one day he winds up on a team where the #85 is unavailable at any price.

  84. Drat says: Dec 17, 2009 7:47 PM

    Absolutely she feared for her life. You don’t put on this as some elaborate survivor-show prank. Thank god she did survive, and she will be able to raise her beautiful children. The record suggests if this had not happened now, it would happen at some future point. The story is about this woman surviving Henry and being able to carry on. Bless her.
    Be proud of yourselves, sports fans, for not once mentioning the hero of the story.

  85. Iā™„Patriots says: Dec 17, 2009 7:54 PM

    Hey Drat…the guy is DEAD. No one will ever know the circumstances of the fight with his girl. It could be ANYTHING. Have some respect and don’t be so quick to judge someone who is no longer here to defend himself. This is a very sad situation.

  86. RexRyan'sStressedLapband says: Dec 17, 2009 7:54 PM

    @ trickbunny:
    I was thinking the same thing, but if we allow ourselves to just accept that, then Chad is pretty much doomed the rest of his life in our eyes, right? That is to say, he can’t even make a simple positive gesture toward a lost teammate without us seeing it in a negative light. Maybe he could have just tried to sneak a sticker in or something subtle like that, but I don’t think that’s in Chad’s personality at all. I think it’s best to give him the benefit of the doubt for now, especially given that he doesn’t seem to be the source of the media coverage on this one, it’s the media.
    If it’s really about Chris, then bravo Chad. If not, then at least try to make it appear so.

  87. jc90x6 says: Dec 17, 2009 8:01 PM

    Kind of ironic….when I read this article and went to the comments part this is what was there:
    85 Responses to “Ochocinco wears Henry’s jersey at practice, can’t wear it during game”
    Good timing…

  88. alewatcher says: Dec 17, 2009 8:06 PM

    It’s sad that Chris Henry died so tragically, but if you make enough bad decisions, eventually one of them will catch up with you.

  89. PackerFanTastic says: Dec 17, 2009 8:14 PM

    Chris Henry was #15. I think Ochocinco should score 2 TD’s and kick a FG (remember he can kick) to score 15 points in honor of Chris Henry.

  90. bigrig says: Dec 17, 2009 8:24 PM

    The NFL is a business and doesn’t make policy based on emotion.
    Some people on here are clearly very emotional about Henry’s death. And that is fine. However, individual tributes for any reason are not allowed by the NFL unless approved ahead of time. And for good reason.
    When a person is grieving their thoughts can become unstable. If Chad wants to honer his fallen teammate, I have an idea.
    Instead of collecting these foolish fines week after week, take all that money and start a college fund for Henry’s children. Give those kids a chance in life since their father is no longer able able to provide for them.
    If Chad were to do this instead of some simple symbolic act like wearing a #15 jersey, it would show he is truly intent on honoring Henry and not just using this as another publicity stunt.

  91. Dawgpound2009 says: Dec 17, 2009 8:30 PM

    While Chris Henry was far from being a saint; he deserves to be remembered /his life celebrated. Leave it to the tightass mgmt. of the Bengals to say you cannot do something that doesnt seem that unreasonable to remember a fallen friend. Let OchoCinco wear the jersey, let him change his name to UnoCinco, or even consider retiring his number next season if you feel that it is right. This is the same organization that stuck with Henry through his legal problems and even brought him back after his suspension a few years ago. To me this stinks of hypocrisy; You will let the man get into all kinds of legal trouble while he was living and he could play football for you ; yet you cannot let him be honored by a simple gesture one sunday. And you wonder why some people say NFL stand for NO FUN LEAGUE?

  92. SuzyKolberIsAwesome says: Dec 17, 2009 9:00 PM

    this is the same NFL that didn’t want Peyton Manning to wear high tops to honor John Unitas after he died, they threatened to fine him, I’m all for Chad honoring his fallen teammate on Sunday, lets see if Goddell is an insensitive pri#k, and fines him if he does

  93. Richm2256 says: Dec 17, 2009 9:36 PM

    I’ve got to say, it makes me a whole lot more hesitant to feel bad about Chris Henry’s death when there’s a 911 call saying he had jumped in the back of the truck as she was trying to get away from him, and he was banging on the window as if trying to smash it and get to her.
    People need a reality check here. Are we supposed to feel bad that he died if he was trying to cave that woman’s skull in?
    We need to hear the police report before we put this guy on a pedestal.

  94. FightBack09 says: Dec 17, 2009 9:36 PM

    As dumb and ignorant as the Bengals mngt may be this has absolutly nothing to do with them. I garuntee that Mike Brown would allow Chad to wear #15 if he asked. The NFL offices are the ones forbidding it.
    As far as actaully wearing the jersey I hope he does it. I also hope somone else wears it next week and someone different wears it each week this season throughout the playoffs ( should they keep winning). Only his teammates know what Chris meant to them. From what I can gather most of the veterans saw him as a little brother.
    I know that I will miss Chris Henry, not just cuz he was a solid reciever when he was healthy and in right mind but because he was loved by the people who knew him.
    The greeks did not right obituaries the only asked one question ” Did he live his life with passion?” Those who knew Chris knew that he had a passion for being a father and being a solid football player. We all have faults and I am know I would not like my lifes transgressions to be reported as news.
    RIP Chris. I can only hope that your children and surviving family can find joy in thier lives!!!

  95. runtheball says: Dec 17, 2009 10:15 PM

    this is the same NFL that didn’t want Peyton Manning to wear high tops to honor John Unitas after he died, they threatened to fine him, I’m all for Chad honoring his fallen teammate on Sunday, lets see if Goddell is an insensitive pri#k, and fines him if he does
    And Manning was too much of a puss to just wear them and pay the fine.
    I can’t stand Chad and think most of what he does is stupid, but in this instance I hope he wears #15 to honor his teamate and friend.

  96. slipkid says: Dec 17, 2009 10:24 PM

    the best way for cincy/chad to do what they say they want to do is turn their emotional energy into a win. after all this time i dont consider chad creative. he is just a me-first stooge. “look at me!”
    i agree with the league. constant exceptions means there are no rules. do something dignified. no one is happy about this. free lancing? sounds like jumping into a moving pickup…
    folks are right in that chad is in it to call attention to himself.
    once again, however, henry isnt a hero. jump into moving pickup bed?
    he was probly trying to get in the cab. with a broken arm.
    this needs to be viewed as a cautionary tale. specifically by the people who holler that no one should be judgmental.

  97. Chris Fiorentino says: Dec 18, 2009 12:21 AM

    “honor his fallen teammate and friend.”
    Ummmm…let’s leave the words “honor” and “fallen” for our troops that have died and not for some nitwit who fell out of the back of a pickup truck while trying to break through the back window with his casted broken arm to get to his fiance’, ok?

  98. Ron E says: Dec 18, 2009 8:36 AM

    Yes, Chad is great for football and the NFL. And he has a good heart, and he wears it on his sleve.
    I haven’t heard the stories this year, but last year he was in line at Toys R us buying 3-4 carts full of toys to donate and he also picked up the tab for the other 3 people behind him. I guess he does stuff like that all the time.
    I’m sure the loss of Chris Henry has hit him pretty hard. Granted, you can’t wear someone else’s jersy, but maybe he can wear some something else of his.

  99. GiantsDefenseRules says: Dec 18, 2009 9:24 AM

    Chad should wear Henry’s jersey UNDER his own – Then, after a TD, go back to the sideline, to show the Henry Jersey underneath. After the game, give the Henry jersey and the Ball to Chris’ kids.
    He will probably draw a fine – but there won’t be a penalty on the Bengals. Commissioner Goodell, SHOULD fine him, and donate the money to a charity for domestic abuse in Chris’ name.
    That would be the more tasteful way of handling it

  100. Kevin from Philly says: Dec 18, 2009 9:31 AM

    Uno Cinco

  101. ncm42 says: Dec 18, 2009 2:12 PM

    RE: Plummer and the NFL’s BS. The NFL’s hard-line stance against allowing Plummer to wear a Tillman decal past the allotted time is why Plummer grew his hair and beard out. For certain assignments he had, Tillman had long hair and long beard when he was in Afghanistan. When the NFL pulled the plug on Plummer’s decal, he grew the hair and beard as a ‘silent tribute’ which the NFL couldn’t touch.

  102. edwicy says: Dec 19, 2009 3:02 PM

    I have no problem with Chad wearing #15, as long as he asked Henry’s family if it would be alright he could do it. They may not want anyone wearing that number.

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