One Devin replaces another for Bears

Devin Hester was supposed to be the Bears’ top receiver this season. He might not even be their top receiver named Devin.

Last week Devin Aromashodu got his first start of the season in place of the injured Hester, and Aromashodu stepped up with eight catches for 76 yards and a touchdown — a more productive outing than Hester has had in recent weeks.

Today Hester is listed as doubtful for the Bears’ game against the Ravens, and John Czarnecki of reports that Aromashodu is starting for Hester again.

Ordinarily, it’s not good news for a team to lose its No. 1 receiver. For the Bears, it might not be a bad thing.

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  1. The 49ers/Eagles game has been moved to 4:00 ET which was 1:00, Mike can you tell me which game I will see if any at 1:00 [hopefully Titans/Dolphins]? I live in Harrisonburg VA.

  2. Devin Hester is not smart enough to play position football. He just flat out can not learn a playbook. The Bears have ruined a great punt and kick returners career. This has been a failed and stupid experiment. Him not lining up in the offense means every player on the field knows where to go.

  3. The best thing for the Bears would have been to stay in Chicago and forfeit the game. They just flew through the snow and cold to get their butts kicked.

  4. Aramashodu turned some heads last week and had a productive game against Green Bay, so I am not surprised to see this…

  5. the smart move would be to make Hester your full time PR & KR again …. I mean ,he was probably the most dangerous returner in the league before the dumb move to make him your #1 wideout …. if you want to have him in on some passing situations make him your #3 or (better yet)#4 receiver …. Isn’t it a sign that good WR’s make a big difference when you have Kyle Orton , who was horrible in Chicago, turn into a decent QB and the guy you brought over in Cutler , has now filled the same role that Orton did …. common denominator is the receiver situation
    MEMO to Bears front office :
    quit being CHEAP & STUPID and get yourself a decent veteran WR and fire the idiot you have as your offesive coordinator

  6. Another case of player mismanagement. We relly need some football people in house and not Lovies gang of mentors. Bears fan’s please help us voice our opinion! Bears player’s we believe in you and you deserve better coaches. Have a family member or friend make a donation to help us. Together we can fix this!!

  7. Lovie always sticks with his starters way longer than he should.
    Sexy Rexy is the most obvious example.
    Bell rushes with more explosiveness than Forte this year but only gets a few carries, other receivers have shined but Hester stayed #1.
    When they don’t perform you hve to get someone who can or who will try to. He is better suited for college coaching where “best effort” is good enough.

  8. The first step for the bears in the offseason is to get rid of ron turner. He has been a horrible offensive coordinator from day one.

  9. Aramashodu was the Bears top WR in training camp. His connection with Cutler was very obvious, even to the blind. Why in the Hell it would take this long to get him on the field remains a complete mystery, and strong indictment on the Bear’s coaching staff.

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